Special Techniques for Cutting, Folding and Design

These books all demonstrate a special technique or design–fabric folding, tessellation, “stack-n-whacking” six or more thicknesses of fabric at once, combining fabric pieces to create new designs, and much more.  These books can be found in the yellow cabinet alphabetically, by author.

Alexander, Karla. Stack a New Deck: More Great Quilts in 4 Easy Steps. That Patchwork Place, 2004. 96 pages. Book #1619. (This book is a sequel to the author’s earlier book. The technique taught here is that of layering fabric squares or rectangles and slicing several thicknesses at once. The fabrics are then “shuffled” to reassemble the blocks in different colors and patterns. Instructions for 18 projects are included.) [Tags: Crazy Quilts]

Ball, Maggie. Bargello Quilts with a Twist. KP Craft, 2008. 159 pages. Book #1850. (The author uses blocks made from only 4 strips and is able to “generate a great variety of patterns by manipulating the block orientation. The result is a block resembling traditional patchwork.) [Tags: Bargello Quilts]

Beyer, Jinny. Designing Tessellations: The Secrets of Interlocking Patterns. Contemporary Books, 1999. 242 pages. Book #1427. (This comprehensive study of interlocking patterns discusses types of symmetry and gives hundreds of photos and diagrams illustrating ways to design tessellations.) [Tags: Tessellations, Reference, Design]

Caron, Barbara Ann. Tessellations & Variations. AQS, 1995. 118 pages. Book #1235. (This 5 chapter book discusses the history of tessellation, illustrates shapes that tessellate, and offers design and color strategies. The instructions are in black and white, but patterns and a color gallery are included.) [Tags: Tessellations, Design]

Combs, Karen. Optical Illusions for Quilters. AQS, 1997. 166 pages. Book #3036. (Given that a quilt front is primarily a two-dimensional object, the author instructs readers on ways to show the illusion of depth, perspective, and motion. Color as an instrument of optical illusion is also considered. Patterns for geometrical shapes are included.) [Tags: Optical Illusions, Design]

Cummings, Sandi, and Karen Flamme. Thinking Outside the Block: Step by Step to Dynamic Quilts. C&T Pub., 2004. 96 pages. Book #1936. (This book has many ideas for branching out from traditional blocks to modern, dynamic designs. Emphasis is on cutting creatively to make original patterns.) [Tags: Art Quilts, Traditional to Modern, Design]

Dissmore, Susan Teegarden. Clever Quilts Encore. That Patchwork Place, 2003. 80 pages. Book #1542. (This book features quilts made with panels, border prints and fabric motifs, cut apart and pieced into larger quilts. Included are 13 projects.) [Tags: Panels, Beginner]

Eckmeier, Karen. Layered Waves: A Fresh New Way to Quilt. The Quilted Lizard, 2009. 97 pages. Book #1896. (The author instructs readers in creating “accidental landscapes” by freeform cutting, stitching and layering fabrics “in 6 easy steps. Instructions for 17 quilts and other projects are included.) [Tags: Waves, Curves, Layering, Beyond Quilts]

Edie, Marge. Bargello Quilts. That Patchwork Place, 1994. 95 pages. Book #1682. (Instructions for designing and sewing bargello quilts, with instructions for 8 projects.) [Tags: Bargello Quilts, Design]

Edie, Marge. A New Slant on Bargello Quilts. That Patchwork Place, 1998. 96 pages. Book #1254. (Most of this book is in black and white but it contains numerous designs for bargello quilts made with 45 degree strips. Color photos and instructions for 8 “slanted” bargello quilts are included.) [Tags: Bargello Quilts, Design]

Finklestein, Sheila. Magic Quilted Mandalas: Circle Medallions Made Easy. Krause, 1999. 128 pages. Book #1683. (This book explores “the uses of the 9” Circle Wedge Ruler to take the math mystery out of circle medallions.” In 7 chapters the author discusses fabric choice, design and techniques for making mandala quilts.) [Tags: Mandalas, Design]

Hatch, Sandra L., and Sue Harvey. Illustrated Guide to Panel Magic. House of White Birches, 2003. 130 pages. Book #1536. (This book gives guidance on creating quilts with panels, and includes directions for 24 quilts.) [Tags: Panels, Cheater Cloth]

Hudock, Gretchen K. Quick Quilts Using Quick Bias. That Patchwork Place, 2002. 79 pages. Book #1544. (This book shows quilter’s how to use Quick Bias, a pre-folded, fusible product that simplifies curved embellishments and stained glass quilts. Instructions for 10 quilts are included.) [Tags: Quick Bias]

Hultgren, Sharon. Mile-a-Minute Quilts. Leisure Arts, 2005. 128 pages. Book #1652. (This book advocates a quilt-as-you-go method with 20” wide panels. Instructions for 16 quilts are given.) [Tags: Quilting]

Joy, Flora. Trispective: The 3-N-1 Quilt. AQS, 2015. 95 pages. Book #1979. (This book shows how to combine 3 images into a pleated wall hanging such that the quilt image is different depending upon the angle from which it is viewed.) [Tags: Perspective, Folded Fabric]

Kim, Rami. Folded Fabric Elegance. AQS, 2007. 93 pages. Book #1620. (This book adapts the art of Korean paper folding to fabric for the creation of wall hangings, home décor, and clothing.) [Tags: Folded Fabric, Regional, Beyond Quilts]

Labanaris, Faye. Quilts with a View: A Fabric Adventure. AQS, 1998. 79 pages. Book #1539. (The technique taught in this book involves constructing a quilt or wall hanging around a special piece of fabric.) [Tags: Fabric, Gallery]

Leone, Diana. Crazy with Cotton: Piecing Together Memories & Themes. C&T Pub., 1996. (This book shows how to make a crazy quilt block surrounding a fabric motif.) [Tags: Crazy Quilting, Cheater Fabrics]

Mashuta, Mary. Confetti Quilts: A No-Fuss Approach to Color, Fabric & Design. C&T Pub., 2003. 112 pages. Book #0347. (This book examines the intersection of color and design, showing color wheels beside dozens of quilt designs. Instructions for 6 quilts are included.) [Tags: Color, Design]

Montano, Judith Baker. The Crazy Quilt Handbook. 2e. C&T Pub., 2001. 80 pages. (This comprehensive book gives a history of crazy quilting, explains the process from design to embellishment, and offers 12 small project instructions. An illustrated directory of embroidery stitches is included.) [Tags: Crazy Quilting, History, Embroidery, Beyond Quilts]

Nadelstern, Paula. Kaleidoscopes & Quilts. C&T Pub., 1996. 144 pages. Book #1986. (Perhaps the definitive book on making kaleidoscope quilts, this book contains detailed instructions, with diagrams and photos, showing design and piecing techniques specific to kaleidoscope quilts.) [Tags: Kaleidoscope Quilts, Gallery, Design]

Nadelstern, Paula. Puzzle Quilts. C&T Pub., 2005. 96 pages. Book #1576. (This book shows how to select fabric with complex prints, then cut and resemble them into elaborate blocks. The author discusses design and color and offers 6 sample blocks.) [Tags: Fabric, Design]

Pederson, Sharon. Reversible Quilts: Two at a Time. That Patchwork Place, 2002. 95 pages. Book #1543. (The author demonstrates how to make a reversible quilt, one block at a time. Included are 10 projects.) [Tags: Reversible Quilts]

Phillips, Cheryl. Quilts Without Corners. Phillips Fiber Art, 2000. 48 pages. Book #1684. (All the quilts in this book are round. Most are made with bargello wedges. A few Native American designs are included.) [Tags: Bargello, Native American]

Porter, Christine. Tessellation Quilts: Sensational Designs from Interlocking Patterns. David & Charles, 2006. 121 pages. Book #1654. (After a brief introduction to tessellation, instructions for 9 projects are given, followed by a gallery.) [Tags: Tessellation]

Reynolds, Bethany S. Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts. AQS, 1998. 111 pages. Book #1217. (This book tells how to make kaleidoscope type quilts by stacking fabric before cutting. The focus is on quilts made from diamond and triangle shapes.) [Tags: Kaleidoscope Quilts; Stack-n-Whack Quilts]

Reynolds, Bethany S. Stack-n-Whackier Quilts. AQS, 2001. 135 pages. Book #1253. (This book explains the “stack-n-whack” method of cutting, gives design ideas, and contains instructions for 12 quilts.) [Tags: Stack-n-Whack Quilts]

Sebrow, Sharon. Kaleidoscope the Smart Way. AQS, 2009. 95 pages. Book #1851. (The author of this book aims to make the kaleidoscope quilt, and its intersecting points, easier to make. The book includes a kaleidoscope “smart plate” and instructions for 13 quilts.) [Tags: Kaleidoscope Quilts]

Tims, Ricky. Ricky Tims Presents Quilting Caveman Style and Fishin’. 2005. 74 minutes. DVD. (The author demonstrates free-form piecing, taking quilters “back in time where rulers, templates and quarter-inch seams are still in the future. Directions for 1 wall quilt are included.) [Tags: Free-form Piecing, DVD]

Vagts, Carolyn S. Learn to Quilt with Panels: Turn Any Fabric Panel into a Unique Quilt. Annie’s Quilting, 2014. 80 pages. Book #1901. (The author shows how to design and make quilts using panels and cheater cloth.) [Tags: Panels, Cheater Fabric, Design]

Wat, Rebecca. Fantastic Fabric Folding. C&T Pub., 2000. 96 pages. Book #1964. (In a variation of origami, this book shows how to fold fabric into flowers and pinwheels and incorporate folded fabrics into quilts.) [Tags: Folded Fabric, Flowers]


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