Quick and Easy Quilts

A common saying among quilters is, “So many quilts, so little time!” The books in this list were created with that idea in mind. They specialize in ideas for quilts and other projects that are fast and not too difficult.

Burge, Shelly. Small Quilts Made Easy. That Patchwork Place, 1998. 111 pages + patterns. Book #1420. (The author adapts advice on the steps of making a quilt to miniature quilts and offers 15 projects.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Miniature Quilts]

Diepersloot, Sara. Simple Style: Easy Weekend Quilts. That Patchwork Place, 2009. 79 pages. Book #1759. (The author expresses her preference for colorful, large-print fabrics quilts that can be made “in a reasonable amount of time.” Her book includes instructions for 20 quilts and table runners.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Patchwork]

Hunter, Bonnie K. Adventures with Leaders & Enders: Make More Quilts in Less Time! Kansas City Star, 2009. 95 pages. Book #1902. (The premise of this book is that if quilters keep precut fabrics, such as 2” squares, beside the sewing machine to use as “leaders and enders” for the quilts they are currently sewing, they will have partially pieced additional quilts as a byproduct. After explaining her method, the author gives instructions for 14 quilts.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Scrap Quilts]

Krentz, Jan. Quick Star Quilts & Beyond. C&T Pub., 2009. 111 pages. Book #1772. (This book attempts to simplify quilting with stars. Many of the 20 quilt patterns have just one block.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Patchwork, Stars]

Michael, Ursula. Rainy Day Applique: Quick and Easy Fusible Quilts. Krause, 2007. 128 pages + CD with printable patterns. Book #3085. (This book contains 26 whimsical projects to make in a day or less.) [Tags: Beginner, Quick and Easy, Applique]

Perry, Gai. Do-It-Yourself Framed Quilts. C&T Pub., 2001. 80 pages. Book #1833. (This book in the “Fast, Fun, & Easy Projects” series features small quilts suitable for framing, made using triangles and squares. Instructions for two types of quilts—impressionistic and traditional—are given, as well as extensive instructions on framing the quilt.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Impressionism]

Renaud, Karin. Quilts from the Heart: Quick Projects for Generous Giving. That Patchwork Place, 2006. 96 pages. Book #1734. (The inspiration for this book is the rapid production of quilts to donate to charities. Instructions for 20 quilts are included.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Patchwork]

Rhodes, Peggy G., and Julia C. Wood. Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts. AQS, 2013. 79 pages. Book #1870. (The “quick and easy” part of this book is a method of creating hexagons from circles. The 12 projects range from beginner to advanced.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Hexagons]

Schmidt, Holly L. 336 Ten-Minute Quilt Blocks. Sterling, 1999. 128 pages. Book #1800. (Techniques explored in this book include easy versions of foundation piecing, fusible applique, and embellishment. The author warns that the 10 minute blocks described here are not meant for quilts that will be handled often or laundered.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Soebbing, Stephanie.  Fat Quarter Workshop:  12 Skill-Building Quilt Patterns.  Landauer, 2020.  96 pages.  Book #3199.  (After 21 pages of general information for the beginning quilter, the author offer a dozen quilt projects.)  [Quick and Easy, Precuts]

Solomon, Anita Grossman. Perfect Blocks in Minutes the Make It Simpler Way. C&T Pub., 2004. 96 pages. Book #1572. (This book demonstrates a technique for making foundation pieced blocks. Included are patterns for 60 traditional blocks.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Patchwork, Foundation Piecing]

Stauffer, Jeanne, and Sandra L. Hatch, Eds. Quilting for Busy Boomers. House of White Birches, 2008. 176 pages. Book #1841. (This book covers a variety of topics and projects, the main theme being that quilting doesn’t have to be difficult. Easy quilts for beginners, Christmas decorations, and home décor projects are included.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Beginner, Beyond Quilts]

Zieman, Nancy. 10-20-30 Minutes to Quilt. Oxmoor House, 2000. 144 pages. Book #3009. (This book gives a wealth of quick project ideas in 9 chapters. Also included are chapters on quilting supplies and how to finish the quilt.) [Tags: Quick and Easy, Beginner, Beyond Quilts]

See also these books in other sections of the library:

Archer, Pam. Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Bags: 10 Projects to Suit Your Style. C&T Pub., 2005. 64 pages. Book #1751. (Hand bags, shopping bags and other bags.) [Tags: Beyond Quilts, Handbags]

Brewer, Karen. Borders Made Easy. Cincinnati: Standard, 1973. 47 pages. Book #1658. (After 2 pages of general instructions, this book gives patterns for repeated image applique borders.) [Tags: Borders, Applique, Patterns]

Davis, Julia, and Anne Muxworthy. Easy Japanese Quilt Style: 10 Stylish But Simple Projects Inspired by Japanese Fabric. David and Charles, 2009. 128 pages. Book #1914. (This book focuses on Japanese fabric, and gives readers directions for 10 projects, including a traditionally dressed Geisha doll.) [Regional, fabric, Japan, Beyond Quilts]

Deleonardis, Martha. T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy. AQS, 2012. 63 pages. Book #1918. (Contains 10 projects to be made from t-shirts. Cut block charts and grids are included for quilt design.) [T-shirts, Fabric]

Doak, Carol.  Easy Paper Pieced Baby Quilts. Martingale & Company, 2001. 96 pages.   Book  #1741. (Paper pieced baby quilts with details on how to paper piece a quilt and how to bind a quilt.)

Doak, Carol. Easy Reversible Vests. That Patchwork Place, 1995. 88 pages + patterns. Book #1970. (Piecing techniques, embellishment ideas and 14 patterns.) [Beyond Quilts, Clothing]

Eckmeier, Karen. Accidental Landscapes: Surprisingly Simple Quilted Scenes. The Quilted Lizard, 2008. 65 pages. Book #1907. (This book introduces the concept of “spontaneous” landscape quilts, a “quick and playful” approach to creating landscapes. Directions for 3 landscape projects are given, along with step by step instructions and tips for fabric selection.) [Tags: Art Quilts, Landscape, Miniature Quilts, Beyond Quilting]

Finch, Jake. Fast Fun & Easy Book Cover Art. C&T Pub., 2007. 48 pages. Book #1748. (Basic patterns with variations for quilted book covers.) [Tags: Beyond Quilts, Book Covers]

Finklestein, Sheila. Magic Quilted Mandalas: Circle Medallions Made Easy. Krause, 1999. 128 pages. Book #1683. (This book explores “the uses of the 9” Circle Wedge Ruler to take the math mystery out of circle medallions.” In 7 chapters the author discusses fabric choice, design and techniques for making mandala quilts.) [Tags: Mandalas, Design]

Forster, Carolyn. Utility Quilting: Simple Solutions for Quick Hand Quilting. Landauer, 2011. 128 pages. Book #1940. (This book illustrates simple hand quilting stitches and offers 11 projects for using them.) [Tags: Hand Quilting, Beyond Quilts]

Groves, Barbara, and Mary Jacobson. 3 Times the Charm! Leisure Arts, 2011. 40 pages. Book #1855. (This book uses 7 easy designs to create 21 different looks.) [Precuts, Charm Squares]

Groves, Barbara, and Mary Jacobson. 3 Times the Charm: Book 2. Leisure Arts, 2013. 40 pages. Book #1920. (Instructions for 7 “easy little quilts featuring charm squares in 3 color variations.”) [Tags: Precuts, Charm Squares]

Holtzman, Barbara. Quilts in My Cubicle. AQS, 2008. 63 pages. Book #1878. (This book focuses on quilting for those with little time, and offers instructions for a small quilting project for each month.) [Tags: Paper Piecing, Seasonal, Quick and Easy]

Hooworth, Judy, and Margaret Rolfe. Spectacular Scraps: A Simple Approach to Stunning Quilts. Martingale, 2001. 80 pages. Books #1257 and 1263, 2 copies. (The authors advocate the “spectacular scrap” approach to making easy, colorful quilts, each using half square triangles in two color families.) [Tags: Scrap Quilts, Color]

Hudock, Gretchen K. Quick Quilts Using Quick Bias. That Patchwork Place, 2002. 79 pages. Book #1544. (This book shows quilter’s how to use Quick Bias, a pre-folded, fusible product that simplifies curved embellishments and stained glass quilts. Instructions for 10 quilts are included.) [Tags: Quick Bias]

Hussain, Donna. Interlacing Borders: More Than 100 Intricate Designs Made Easy.   Martingale, 1998. 63 pages. Book #0403. (This book gives instructions for making and appliqueing bias tubes in intricate border patterns.) [Tags: Borders]

Jensen, Lynette. A Thimbleberries Housewarming: 22 Projects for Quilters. Rodale, 2000. 144 pages. Book #1868. (This book features quick and easy country-style designs for the home.) [Tags: Home, Quick and Easy, Beyond Quilts]

Johansen, Linda. Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls: 5 Reversible Shapes to Use and Display. C&T Pub., 2003. 48 pages. Book #1540. (Basic information on how to make bowls and instructions for bowls using 5 shapes.) [Beyond Quilts, Bowls]

Kime, Janet. The Border Workbook: Easy Speed-Pieced and Foundation-Pieced Borders. That Patchwork Place, 2006. 96 pages. Book #1588. (After general instructions on borders, this book shows how to make 27 distinctive borders.) [Tags: Borders]

Koolish, Lynn. Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing. C&T Pub., 2008. 63 pages. Book #1665. (A good introduction to fabric dyeing, well illustrated and applicable to different types of fabrics.) [Tags: Fabric Dyeing]

Krush, Pearl Louise. Easy Quilting with Denim. House of White Birches, 2004. 64 pages. Book #1813. (Most of the 27 projects in this book are items of clothing or accessories, made using new or recycled denim.) [Tags: Fabric, Denim, Beyond Quilts]

Large, Jeanne, and Shelley Wicks. Urban Country Quilts: 15 Projects for the Home. That Patchwork Place, 2011. 79 pages. Book #1886. (The authors of this book state a preference for simplicity and earth-toned fabrics. After some information on fabric selection and basic quilt making techniques, instructions are given for 18 quilts and other projects.) [Tags: Home, Beyond Quilts, Quick and Easy]

Martin, Terry. Quilting with Precuts and Shortcuts. That Patchwork Place, 2010. 63 pages. Book #1714. (This author advocates using precuts to make quilts that are quick and easy, but also interesting. She offers several tips and shortcuts for the beginning quilter and 12 quilt projects using strips, simple shapes, and easy applique.) [Tags: Precuts, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

McNeill, Suzanne. Big Blocks, Big Quilts: 11 Easy Quilts with “Layer Cake” 10”x10” Squares. Design Originals, 2008. 51 pages. Book #1720. (Instructions for 11 easy quilts using layer cake squares.) [Tags: Precuts, Layer Cake, Beginner, Quick and Easy]

McNeill, Suzanne. Strip Delight: 10 Fabulous Quilts from “Jelly Roll” 2-1/2” Strips. Design Originals, 2008. 51 pages. Book #1883x. (This book gives instructions for making 10 quilts using just one jelly roll of strips, plus added fabric for borders and backing.) [Tags: Precuts, Strips, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Mitchell, Marti. 101 Nine Patch Quilts. ASN, 2000. 160 pages. Book #1244. (This book lauds the qualities of the nine patch—its suitability for beginning quilters, its quick and easy construction, and its potential for being made from scraps. The focus is on basic directions for quilt making and on the variety of settings possible for this block.) [Tags: Patchwork, Nine Patch, Beginner, Settings]

Milligan, Lynda, and Nancy Smith. Super Simple Squares: Creative Uses for 6-1/2” Squares. Possibilities, 2002. 48 pages. Book #1885. (Brief directions for 16 quilts using squares.) [Tags: Precuts, Quick and Easy, Beginner, Squares]

Mumm, Debbie. More Quick Country Quilting. Rodale, 1994. 256 pages. Book #0914. (This book invites readers to “Add that special handmade touch of country to your home,” and gives instructions for 60 “fast and fun” projects.) [Tags: Home, Christmas, Baby Quilts]

Porter, Liz, and Marianne Fons. Quick Quilts from the Heart. Oxmoor House, 1994. 176 pages. Book #0922. (This book has instructions for dozens of quilts in 4 categories: quilts for loved ones, group quilts, quilts for babies and children, and seasonal projects.) [Tags: Home and Family, Crib Quilts, Children, Seasonal]

Richards, Rhonda, Ed. Quick Cozy Flannel Quilts. Oxmoor, 1999. 64 pages. Book #1738. (The book is divided into two topics—tips and techniques for working with flannel and directions for making 14 quilts. [Tags: Fabric, Flannel, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Ricucci, Tonya. Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the Unruly Quilter. That Patchwork Place, 2010. 64 pages. Book #1898. (This book shows how to make letters and numbers from strips without using a ruler. Three projects are included.) [Tags: Applique]

Scouler, Larraine. Quilting Back to Front: Fun & Easy No-Mark Techniques. C&T Pub., 2001. 64 pages. Book #1553. (This book expands on an easy and novel technique for quilting—using the design on the fabric backing as the quilting pattern. No need for markings or patterns with this technique. Fabric selection is important, and the author has a good discussion of this.)

Sienkiewicz, Elly. Applique 12 Easy Ways! C&T Pub., 1991. 80 pages. Book #0127. (Instructions for 10 methods of applique with 29 quilted projects. Book is mostly black and white and patterns are small.) [Tags: Applique, Beyond Quilts]

Sloppy, Evelyn. 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts. That Patchwork Place, 2005. 160 pages. Book #1592. (The author gives instructions for 40 of her favorite traditional quilt designs.) [Tags: Patchwork]

Smith, Leanne, and Carla Scott. Lady Bug & Friends Quilts. Quilted Frog, 2011. Pages. Book #1917 + CD with pattern pieces. (These quilts use the easy outline appliqué technique.  Projects include pillows, wall hangings, and small quilts.)

Smith, Nancy, and Lynda Milligan. Super Simple Strips. Possibilities, 2005. 48 pages. Book #1604. (This book gives brief directions for making 18 quilts from strips.) [Tags: Precuts, Strips, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Stauffer, Jeanne, Ed. The Best of Scrap Quilting Made Easy. House of White Birches, 1997. 96 pages. Book #1790. (This book offers 18 projects in 4 categories for quilts and other quilted items.) [Tags: Scrap Quilts, Beyond Quilts, Christmas, Seasonal]

Stuart, Trish. Quilt Art: Curves Made Easy. Twisted Threads, 2003. 16 pages. Book #1601. (Most of this book consists of a full sized pattern. There are a few pages on sewing with curves and fabric painting, plus directions for two quilts.) [Tags: Curves, Fabric Painting] Note: Loose pages. Needs repair.

Tims, Ricky. Convergence Quilts: Mysterious, Magical, Easy and Fun. C&T Pub., 2003. 80 pages. Book #1582. (A profile of the author and his work, a gallery of his quilts, and 4 projects with patterns and instructions.) [Tags: Art Quilts, Gallery]

Wilens, Patricia, Ed. Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts. Leisure Arts, 1995. 160 pages. Books #1799 and 3013, 2 copies. (A collection of instructions for 32 quilts and quilted projects, followed by a step-by-step introduction to making a quilt.) [Tags: Scrap Quilts]

Wilkinson, Rosemary, Ed.  The Weekend Quilter:  25+ Fabulous Quilts to Make in a Weekend.  Landauer, 2019.  192 pages.  Book #3198.  (This book includes twenty pages of “Quick Quilt Techniques” and projects in four categories.  [Quick and Easy]

Wolfrom, Joen. Color Play: Easy Steps to Imaginative Color in Quilts. C&T Pub., 2000. 144 pages. Book #1877. (After an introduction to color theory, this book is organized by devoting a chapter to each major color. The final chapter shows how color can create illusions.) [Tags: Color, Design]


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