Made in America

In this category, the number of books owned by the WAQG is small but the books themselves are impressive. Here you will learn about the history of quilting in the United States and see museum quality quilts, both historical and modern. Many of these books are gallery style, with color photographs and descriptions but no instructions for duplicating the patterns shown. An exception is the volumes in the “Great American Quilts” series.  Updated July 5, 2019.


America’s Glorious Quilts. Beaux Arts, 1987. 320 pages. Book #1690. (By far the largest book in our library, this book has 10 parts, each written by a different expert in the history of American quilting. Topics discussed include general quilting history, regional quilts, types of quilts, and quilting for the home. There are detailed color photographs throughout.) [United States, History, Folio]

Atkins, Jacqueline M. Discover America and Friends Sharing America. Dutton, 1991. 60 pages. Book #0605. (The title of this book reflects two themes chosen for the 1991 Great American Quilt Festival in New York City. The book is a gallery of quilts made for this contest.) [United States, Gallery]

Austin, Mary Leman. The Twentieth Century’s Best American Quilts. Primedia, 1999. 109 pages. Book #3129. (Images and commentary on 100 selected, prize-winning quilts of the past 100 years.)

Binney, Edwin, and Gail Binney-Winslow. Homage to Amanda: Two Hundred Years of American Quilts. Rutledge Hill, 1994. 96 pages. Book #0912. (This book is a gallery of quilts in the collection of Edwin Binney.) [Tags: United States, Gallery, History]

Bowman, Doris M. American Quilts: The Smithsonian Treasury. Smithsonian Institute, 1991. 96 pages. Book #3053. (An annotated gallery of 88 quilts in the Smithsonian collection.) [Tags: History, Gallery, United States]

Gallery of American Quilts, Book 4. AQS, 1995. 127 pages. Book #0607. (This book is a gallery of small photos of more than 850 quilts sold by members of AQS in 1992-93, with prices. Useful as a price guide for both antique and modern quilts.) [Tags: United States, Gallery, Quilt Collecting]

Knox, Gerald M., Ed. American Patchwork & Quilting. Meredith, 1985. 320 pages. Book #1721. (This comprehensive book of patchwork as it was practiced in the United States in the late 1900’s delves into such diverse topics as types of shapes and blocks, mastering curves and applique, and decorating the home with patchwork. Patterns and instructions for numerous projects are included.) [Tags: United States, Patchwork, Beyond Quilts]

Newbill, Carol L. Great American Quilts, 1998. Oxmore House, 1997. 144 pages. Book #1716. (Instructions for 26 quilts by quilters from 15 states, including Alabama. Themed section on color in quilts.) [Tags: United States]

O’Brien, Sandra L., Ed. Great American Quilts 1988. Oxmore House, 1988. 143 pages. Book #1994. (Instructions for 26 quilts, including our own Hallie O’Kelley’s “Tulip Garden Quilt.” Scrap quilts are featured.) [Tags: United States]

O’Brien, Sandra L., Ed. Great American Quilts 1989. Oxmore House, 1989. 144 pages. Book #3041. (The first section of this book features sampler quilts. There are instructions for 29 quilts.) [Tags: United States]

Porter, Liz, and Marianne Fons. American Country Scrap Quilts. Rodale, 1995. 244 pages. Book #1598. (This book gives instructions for 31 projects, with an emphasis on traditional patterns.) [United States, Scrap Quilts]

Richards, Rhonda, Ed. Great American Quilts, Book Eleven. Oxmore House, 2003. 144 pages. Book #1794. (This book has 5 sections, the first a tribute to 1930’s quilts. Photos and instructions are given for 25 quilts by quilters from 20 states.) [Tags: United States]

Safford, Carleton L., and Robert Bishop. America’s Quilts and Coverlets. Bonanza, 1985. 314 pages. Book #3161. (This historical survey of American quilts from the 1800’s through the early 1970’s discusses quilts in 15 categories and contains more than 500 photographs, mostly black and white.) [United States, History]

Wilens, Patricia. America’s Heritage Quilts. Meredith, 1991. 320 pages. Book #1972. (This book “celebrates the significance of quiltmaking throughout American history with 70 projects for quiltmakers of all skill levels.” Quilts from 1800-1991 are shown.) [Tags: United States, History]

Wiss, Audrey and Douglas. Folk Quilts and How to Recreate Them. Main Street, 1983. 143 pages. Book #3070. (The authors examine the history of quilts made in North America and give directions for reproducing 30 popular patterns. They favor natural materials and strong colors.) [Tags: Historical Influences, United States]

Woodard, Thos. K., and Blanche Greenstein. Classic American Quilts. Dutton, 1984. 56 pages. Book #0905. (This 16×11.7” book features 30 diverse American quilts. Weighs 2.8 pounds!) [Tags: United States, Gallery, Folio]


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