The word “patchwork” has several definitions, and can mean any stitchery in which smaller pieces of fabric are sewn together to create a larger pattern. Here, patchwork is distinguished from applique, so the books in this list deal with geometric shapes joined to make blocks—such as squares, triangles and diamonds—and the quilts made by combining them. Many of the most popular blocks are discussed in these books—log cabin, flying geese, nine patch, snowball, Irish chain, French braid, and so on. Updated July 9, 2019.


101 Log Cabin Blocks. House of White Birches, 2010. 112 pages. Book #1874. (After a few pages of instructions, full-sized foundation piecing blocks are given.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin]

Bannister, Barbara, and Edna Paris Ford, Eds. The United States Patchwork Pattern Book: 50 Quilt Blocks for 50 States. Dover, 1976. 76 pages. Book #1234. (Each page of this black and white book shows a pattern for a state block submitted by readers to Hearth & Home magazine, some as early as 1907. [Tags: Patchwork, Regional]

Beevers, Sue. Dancing Dragonfly Quilts. C&T Pub., 2009. 95 pages. Book #1701. (The author has adapted a versatile quilt block from a 19th Century quilt. There are 6 block variations and instructions for 12 projects.) [Tags: Patchwork, Dragonfly]

Brackman, Barbara. Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. AQS, 1993. 551 pages. Book #1207. (This is “the most complete index of published names for American quilt design.” It gives names and block drawings for more than 4000 patterns, in 26 categories.) [Tags: Patchwork, History, Reference]

Burns, Eleanor. Irish Chain in a Day—Single & Double. 2e. Quilt in a Day, 2004. 112 pages. (This book gives step-by-step illustrated instructions for making an Irish chain quilt. Variations are shown at the end of the book.) [Tags: Patchwork, Irish Chain, Beginner]

Burns, Eleanor. Orion’s Star Quilt. Quilt in a Day, 2009. 97 pages. Book #3166. (The quilts in this book all use variations of the “Orion’s Star” quilt block, a combination eight-pointed star and log cabin. Several pages show numerous potential layouts.)   [Patchwork]

Campbell, Elsie. Nine Patch & Snowball Quilts. Chitra, 2003. 32 pages. Book #1816. (This book gives 8 designs for quilts using nine patch and snowball blocks.) [Tags: Patchwork, Nine Patch, Snowball]

Causee, Linda. 101 Log Cabin Flowers. ASN, 2000. 117 pages. Book #3060. (This mostly black and white book is more about foundation piecing than about the log cabin block. There are full-size patterns for each block. Most of these blocks are quite complicated.) [Tags: Foundation Piecing, Flowers, Log Cabin]

Cline, Barbara H. Star Struck Quilts. C&T Pub., 2010. 95 pages. Book #1713. (This book gives instructions for 13 quilts using diamonds to create star patterns. Projects range from beginner to advanced.) [Tags: Patchwork, Diamonds, Stars]

Cox, Patricia, and Maggi McCormick Gordon. Log Cabin Quilts Unlimited. Creative Pub., 2004. 144 pages. Book #1818. (The ultimate workbook for log cabin quilters, this book shows variations of the log cabin block, several techniques for constructing the block, and dozens of possible settings.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin, Pineapple, Settings, Design]

Designing with Log Cabins. Creative Crafts, 2011. DVD. #1847. [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin, DVD]

Dodd, Monroe, Dru Sefton and Joyce Shirk. Star Quilts: The Legendary Kansas City Star Patterns. Kansas City Star, 1999. (This book gives instructions and redrafts of quilting patterns which ran in the Kansas City Star from 1928-61. (Tags: Patchwork, History]

Fabulous Quilts from Favorite Patterns. That Patchwork Place, 2003. 96 pages. Book #3114. (The 15 quilts featured here come from Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Fassett, Kaffe, and Liza Prior Lucy. Glorious Patchwork. Potter, 1997. 160 pages. Book #3055. (An early book showing Fassett’s fabric choices and designs, with instructions for 25 quilts in 5 styles.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Gadd, Kerry. Beyond Log Cabin. Martingale, 1999. 80 pages. Books #1205 and 3110, 2 copies. (Using distorted grids and foundation piecing, the author skews the lines of traditional log cabin designs to make interesting patterns. After giving guidance on constructing the distorted blocks, the author gives patterns and instructions for 9 quilts.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin]

Garber, Gail. Flying Colors: Design Quilts with Freeform Shapes & Flying Geese. C&T Pub., 2010. 79 pages + patterns. Book #1943. (This comprehensive study of the flying geese block offers guidance on tools, designing with free-form shapes, color, and foundation piecing. A gallery is included as well as instructions and patterns for 5 projects.) [Tags: Patchwork, Flying Geese, Design]

Hall, Jane, and Dixie Haywood. Perfect Pineapples. C&T Pub., 1989. 72 pages. Book #3125. (An older book but still the classic instructional text for making pieced pineapple quilts.) [Patchwork]

Harvey, Sue, and Sandy Boobar. Dynamic Quilt Designs Made Simple. Leisure Arts, 2013. 64 pages. Book #3163. (This book contains instructions for “6 easy quilts with diamonds, squares and rectangles” made to look visually complex.)

Hopkins, Judy. Around the Block Again. That Patchwork Place, 2000. 144 pages. Book #1737. (This book provides instructions for multiple sizes of 200 patchwork block patterns.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Hopkins, Mary Ellen. A Log Cabin Notebook. ME Pub., 1991. 64 pages. Book #1256.  (An exploration of the variety possible with the log cabin block, with tips from the author.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin]

Jensen, Lynette. Thimbleberries’ Beautiful Blocks for Beautiful Quilts. Landauer, 2012. (Instructions for 26 patchwork blocks and 18 projects.)

Johnson, Mary Elizabeth. Star Quilts. Clarkson Potter, 1992. 176 pages. Book #1232. (An examination of different types of star patterns in quilting history, this book also offers patterns for 30+ stars.) [Tags: Patchwork, Stars, History, Reference]

Johnson-Huhta, Terry. Ed. Watercolor Log Cabin Quilts. ASN, 1996. 64 pages. Book #3119. (This mostly black and white book briefly discusses watercolor quilts and gives instructions for 12 quilts using the technique.)

Johnson-Srebro, Nancy. Block Magic. C&T Pub., 2001. 112 pages. Book #3072. (This book shows how to make 52 different blocks from squares and triangles and suggests ways to combine them into quilts.) [Tags: Patchwork, Squares, Triangles]

Kaempfer, Barbara T. Log Cabin with a Twist. AQS, 1995. (This book multiplies the designs possible with the log cabin block by combining squares, triangles, and other shapes and rotating the piecing lines.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin, Design]

Krentz, Jan. Lone Star Quilts & Beyond. C&T Pub., 2001. 112 pages. Book #1264. (This comprehensive study of the lone star pattern gives guidance on design, fabric selection and construction, plus foundation pieced patterns and instructions for 6 projects.) [Tags: Patchwork, Lone Star, Design, Foundation Piecing]

Leone, Diana. The Sampler Quilt. Leone, 1980. 68 pages. Book #0947. (This black and white book gives patterns for 28 common patchwork blocks.) [Tags: Sampler, Patchwork]

Logan, Diann. Designs in Patchwork: 30 Bright New Quilts for Machine Piecing. Oxmoor House, 1987. 143 pages. Book #1206. (Instructions for 30 quilts, with small-scale patterns.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Mahoney, Nancy. Pairing Up: 2-Block Quilts. That Patchwork Place, 2003. 95 pages. Book #1791. (The title is misleading here, as the book is not about quilts with two blocks, but rather about quilts with both a primary and secondary design. Instructions for 12 quilts are included.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Margaret, Patricia Maixner, and Donna Ingram Slusser. Shadow Quilts: Easy-to-Design Multiple Image Quilts. C&T Pub., 2000. 112 pages. Book #1251. (This book focuses on quilts with shifting perspective, quilts which show one pattern close up and another at a distance. A great deal of attention is given to design, color, and the creation of special effects. Instructions for 9 projects are included.) [Tags: Patchwork, Design]

Martin, Judy. Stellar Quilts. Crosley-Griffith, 2010. 127 pages. Book #3109. (A book about star quilts using tape and templates to master unusual shapes. The book is well illustrated with both photos and diagrams to aid quilt makers.) [Tags: Patchwork, Stars]

Mathieson, Judy. Mariner’s Compass Quilts: New Directions. C&T Pub., 1995. 96 pages + patterns. Book #1243. (The author admits that the mariner’s compass—a star with points that radiate from a circle—is a challenging pattern that requires precision, but gives much encouraging help in chapters on design, fabric selection and construction. Patterns for 19 star designs are included.) [Tags: Patchwork, Mariner’s Compass, Stars, Design]

Miller, Jane Hardy, and Arlene Netten. French Braid Quilts. C&T Pub., 2006.   79 pages. Book #3138. (This book gives basic instructions for making French Braid quilts and directions for “14 Quick Quilts with Dramatic Results.”)

Mitchell, Marti. 101 Nine Patch Quilts. ASN, 2000. 160 pages. Book #1244. (This book lauds the qualities of the nine patch—its suitability for beginning quilters, its quick and easy construction, and its potential for being made from scraps. The focus is on basic directions for quilt making and on the variety of settings possible for this block.) [Tags: Patchwork, Nine Patch, Beginner, Settings]

Miller, Jane Hardy. French Braid Obsession. C&T Pub., 2009. 63 pages. Book #1840. (The author defines “French braids” as “two-sided log cabins.” Her book has 4 chapters—basics, fabric selection, braid construction, and French braid borders. There are instructions for 4 projects.) [Tags: Patchwork, French Braid]

Miller, Jane Hardy. French Braid Transformation: 12 Spectacular Strip-Pieced Quilts. C&T Pub., 2011. 79 pages. Book #1884. (The quilts in this book are made from strips cut bargello-style or arranged in columns rather than blocks.) [Tags: Patchwork, Bargello, Strips]

Milligan, Lynda, and Nancy Smith. Positively Pineapple: Quilts for the Pineapple Rule . . . and More! Possibilities, 2005. 55 pages. Book #1569. (This book advocates the use of a product, the Pineapple Rule, to more easily and accurately make pineapple blocks. Directions for 13 projects are included, for skill levels from beginner to advanced.) [Tags: Patchwork, Pineapple]

Murphy, Patty. Piecing Makeover: Simple Tricks to Fine-Tune Your Patchwork. C&T Pub., 2016. 143 pages. Book #1981. (This book is set up in a problem/solution format to help quilters more accurately construct 21 popular blocks. Photos of “What you don’t want” are set beside photos of “How your block should look,” with numerous tips for patchwork improvement.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Nownes, Laura. Log Cabin. Quilt Digest Press, 1990. 20 pages. Book #1211. (Brief instructions for 5 log cabin quilts.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin]

Ogden, Sharon Cerny. Irish Chain Quilts: Single, Double and Triple. Dover, 1992. (Black and white book, with patterns.) [Tags: Patchwork, Irish Chain]

Piecemakers, Picking Up the Pieces. EZ, 1992. 128 pages. Book #1635. (A black and white book with instructions for 18 quilts and other projects.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Poster, Donna. Stars Galore and Even More: Speed-Cut Quilt Designs Using Hexagons and Octagons. Chilton, 1995. 182 pages. Book #3147. (This older, mostly black and white book contains a wealth of information on designing and creating quilts with hexagons and octagons.)

Reis, Sherry. Basic Quiltmaking Techniques for Eight-Pointed Stars. That Patchwork Place, 1999. 95 pages. Book #3027. (The author promises to teach quilters “how to stitch near-perfect stars, with flat centers and points that meet.” Several techniques for piecing and 7 projects are included.) [Tags: Patchwork, Stars]

Reis, Sherry. Basic Quiltmaking Techniques for Divided Circles. That Patchwork Place, 1998. 79 pages. Book #0328. (The techniques in this book are for patchwork circles that have been divided into wedges. Design tips are included, along with 5 projects for various types of divided circles.) [Tags: Patchwork, Circles, Dresden Plate]

Robson, Shelley Lynne. Seeing Stars: 16 Quilted Projects. That Patchwork Place, 2005. 96 pages. 2 copies. Books #1771 and 3044. (This book is conceived as a block-of-the-month project, with several lessons teaching how to make different star blocks. There are bonus projects along the way, and all the blocks put together make a quilt featuring stars.) [Tags: Patchwork, Stars]

Schwartz, Liz, and Stephen Seifert. Birds of a Feather: A Gathering of Geese. Zippy Designs, 1999. 16 pages. Book #1106. (Instructions for three quilts featuring geese and the flying geese block.) [Tags: Patchwork, Flying Geese]

Sisneros, Judy. 9-Patch Pizzazz: Fast, Fun & Finished in a Day. C&T Pub., 2006. 48 pages. Book #1575. (This book encourages readers to use large-scale prints in 9-patch designs. Design guidelines and 6 projects are included.) [Tags: Patchwork, 9-Patch, Fast, Beginner]

Sloan, Pat. Crooked Cabin Quilts. Leisure Arts, 2005. 44 pages. Book #1757. (An introduction to asymmetrical log cabins, this book takes readers step by step through the process.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin, Beginner]

Sloppy, Evelyn. 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts. That Patchwork Place, 2005. 160 pages. Book #1592. (The author gives instructions for 40 of her favorite traditional quilt designs.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Smith, Barbara, and Shelley Hawkins, Eds. Monkey Wrench: New Quilts from an Old Favorite. AQS, 2004. 95 pages. Book #3142. (Winners and finalists in the Museum of the American Quilter’s Association 2004 contest.)

Soltys, Karen Costello, Ed. Wedding Ring. Rodale, 1995. 122 pages. Book #3064. (This book contains instructions for 12 wedding ring quilts of various sizes, followed by basics of both the wedding ring block and quilt making.) [Tags: Wedding Ring, Patchwork]

Stauffer, Jeanne, and Sandra L. Hatch, Eds. 365 Fun-to-Stitch Quilt Blocks. House of White Birches, 2002. 224 pages. Book #1642. (Photos and instructions for blocks are interspersed with patterns and small projects.) [Tags: Patchwork, Beginner]

Thomas, Donna Lynn. A Perfect Match: A Guide to Precise Machine Piecing. That Patchwork Place, 1993. 56 pages. Book #0301. (Advice on perfect piecing, with patterns and instructions for 6 projects.) [Tags: Patchwork, Machine Piecing]

Triangle Tricks: One Easy Unit, Dozens of Gorgeous Quilts. That Patchwork Place, 2003. 79 pages. (The 10 projects in this book are all based on “Mary’s Triangle,” a combination Flying Goose and Shaded Four Patch.)

Weiss, Rita, Ed. Log Cabin Quilt Show. ASN, 1993. 60 pages. Book #3119. (This book gives instructions for 8 prize-winning log cabin wall hangings.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin]

Weiss, Rita. Templates for 171 Four-Patch Quit Blocks. ASN, 1988. 33 pages. Book #1775. (This book pictures 171 quilt blocks and gives patterns for making them in three sizes, 8”, 12” and 16”.) [Tags: Patchwork, Templates]

Wells, Valori. Radiant New York Beauties: 14 Paper-Pieced Quilt Projects. C&T Pub., 2003. 96 pages. Book #1119. (This book contains 14 quilting projects, from simple to complex, with “mini lessons” throughout. Also included are photos giving inspiration from forms in nature, and suggested quilting motifs.) [Tags: Patchwork, Paper Piecing, New York Beauties]

Wolfe, Victoria Findlay. Double Wedding Ring Quilts: Traditions Made Modern. Stash Books, 2015. 111 pages. Book #3168. (Here are 13 projects using modern variations of the wedding ring quilt.)

Wolfrom, Joen. Make Any Block Any Size. C&T Pub., 1999. 144 pages. Book #1214. (This book breaks blocks down into components for reducing and enlarging and gives drawing instructions and designing tips.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Wolfrom, Joen. Patchwork Persuasion. C&T Pub., 1997. 144 pages. Book #3131. (This book begins with traditional blocks and enhances them in numerous ways to make unique quilts. The emphasis is on ways to make common patterns more interesting.)

Wright, Linda Baltzell, Ed. In Love with Log Cabins. Oxmoor House, 1995. 48 pages. Book #1817. (After a discussion of basic quilt making techniques, instructions for 11 projects are offered.) [Tags: Patchwork, Log Cabin]



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