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Updated March 7, 2023

101 Log Cabin Blocks.  House of White Birches, 2010.  112 pages.  Books #1874 and 3121, 2 copies.  (After a few pages of instructions, full-sized foundation piecing blocks are given.) [Patchwork, Log Cabin]

100 Quick-to-Quilt Pot Holders.  White Birches, 2004.  96 pages.  Book #3252.  (23 block designs with instructions for turning them into pot holders.)  [Beyond Quilts]

ABC Quilts.  Kids Making Quilts for Kids.  Quilt Digest, 1992.  43 pages.  Book #0214.  (This book, written at a level for 4th-6th graders, teaches children how to make quilts while delivering information about AIDS and substance abuse.)  

Ache, Susan.  Sampler Spree:  100+ Fresh & Fun Quilt Blocks.  Martingale, 2021.  80 pages.  Book #3210.  (This book shows how to make a sampler quilt with 100 different blocks.  Half a page is devoted to the creation of each individual 6 inch block and templates are included.)   [Scrap Quilts, Patchwork]

Adams, E. Bryding, Ed.  Made in Alabama:  A State Legacy.  Birmingham Museum of Art, 1995.  392 pages.  Book #1507.  (This comprehensive history of decorative arts produced in Alabama is organized by art form.  It contains a chapter on handmade textiles and another on nineteenth century quilts and needlework.)  [History, Regional]

Addison, Kristin Kolstad.  Play Quilts:  Creative Activity Quilts for Kids.  Martingale, 2001.  Book #0207.  (This book details 5 quilts for kids ages 3 and up.  These quilts have movable pieces with which children can play.  These would be fun for trips and sleepovers.)

Alabama Quilts.  Book #3208.

Alderman, Betty.  Favorite Redwork Designs.  AQS, 1999.  95 pages.  Book #1992.  (After brief instructions on redwork embroidery, this book has patterns and instructions for 7 quilting projects.)  [Color, Embroidery, Redwork]

Alexander, Antonie.  Happy Quilts!  Fons & Porter, 2016.   Book #1980 + CD with patterns.  (This book features 10 themed quilts with several matching stuffed toys.  Also gives instruction on basic quilting, appliqué, and finishing techniques.)

Alexander, Karla.  Stack a New Deck:  More Great Quilts in 4 Easy Steps.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  96 pages.  Book #1619.  (This book is a sequel to the author’s earlier book.  The technique taught here is that of layering fabric squares or rectangles and slicing several thicknesses at once.  The fabrics are then “shuffled” to reassemble the blocks in different colors and patterns.  Instructions for 18 projects are included.)  [Crazy Quilts]

Alexander, Lissa.  Moda All-Stars Mini Marvels.  That Patchwork Place, 2016.  80 pages.  Book #3214.  (Directions for 15 miniature quilts ranging from quick to moderate difficulty.  This book contains suggestions for a gallery of mini quilts and tips on useful embroidery stitches.)  [Miniature Quilts, Embroidery]

Alexander, Tonya.  Stash Lab:  Simple Solutions for Scrap Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2015.  80 pages.  Book #3042.  (This book explains three “equations” for turning scraps into quilts and offers instructions for 11 projects.)  [Scrap Quilts]

All-Time Favorite Scrap Quilts from That Patchwork Place.  That Patchwork Place, 2011.  95 pages.  Book #3146.  (This book contains the publisher’s selection of 18 scrap quilts by various notable quilt makers.)

America’s Glorious Quilts.  Beaux Arts, 1987.  320 pages.  Book #1690.  (By far the largest book in our library, this book has 10 parts, each written by a different expert in the history of American quilting.  Topics discussed include general quilting history, regional quilts, types of quilts, and quilting for the home.  There are detailed color photographs throughout.)  [Tags:  United States, History, Folio]

Amsden, Deirdre.  Colorwash Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 1994.  147 pages.  Book #1712.  (This book defines “colorwash” as the use of “a graded wash of color, using small patches of fabric.”  There are instructions for 7 projects, but most of the book is filled with helpful information on design, color, and technique.)  [Tags:  Color, Scrap Quilts]

Anderson, Alex.  All Things Quilting with Alex Anderson.  C&T, 2015.  175 pages.  Book #3249.  (Not a book with patterns or instructions for specific quilts, rather this book contains numerous helpful tips for the process of making a quilt, “From First Step to Last Stitch.”)

Anderson, Alex.  Fabric Shopping with Alex Anderson.  C&T, 2000.  48 pages.  Book #1988.  (A guide to selecting and coordinating fabrics in a quilt.  Includes 7 projects.)  [Tags:  Fabric]

Anderson, Alex.  Hand Quilting with Alex Anderson. C&T Pub.  1998.  40 pages.  Book #1996.  (This book features 6 pages of photographs showing how to quilt by hand and 6 projects.)  [Tags:  Hand Quilting, Beyond Quilts]

Anderson, Alex.  Rotary Cutting with Alex Anderson.  C&T Pub., 1999.  48 pages.  Book #1987.  (Contains tips and techniques for using a rotary cutter and includes 7 projects.)

Anderson, Dawn, Ed.  Creepy Crafty Halloween.   Martingale.  2000.  112 pages.  Book #1780.  (This Halloween themed book contains directions for 18+ projects, plus patterns of Halloween motifs.  The projects are not quilts, but ideas here can be adapted for quilts.) [Tags: Halloween, Beyond Quilts]

Anderson, Jody.  Easy Sew Jelly Roll Bags.  AQS, 2013.  83 pages.  Book #3186.  (Templates and instructions for 8 bags, of various sizes and purposes.)  [Beyond Quilts, Precuts, Jelly Roll]

Anderson, Suzy McLennan.  Collector’s Guide to Quilts.  Wallace-Homestead, 1991.  176 pages.  Book #1501.  (This book gives a history of quilting, guidance on dating and identifying historical fabrics and motifs, and a checklist for evaluating the financial value of historical quilts.)  [Tags:  Collecting Quilts, Reference, History]

*Aneloski, Liz, Kandy Petersen, and Debbie Rodgers, eds.  The New Quick & Easy Block Tool!  C&T Pub., 2016. 128 pages, spiral bound.  Book # 3177.  (This book explains how to create 110 blocks in 5 sizes and contains cutting charts and reference tables.)

Antique Quilts Recreated.  House of White Birches, 1997.  128 pages.  Book #1798.  (This book gives instructions for recreating 17 popular historical quilt patterns.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences]

Archer, Pam.  Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Bags:  10 Projects to Suit Your Style.  C&T Pub., 2005.  64 pages.  Book #1751.  (Hand bags, shopping bags and other bags.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts, Handbags]

Armstrong, Carol.  The Big Book of Pretty and Playful Applique.  C&T Pub:  2018.  223 pages.  Book #3224.  (This book contains 150+ applique designs and 4 quilt projects.  Detailed Flowers, birds, cats, dogs and wild friends.)  [Applique, Images, Animals, Flowers]

Armstrong, Carol.  Butterflies & Blooms:  Designs for Applique & Quilting.  C&T Pub., 2002.  96 pages.  Book #1669.  (After a brief discussion of light box applique the author offers 9 projects, with patterns and instructions for quilts with flower and “wild friend” animal applique.)  [Tags:  Animals, Flowers, Applique]

Armstrong, Carol.  Cats in Quilts:  14 Purrfect Projects.  C&T Pub., 2002.  80 pages.  Book #1820.  (This book discusses light box applique, and how to make realistic cat eyes in applique.  The 14 quilt projects include patterns and sewing tips.)  [Tags:  Animals, Cats, Applique]

Arnett, William, and Paul Arnett, Eds. The Quilts of Gee’s Bend. Tinwood Books, 2002. 192 pages. Book #3188. (A history of Gee’s Bend and the quilting of the region, plus 8 themed “quilt portfolios” of the quilts and quilters. For reference only.) [History, Reference, Folio, Regional, Alabama]

Ashton, Darcy.  Darling Little Dogs.  Ashton, 2004.  48 pages.  Book #3164.  (An applique pattern book giving images of 35 breeds of dog.  Quilting suggestions are included.)

Atkins, Jacqueline M.  Discover America and Friends Sharing America.  Dutton, 1991.  60 pages.  Book #0605.  (The title of this book reflects two themes chosen for the 1991 Great American Quilt Festival in New York City.  The book is a gallery of quilts made for this contest.)  [Tags:  United States, Gallery]

Aug, Bobbie, Sharon Newman, and Gerald Roy.  Vintage Quilts:  Identifying, Collecting, Preserving & Valuing.  Collector Books, 2002.  222 pages.  Book #0708.  (Written by quilt historians and appraisers, this book lists the value as of publication date of over 600 pictured quilts.)  [Tags:  History, Collecting Quilts]

Austin, Mary Leman.  The Twentieth Century’s Best American Quilts.  Primedia, 1999.  109 pages.  Book #3129.  (Images and commentary on 100 selected, prize-winning quilts of the past 100 years.)

Bacon, Debbie.  Mad about Plaid!  Quilts from Classic Fabrics.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  80 pages.  Book #3226.  (After a short discussion of types of plaid fabric, the author gives directions for 8 quilt projects, followed by quiltmaking basics and an illustrated stitch directory.)  [Fabrics, Patchwork, Embroidery]

Baker, Barbara K., and Jeri Boe.  Quilt the Seasons:  24 Projects to Build Your Skills.  C&T Pub., 2004.  96 pages.  Book #1938.  (This book has directions for two seasonal quilts and other projects for each month of the year.)  [Tags:  Seasonal, Beyond Quilts]

Baker, Sharon K.  Fabulous Flowers:  Mini-Quilts in Dimensional Applique.  That Patchwork Place, 2005.  96 pages.  Book #1565.  (This book shows readers how to make different varieties of three dimensional flowers in small quilts.  Included are 20 projects.)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers, Dimensional]

Bakker, Maaike.  Spellbinding Quilts:  Wizards, Witches, and Magical Characters.  That Patchwork Place, 2006.  96 pages.  Book #1873.  (The author uses paper piecing to create quilts with mythical animals and characters.  She includes 11 projects with patterns and instructions.)  [Tags:  Paper Piecing, Fantasy Images]

Ball, Maggie.  Bargello Quilts with a Twist.  KP Craft, 2008.  159 pages.  Book #1850.  (The author uses blocks made from only 4 strips and is able to “generate a great variety of patterns by manipulating the block orientation.”  The result is a block resembling traditional patchwork.)  [Tags:  Bargello Quilts]

Ball, Maggie. Patchwork & Quilting with Kids.  Krause, 2003. Books #1942 and #1957 (two copies).  (This book includes projects like tote bags and small quilts.  There are more than 40 projects designed to involved children in making machine quilts and projects.) 

Bannister, Barbara, and Edna Paris Ford, Eds.  The United States Patchwork Pattern Book:  50 Quilt Blocks for 50 States.  Dover, 1976.  76 pages.  Book #1234.  (Each page of this black and white book shows a pattern for a state block submitted by readers to Hearth & Home magazine, some as early as 1907.  [Tags:  Patchwork, Regional]

Barber, Barbara.  Foolproof Curves:  Quilts with Bias Strips & Continuous Paper Piecing.  C&T Pub., 2004.  112 pages + patterns.  Book #1552.  (This book aims to make sewing curves easier by the use of bias strips and paper piecing, devoting half of the book to each technique.  A gallery, numerous tips and several projects are included.)  [Tags:  Curves, Paper Piecing]

Barkle, Peggy.  Blendable Curves:  Stack, Slice & Sew Unique Quilts in a Weekend.  C&T Pub., 2007.  64 pages.  Book #1660.  (This book shows how to make a quilt using gentle curves, with each piece having both concave and convex elements, using a “slice and shuffle” method.  Included are 10 quilt projects, mostly curvy variations of classic block patterns.)  [Tags:  Curves, Patchwork]

Barklem, Jill, and Sue Dolman.  The Brambly Hedge Pattern Book.   Philomel Books, 1985.  64 pages.  Book #1658.  (Directions for making 5 stuffed animals.)  [Tags:  Animals, Beyond Quilts]

Barnes, Natalie, and Angela Walters.  A Modern Twist:  Create Quilts with a Colorful Spin.  That Patchwork Place, 2015.  80 pages.  Book #1909.  (This book seeks to rethink questions of “modern design, color, contrast, and composition.”  Many of the 13 designs here use rotated asymmetrical blocks to create a more complex look.)

Becker, Joyce.  Luscious Landscapes:  Simple Techniques for Dynamic Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2003.  96 pages.  Book #1571.  (In this 12 chapter book, 6 chapters are devoted to the process of making a landscape quilt and six chapters to a gallery and basic tips and directions for working with different types of landscapes.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Landscapes]

Bedroom Decorating.  Cy DeCosse, 1991.  128 pages.  Book #3095.  (This book contains instructions for 61 projects for the bedroom in three styles, from bedding to window treatments and storage.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts, Home]

Beevers, Sue.  Dancing Dragonfly Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2009.  95 pages.  Book #1701. (The author has adapted a versatile quilt block from a 19th Century quilt.  There are 6 block variations and instructions for 12 projects.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Dragonfly]

Benberry, Cuesta.  A Piece of My Soul:  Quilts by Black Arkansans.  Univ. of AK Press, 2000.  158 pages.  Book #1671.  (A history of quilting by African Americans in Arkansas, accompanied by a gallery of 75+ color plates.)  [Tags:  Regional, History, Gallery]

Benvin, Roberta.  Antique Quilting Designs.   AQS, 2001.  111 pages.  Book #0334.  (This book shows photos and quilting patterns for mid-Nineteenth Century quilts.)  [Tags:  Quilting, Patterns, Historical Influences]

Berenson, Kathryn.  Quilts of Provence:  The Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking.  Henry Holt, 1996.  192 pages.  Book #3034.  (This book is more a history of French quilt making and an illustration of its forms than a “how to” guide.  It is for anyone who wants to know more about quilting in France and is of special interest to hand and machine quilters.)  [Tags:  France, Regional, Quilting, History]

Better Homes and Gardens:  Complete Guide to Quilting.  Meredith, 2003.  352 pages.  Book #3043.  (This comprehensive book covers all the major topics of quilting, from design to applique to binding and finishing.)  [Tags:  Beginner]

Better Homes and Gardens Folk-Art Quilts.  Leisure Arts, 2001.  44 pages.  Book #1812.  (This book offers quilts and other projects in three themes—spring, folk art, and table toppers.)  [Tags:  Home, Beyond Quilts]

Better Homes and Gardens Quilt-Lovers’ Favorites:  15 Cherished Quilts Plus 37 One-of-a-Kind Projects.  Vol. 2.  Meredith, 2002.  160 pages + patterns.  Book #1796.  (The book is divided into 15 sections by theme and pattern of project, followed by “Quilter’s Schoolhouse,” a primer on basic quilt making skills.)  [Tags:  Beginner]

Beyer, Jinny.  Designing Tessellations:  The Secrets of Interlocking Patterns.  Contemporary Books, 1999.  242 pages.  Book #1427.  (This comprehensive study of interlocking patterns discusses types of symmetry and gives hundreds of photos and diagrams illustrating ways to design tessellations.)  [Tags:  Tessellations, Reference, Design]

Beyer, Jinny.  Jinny Beyer’s Color Confidence for Quilters.  Quilt Digest Press, 1992.  134 pages, plus “Color Swatches and Master Palettes.”  Book #1781.  (The author explains the “master palette concept” and the three ingredients “most important for a successful color scheme,” which she calls shading, “the deep dark,” and the accent.  Color photos and black and white diagrams illustrate color combinations and value.)  [Tags:  Color, Value]

Beyer, Jinny.  Soft-Edge Piecing.  C&T Pub., 1995.  144 pages.  Book #1233.  (This book shows how to take motifs or designs from fabrics to make new fabric patterns.  The focus is on highly patterned border prints.)  [Tags:  Design, Piecing]

Binney, Edwin, and Gail Binney-Winslow.  Homage to Amanda:  Two Hundred Years of American Quilts.  Rutledge Hill, 1984.  96 pages.  Book #0912.  (This book shows the history of American quilting in 72 color plates.)  [Tags:  United States, History, Gallery]

Bishop, Robert.  The Romance of Double Wedding Ring Quilts.  Museum of American Folk Art, 1989.  85 pages.  Book #1245.  (This book traces the history of the double wedding ring quilt, shows a gallery of historical quilts of this type, and gives instructions and patterns for making several variations.)  [Tag:  History, Gallery, Double Wedding Ring]

Boerens, Trice.  24 Blossom Blocks to Applique.  American School of Needlework, 2006.  (This is a book of 24 patterns for 9.5” floral applique blocks.)  [Applique, Flowers, Images]

Bolton, Patricia, Ed.  1000 Artist Trading Cards:  Innovative and Inspired Mixed-Media ATCs.  Quarry Books, 2007.  320 pages.  Book #1613.  (A gallery of miniature art quilts by numerous artists.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Gallery, Miniature Quilts]

Bonesteel, Georgia.  The Great American Quilt Revival.  Bonesteel Films, DVD #3250.  (A 60 minute Public Television Documentary telling “the story of how quilts came to be recognized as works of art and how the craft of quilting has exploded into popular culture.”)  [History]

Bonesteel, Georgia.  More Lap Quilting:  Great New Techniques & Designs for Machine Piecing and Applique.  Oxmoor House, 1985.  131 pages.  Book #1826. (This book contains 10 chapters on a variety of topics relating to piecing, applique, and lap quilting.)  [Tags:  Lap Quilting]

Bonesteel, Georgia.  Scrap Happy Quilts.  Schiffer, 2018.  222 pages.  Book #3248.  (This book is “a How-To Memoir with 25 Quilts to Make.”)

Bonsib, Sandy.  Memory Quilts:  20 Heartwarming Projects with Special Techniques.  Stonesong, 2004.  128 pages.  Book #1795.  (This book has projects for remembering “when they were small,” everyday life, special occasions, and ancestors.  Instructions for from 4-7 quilts are given in each category.)  [Tags:  Home, Family, Memory Quilts]

Bowles, Debbie.  Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces.  AQS, 2001.  111 pages.  Book #1247.  (Here are lessons for creating single curves, multiple curves, arcs and half circles.  The author includes instructions for 17 projects.)  [Tags:  Curves]

Bowman, Doris M.  American Quilts:  The Smithsonian Treasury.  Smithsonian Institute, 1991.  96 pages.  Book #3053.  (An annotated gallery of 88 quilts in the Smithsonian collection.)  [Tags:  History, Gallery, United States]

Brackett, Kim.  Scrap-Basket Bounty.  That Patchwork Place, 2018.  80 pages.  Book #3255.  (“16 Single-Block Quilts That Make Your Scraps Shine.”)  [Scrap Quilts]

Brackman, Barbara.  America’s Printed Fabrics:  1770-1890.  C&T Pub., 2004.  128 pages.  Book #1557.  (This book has four chapters corresponding to eras in American quilt making.  Each chapter offers directions for 1-3 projects.  Numerous illustrations of specific historical fabrics.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Historical Influences]

Brackman, Barbara.  Civil War Women.  C&T Pub., 2000.  128 pages.  Book #0702.  (This book tells the stories of 9 women who lived during America’s Civil War and pairs each story with instructions for a quilt from the era.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, Civil War]

Brackman, Barbara.  Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.  AQS, 1993.  551 pages.  Book #1207.  (This is “the most complete index of published names for American quilt design.”  It gives names and block drawings for more than 4000 patterns, in 26 categories.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, History, Reference]

Brackman, Barbara.  Prairie Flower:  A Year on the Plains.  Kansas City Star, 2001.  102 pages.  Book #3115.  (After an illustrated history of quilting on the American prairie and instructions on machine applique, the author gives patterns and instructions for a 12-block floral applique quilt, one block representing each month of the year.  The patterns were published originally in the Kansas City Star in 2001.)  [Tags:  History, Applique, Flowers]

Brandeburg, Barbara, and Teri Christopherson.  Quilting with My Sister:  15 Projects to Celebrate Women’s Lives.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  144 pages.  Book #1538.  (This book was written by two quilting sisters and features 15 original designs intended to “honor the important times in a women’s life.”)  [Tags:  Home, Family]

*Brandvig, Jera.  Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage.  Stash Books, 2017.  143 pages.  Book #3175.  (This book features 51 blocks and 3 joining methods to produce 9 projects.)

Breland, Nancy S.  Tricks with Chintz:  Using Large Prints to Add New Magic to Traditional Quilt Blocks.  AQS, 1994.  95 pages.  Book #3019.  (This book suggests using large-print chintz decorator fabric, cut into triangles and pieced together into stars, hexagons, etc., to add interest to quilts.  Patterns for 10 blocks are included.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Chintz, Patchwork]

Bresenhan, Karey.  America from the Heart:  Quilters Remember September 11, 2001.  C&T Pub., 2002.  128 pages.  Book #0618.  (This book documents the special exhibit at the 2002 International Quilt Festival, with over 300 photos of quilts made in response to the attack on the World Trade Center, and the stories behind these quilts.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences]

Bresenhan, Karoline Patterson, and Nancy O’Bryant Puentes.  Lone Stars III:  A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 1986-2011.  Univ. of TX, 2011.  388 pages.  Book #3247.  (After a brief summary of Texas quilting from 1986 to 2011, this book provides a colorful gallery of Texas quilts by various quilters.  Each quilt is given two pages, with date created, name, name of quilter and brief description.  This is not a book of directions or patterns.)

Brick, Cindy.  Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts:  How to Make Crazy Quilts with Heirloom Handkerchiefs.  ASN, 2002.  32 pages.  Book #1750.  (Step by step instructions for making small quilts with decorative antique handkerchiefs.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Handkerchiefs]

Brown, Rachel W. N.  Adoration Quilts:  Applique Nativity Projects. Martingale, 2006.  96 pages.  Book #1612.  (Contains directions and patterns for 5 Nativity themed projects.) [Tags:  Seasonal, Christmas, Beyond Quilts, Biblical, Historical Influences]

Browning, Bonnie K.  Any Body Can Learn to Quilt.  AQS, 2001.  127 pages.  Book #3073.  (The first half of this book is a step-by-step guide to the basics of making a quilt.  This is followed by instructions for 8 patchwork projects, 4 appliqued projects, and 2 projects for children to quilt.)  [Tags:  Beginner]

Browning, Bonnie K.  Borders & Finishing Touches.  AQS, 1998.  127 pages.  Book #0401.  (Chapter 1 gives general information on making a quilt.  Chapter 2 gives tips on 11 types of border treatments.  Chapter 3 has tips on making 5 types of special borders, and the last chapter—and last two thirds of the book—shows a gallery of quilts with directions and patterns for duplicating the borders.)  [Tags:  Borders]

Browning, Bonnie K.  Ed.  Catalogue of Show Quilts, 2019 Edition.  AQS, 2019.  (Catalogue of semifinalists at Spring Paducah AQS QuiltWeek Show, including images of 35 years of “Best of Show” Winners.)

Browning, Bonnie K.  Flowering Dogwood Patterns.  AQS, 1998.  31 pages.  Book #3106.  (The author fits numerous paper-pieced and appliqued dogwood blossom patterns into a few pages.)  [Tags:  Images, Flowers]

Browning, Bonnie.  Who’s Who in American Quilting.  AQS, 1996.  151 pages.  Book #1515.  (An alphabetical list of notable quilters, with small photo and brief biography of each.  WAQG’s own Hallie O’Kelley is featured on page 96.)  [Tags:  History, Reference]

Bula, Melinda.  Cutting Garden Quilts:  Fabulous Fusible Flowers.  That Patchwork Place, 2007.  95 pages.  Books #1983 and 3038.  2 copies.  (The author uses fusible webbing, an extensive color palette, and top stitching to create detailed, realistic flowers in fabric.  The book contains a gallery, advice on fabric selection, and 5 floral projects)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers]

Bula, Melinda.  Fabulous Flower Photo Quilts.  AQS, 2016.  DVD.  (This 121 minute DVD takes viewers from photo selection to fabric choice, assembling flower appliques, and embellishing with thread.)  [Tags:  Flowers, DVD]

Bullard, Lacy Folmar, and Betty Jo Shiell.  Chintz Quilts:  Unfading Glory.  Serendipidy, 1983.  88 pages.  Book #0951.  (This book traces the history of chintz fabric and gives examples of its use in quilts.  No projects are suggested, but there is a discussion of how to sew with chintz.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Chintz]

Burnett, Lisa, Karla Eisenach, and Susan Kendrick.  Sweetwater’s Simple Home.  Stash Books, 2011.  143 pages.  Book #1915.  (This book invites readers to “sew something handmade for every room.”  The 35 projects it contains are categorized by the room they’ll be used in.)  [Tags:  Home, Beyond Quilts]

Burns, Eleanor, and Patricia Knoechel.  Grandmother’s Garden Quilt.  Quilt in a Day, 1999.  230 pages.  Book #3104.  (This book shows how to make variations of a “series quilt” of pieced baskets filled with appliqued flowers and birds.  Two methods are given, Eleanor’s “flat and fast way, or Pat’s fussy and dimensional way.”)  [Tags:  Series Quilt, Flowers]

Burns, Eleanor.  Irish Chain in a Day—Single & Double.  2e.  Quilt in a Day, 2004.  112 pages.  (This book gives step-by-step illustrated instructions for making an Irish chain quilt.  Variations are shown at the end of the book.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Irish Chain, Beginner]

Burns, Karen M., Ed.  Kitchen Stitches:  Sewing Projects to Spice Up Your Home.  That Patchwork Place, 2014.  96 pages.  Book #1969. (The 17 projects in this book can all be used in the kitchen.)  [Tags:  Home, Beyond Quilts]

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Caffrey, Debbie.  Another Can of Worms.  Debbie’s Creative Moments, 2006.  80 pages.  Book #1881.  (A “worm” is a 2.5” x 42” strip.  This book gives instructions for 16 quilts made from strips.)  [Tags:  Precuts, Strips]

Cameli, Christina.  First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting:  24 Projects for Fearless Stitching.  Stash Books, 2013.  144 pages.  Book #3037.  (The author encourages beginning quilters to try free motion quilting and offers numerous tips.  There is a section showing common free motion quilting designs and instructions for making 24 projects in 3 categories:  small quilting projects, simple quilts, and embroidered projects.)  [Tags:  Free Motion Quilting, Beginner, Beyond Quilts]

Cameli, Christina.  Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting.  Stash Books, 2015.  192 pages.  Books #3090 and 1921, 2 copies.  (This book’s subtitle says it all:  “Turn 9 Simple Shapes into 80+ Distinctive Designs.”  Two pages are devoted to each design, the first showing steps in creating the design—with arrows indicating stitching direction—and the second a full page demonstrating how the repeated design might look in a quilt.)  [Tags:  Free-Motion Quilting]

Cameli, Christina.  Step-by-Step Texture Quilting.  C&T Pub., 2019.  110 pages.  Book #3147.  (Design tips for emphasis in free-motion quilting plus 65 new designs.)

Campbell, Eileen.  U Is for Unicorn:  Medieval Designs for Applique.  Quilter’s Workshop, 1998.  80 pages + pattern.  Book #0120.  (This book gives instructions for making an alphabet quilt and other related projects using motifs derived from 15th and 16th Century wood blocks.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, Medieval]

Campbell, Elsie.  Nine Patch & Snowball Quilts.  Chitra, 2003.  32 pages.  Book #1816.  (This book gives 8 designs for quilts using nine patch and snowball blocks.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Nine Patch, Snowball]

Campbell, Elsie M.  Winning Stitches:  Hand Quilting Secrets.  C&T Pub., 2004.  112 pages.  Book #3107.  (The first half of this book gives detailed information about making a hand-stitched quilt.  A gallery and two projects follow, and more than 40 pages of hand-quilting designs are given.)  [Tags:  Hand Quilting, Quilting Designs]

Campbell, Patricia B., and Mimi Ayers.  Jacobean Rhapsodies.  C&T Pub., 1998.  160 pages.  Book #0112.  (This book adapts 16th century crewel embroidery to 28 applique designs for quilts.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, Applique]

Cannizzaro, Mary, and Jen Cannizzaro.  Beyond the Tee:  Innovative T-Shirt Quilts.  C&T, 2020.  79 pages.  Book #3205.  (This book contains 9 designs “for T-shirt quilts that don’t look like T-shirt quilts.”)

Cardew, Roberta.  From Spain with Love.  C&T Pub., 2010.  79 pages.  Book #3074.  (The author, who moved to Spain at the same time that she began making quilts, offers instructions for 11 easy to construct quilts inspired by the colors of Spain and the Mediterranean.)  [Tags:  Regional, Spain, Beginner]

Carlson, Linda Giesler.  Roots, Feathers & Blooms:  4-Block Quilts, Their History & Patterns.  AQS, 1994.  127 pages.  Book #0116.  (This book analyzes 6 historical image patterns, shows color images of numerous historical 4-block quilts, and gives instructions and full-sized patterns so readers can reproduce them.  There is also a section on 9 states that have many historic 4-block quilts.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, Regional, 4-Block Quilts]

Caron, Barbara Ann.  Tessellations & Variations.  AQS, 1995.  118 pages.  Book #1235.  (This 5 chapter book discusses the history of tessellation, illustrates shapes that tessellate, and offers design and color strategies.  The instructions are in black and white, but patterns and a color gallery are included.)  [Tags:  Tessellations, Design]

Causee, Linda.   24 Blocks for Kids’ Quilts.  ASN, 2002.  36 pages.  Book #1745.  (This book contains instructions for foundation paper piecing 24 blocks which can be used to create small quilts.)

Causee, Linda.  101 Foundation-Pieced Quilt Blocks.  ASN, 1996.  116 pages.  Book #3117.  (After a brief discussion of foundation piecing, this book gives 101 full-page patterns for many common blocks.)  [Tags:  Foundation Piecing]

Causee, Linda.  101 Log Cabin Flowers.  ASN, 2000.  117 pages.  Books #3060 and 3105, 2 copies. (This mostly black and white book is more about foundation piecing than about the log cabin block.  There are full-size patterns for each block.  Most of these blocks are quite complicated.)  [Tags:  Foundation Piecing, Flowers, Log Cabin]

Causee, Linda.  Symbols of Faith:  44 Quilt Blocks.  ASN, 2002.  53 pages.  Book #1678.  (This book gives patterns and instructions for popular symbols of Christian, Jewish and other religions.  All motifs are foundation pieced.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, Images, Paper Piecing]

Causee, Linda.  Teach Yourself Foundation Piecing.  Leisure Arts, 2004.  128 pages.  Book #3012.  (After illustration instructions on foundation piecing, 18 quilts with block patterns are shown.)  [Tags:  Foundation Piecing, Beginner]

Chainey, Barbara.  Quilt It!  Quilting Ideas and Inspiration for Patchwork and Applique.  That Patchwork Place, 1999.  192 pages.  Book #0920.  (This book starts with dozens of common blocks and illustrates various patterns for quilting them.  Settings and patterns are included.)  [Tags:  Quilting]

Chaisson, Lesley.  Charmed, I’m Sure:  Quilts and More from 5” Squares.  That Patchwork Place, 2009.  79 pages.  Book #3017.  (A collection of 15 quilts and other projects made from charm squares.)  [Precuts, Charm Squares, Seasonal]

Chambers, Nicole C.  The Quilt Maniac’s Playbook:  Fuel for the Quilt Imagination.  Tiger Lily, 2001.  144 pages.  Book #1725.  (This book begins with a discussion of fabric and color, and continues with instructions for 19 quilts.  Quilts are shown in color while instructions which follow are in black and white.)  [Tags:  Color]

Christopherson, Darlene C.  A Perfect Union of Patchwork & Applique.  C&T Pub., 2003.  112 pages.  Book #1563.  (This book discusses 11 topics from planning the quilt to finishing it, with special emphasis on three block variations—Evening Star, Eight-Pointed Star, and Mariner’s Compass.  Many applique patterns are included.) [Tags:  Applique, Stars, Mariner’s Compass]

Churbuck, Kim.  Create Your Own Quilt Labels!  C&T Pub., 2002.  47 pages.  Book #1624.  (Instructions and patterns for dozens of personalized quilt labels.)  [Tags:  Labels]

Cier, Emily.  Preshrunk Quilts.  Carolina Patchworks, 2016.  66 pages.  Book #3227.  (This book has 16 pages of general quilting tips followed by 20 easy to intermediate level mini quilt projects).  [Miniature quilts]

Clabo, Margo J.  The Ultimate Book of Quilt Labels.  That Patchwork Place, 1998.  63 pages.  Book #1752.  (General information of quilt labels is followed by descriptions of 8 label-making techniques, with examples.)  [Tags:  Labels]

Cleland, Lee.  Quilting Makes the Quilt.  That Patchwork Place, 1994.  135 pages + patterns.  Book #1728.  (In 4 chapters, this book offers “a collection of ideas for quilting, from simple filler grids to complex border designs inspired by Greek friezes and Celtic art.”)  [Tags:  Quilting, Patterns]

Cline, Barbara H.  Star Struck Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2010.  95 pages.  Book #1713.  (This book gives instructions for 13 quilts using diamonds to create star patterns.  Projects range from beginner to advanced.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Diamonds, Stars]

Collins, Sally.  The Art of Machine Piecing.  C&T Pub., 2001.  127 pages.  Book #1730.  (The first six chapters of this book give a comprehensive guide to machine piecing excellence.  Chapter 7 shows how to make 49 traditional blocks.)  [Tags:  Machine Piecing, Beginner]

Collins, Sally.  Mastering Precision Piecing.  C&T Pub., 2006.  127 pages.  Book #3113.  (Almost half of this book is devoted to tips for achieving “quality workmanship” in quilting.  Instructions for 7 small quilts, in order of difficulty, follow.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Piecing]

Combs, Karen.  Celtic Pieced Illusions.   AQS, 2006.  111 pages.  Book #1895.  (A book of optical illusion quilts inspired by Irish Celtic motifs.  [Tags:  Regional, Celtic, optical illusions]

Combs, Karen.  Combing Through Your Scraps.  AQS, 2000.  87 pages.  Book #.   (This book tells, in 6 chapters, how to make scrap quilts by mixing and arranging Nine Patch blocks.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts]

Combs, Karen.  Optical Illusions for Quilters.  AQS, 1997.  166 pages.  Book #3116.  (A comprehensive study of depth, movement, perspective and color, with numerous examples of how to create each as an optical illusion quilt.)  [Tags:  Optical Illusions, Design]

Cowan, Mary.  Colorful Stash Busters:  10 New Projects from Mary’s Cottage Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2011.  63 pages.  Book #1832.  (The author’s stated goal is to encourage quilters to expand their color choices as they work with scraps to make 10 quilts and other projects.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts]

Cox, Patricia, and Maggi McCormick Gordon.  Log Cabin Quilts Unlimited.  Creative Pub., 2004.  144 pages.  Book #1818.  (The ultimate workbook for log cabin quilters, this book shows variations of the log cabin block, several techniques for constructing the block, and dozens of possible settings.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Log Cabin, Pineapple, Settings, Design]

Craig, Sharyn.  Setting Solutions.  C&T Pub., 2001.  96 pages.  Book #1428.  (In 10 chapters, this book focuses on the arrangement of problem blocks—orphans, different sized blocks, problem color combinations—to make harmonious quilts.)  [Tags:  Settings]

Craig, Sharyn.  Great Sets:  7 Roadmaps to Spectacular Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2004.  112 pages.  Book #1609.  (The author devotes a chapter to each of 7 ways to arrange the blocks in a quilt, and another chapter to making decisions as to which way works best for a specific set of blocks.  After a gallery of quilts made with the settings, there is a chapter with helpful charts and measurements.)  [Tags:  Settings]

Cross, Kay M. Capps.  Black & White and Pieced All Over:  Stress-Free Foundation Quilts.  Krause, 2009.  128 pages + CD.  Book #1830.   (This book is divided into three sections.  In the first the author gives general instructions for foundation piecing.  In the second she guides readers through sixteen projects, ranked from “Easy” to “Not Hard.”  In the third, she addresses problems the quilter may encounter.)  [Tags:  Foundation Piecing, Beginner]

Crow, Jayme, and Joan Segna.  Stitch and Split Applique:  12 Raw-Edge Projects.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  96 pages.  Book #1586.  (The technique used in these 12 projects involves cutting applique elements into halves and quarters, then mixing and matching.)  [Tags:  Applique]

Crowell, Jodi.  Charmed:  A Fresh Twist on Charm Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2007.  32 pages.  Book #3244.  (Here are 6 quilt projects appropriate for charm squares, plus advice on building a charm square collection.)  [Precuts, Charm Squares]

Crow, Nancy.  Gradations.  Quilt House, 1995.   39 pages.  Books #0307 and #3140, 2 copies.  (This beautifully illustrated book shows ways to use gradations of color value and gives brief instructions for 7 projects.)  [Tags:  Color, Value]

Cummings, Sandi, and Karen Flamme.  Thinking Outside the Block:  Step by Step to Dynamic Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2004.  96 pages.  Book #1936.  (This book has many ideas for branching out from traditional blocks to modern, dynamic designs.  Emphasis is on cutting creatively to make original patterns.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Traditional to Modern, Design]

Dackson, Elizabeth.  Becoming a Confident Quilter.   That Patchwork Place, 2013.  96 pages.  Book #3075.  (This book gives lessons and techniques helpful to the beginning quilter and 14 patterns for building skills, arranged from easiest to more challenging.)  [Tags:  Beginner, Patchwork]

Dahlstrom, Carol Field, Ed.  Better Homes and Gardens Two-Color Quilts.  Meredith, 2004.  190 pages.  Book #1594.  (The quilt projects in this book combine white with a single other color, mostly red or blue, to create quilts in different patchwork patterns.)  [Tags:  Color, Patchwork]

Dains, Judi.  Bold and Beautiful:  Artful Quilts from Just One Fabric.  That Patchwork Place, 2009.  95 pages.  Book #1676.  (The author guides readers into “seeing beyond” the surface pattern in a batik fabric and artistically drawing, painting and embellishing.  Instructions for 3 art quilts, a bag and a pillow are included.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Thread Painting, Embellishment]

Dales, Judy B.  Curves in Motion:  Quilt Designs & Techniques.  C&T Pub., 1998.  160 pages.  Books #1418 and 3061.  (The emphasis in this book is design, specifically helping quilters design their own quilts using curves.  Fabric selection and piecing curves are also discussed.  A few simple projects can be found at the end of the book, mostly for experimentation with the author’s method.)  [Tags:  Design, Curves, Piecing]

Daniel, Nancy Brenan.  101 Applique Blocks.  ASN, 2002.  116 pages.  Book #1804.  (Full page patterns for applique blocks, with color illustrations of each block.)  [Tags:  Applique]

Daumer,Carmen.  Pincushions for Every Occasion.  Design Originals, 2006.  52 pages.  Book #3076.  (Instructions for creative holders for pins and other sewing accessories, including dress form and piano pin cushions.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts]

Davis, Jodie.  Paper-Pieced Bed Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2001.  80 pages.  Book #3102.  (Patterns and instructions for 8 bed quilts using paper-piecing for accuracy.)  [Tags:  Paper Piecing]

Davis, Jodie.  Paper-Pieced Curves:  8 Quilted Projects.  That Patchwork Place, 2000.  79 pages.  Book #1103.  (The author manages curves in paper piecing by the use of pleats.)  [Tags:  Paper Piecing, Curves]

Davis, Jodie.  10-20-30 Minutes to Learn Paper-Piecing.  Leisure Arts, 2005.  96 pages.  Book #1806.  (After 5 lessons on paper-piecing basics, the author gives directions for 9 quilts and 22 blocks.)  [Tags:  Paper Piecing]

Davis, Julia, and Anne Muxworthy.  Easy Japanese Quilt Style:  10 Stylish But Simple Projects Inspired by Japanese Fabric.  David and Charles, 2009.  128 pages.  Book #1914.  (This book focuses on Japanese fabric, and gives readers directions for 10 projects, including a traditionally dressed Geisha doll.)  [Regional, fabric, Japan, Beyond Quilts]

Day, Leah.  Explore Walking Foot Quilting.  Day Style Designs, 2017.  146 pages.  Book #3234.  (This book is a comprehensive guide to quilting with a walking foot attachment.  In 6 chapters, the book includes 8 quilt projects and dozens of quilting designs.  [Machine Quilting, Whole Cloth Quilt]

DeBono, Linda Lum.  New Noel:  22 Fun Designs to Deck the Halls.  Leisure Arts, 2007.  60 pages + full sized patterns.  Book #3264.  (Instructions for making ornaments, stockings and other home decorations for Christmas.)  [Seasonal, Beyond Quilts, Christmas]

Deleonardis, Martha.  T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy.  AQS, 2012.  63 pages.  Book #1918.  (Contains 10 projects to be made from t-shirts.  Cut block charts and grids are included for quilt design.)  [T-shirts, Fabric]

Designing with Log Cabins.  Creative Crafts, 2011.  DVD.  #1847.  [Tags:  Patchwork, Log Cabin, DVD]

Diepersloot, Sara.  Simple Style:  Easy Weekend Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2009.  79 pages.  Book #1759.  (The author expresses her preference for colorful, large-print fabrics quilts that can be made “in a reasonable amount of time.”  Her book includes instructions for 20 quilts and table runners.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Patchwork]

Dillard, Monique.  Fat Quarter Winners.  C&T Pub., 2011.  47 pages.  Book #3137.  (This book has instructions for 11 quilt projects using only fat quarters.)  [Precuts]

Dillehay, James.  How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell.  Craftmarketer, 2021.  129 pages.  Book #3209.  (In 10 detailed chapters, the author discusses all aspects of selling things you make, from buyer motivations to pricing items for sale to home business taxes.) [Reference]

Dissmore, Susan Teegarden.  Clever Quarters:  Quilts from Fat-Quarter Cuts.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  95 pages.  Book #1541.  (After a brief introduction to quilt making, the author offers 14 projects for quilts and other items made from fat quarters.)  [Tags:  Precuts, Fat Quarters, Scrap Quilts]

Dissmore, Susan Teegarden.  Clever Quilts Encore.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  80 pages.  Book #1542.  (This book features quilts made with panels, border prints and fabric motifs, cut apart and pieced into larger quilts.  Included are 13 projects.)  [Tags:  Panels, Beginner]

Doak, Carol.  50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars.  That Patchwork Place, 2000.  128 pages + CD.  Books #1105 and 3050.  (After preliminary instructions on paper piecing, 50 star patterns are pictured, with directions, one star for each state.)  [Tags:  Paper Piecing, Stars]

Doak, Carol.  40 Bright & Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks.  That Patchwork Place, 2002.  127 pages.  Book #1735.  (This book gives instructions for 40 paper-pieced star blocks and 8 quilts.)  [Tags:  Paper Piecing, Stars]

Doak, Carol.  Easy Machine Paper Piecing.  That Patchwork Place, 1994.  95 pages.  Book #3052.  (Contains 65 block patterns for foundation piecing.)  [Tags:  Foundation Piecing]

Doak, Carol.  Easy Paper Pieced Baby Quilts.  Martingale & Company, 2001.  96 pages.   Book  #1741. (Paper pieced baby quilts with details on how to paper piece a quilt and how to bind a quilt.) 

Doan, Jenny.  Missouri Star Quilt Co. Block.  Holiday, Vol. 3, Issue 4.  2016.  112 pages.  Book #3260.  (This issue of the quarterly periodical provides instructions for Christmas projects, including a Christmas wreath and tree skirt.)  [Seasonal, Christmas]

Doan, Jenny.  Missouri Star Quilt Co. Block.  Spring, Vol. 5, Issue 2.  2018.  103 pages, Book #3261.  (This issue of the quarterly periodical includes instructions for “card trick” and “nine patch” quilts)

Doan, Jenny.  Missouri Star Quilt Co. Holiday Block.  Vol. 5, Issue 4.  2018.  111 pages.  Book #3262.  (This issue of the quarterly periodical includes instructions for Bargello, Fan, and Hexagon quilts, plus ideas for Halloween and winter quilts.)  [Seasonal]

Doan, Jenny.  Missouri Star Quilt Co. Mod Block.  Vol. 1, Issue 1.  2015.  104 pages, Book #3259.  (Color is the focus of this first issue of the quarterly periodical.)  [Color]

Dobson, Jenni.  Reader’s Digest Patchwork Quilting and Applique.  MQ Pub., 1997.  192 pages.  Book #3097.  (A comprehensive guide to quilting basics and to varieties of patchwork and applique.)  [Tags:  Beginners]

Docherty, Margaret.  Applique Masterpiece:  Little Brown Bird Patterns.   AQS, 2000.  143 pages.  Book #0124.  (This book gives patterns and directions for a forty block appliqued quilt.  Few quilters will attempt to duplicate the quilt shown here, but there are many useful tips for advanced applique quilters.)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers, Birds]

Docherty, Margaret.  Birds ‘n’ Roses.  AQS, 2006.  127 pages.  Book #1707.  (This comprehensive study of garden quilts gives detailed instructions on fabric selection, applique, and design of intricate bird and flower elements in a garden quilt.  Included are 50 pages of patterns for the author’s “Birds ‘n’ Roses” quilt.)  [Tags:  Animals, Birds, Flowers, Applique, Garden Quilts]

Dodd, Monroe, Dru Sefton and Joyce Shirk.  Star Quilts:  The Legendary Kansas City Star Patterns.  Kansas City Star, 1999.  Book #1692. (This book gives instructions and redrafts of quilting patterns which ran in the Kansas City Star from 1928-61.  (Tags:  Patchwork, History]

Doheny, Marilyn.  Op-Art Quilts:  Fun, Fast & Fabulous 3-D Illusions.  Doheny Pub., 1996.  87 pages.  Book #3051.  (A guide to making optical illusion quilts based on rectangular shapes.)  [Tags:  Optical Illusions]

Doughty, Kathy.  Organic Applique:  Creative Hand-Stitching Ideas and Techniques.  Stash Books, 2019.  A43 pages.  Book #3172.

Doughty, Kathy, and Sarah Fielke.  Material Obsession:  Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots.  Stewart, Tabon & Chang, 2009.  206 pages.  Book #1974.  (This book has 23 projects and a section with general quilting directions.)

Durcan, Philomena.  Celtic Spirals.  Celtic Design, 1992.  67 pages.  Book #3111.  (This mostly black and white book adapts traditional Celtic symbols into fabric.  Full-sized patterns are included.)  [Tags:  Regional, Celtic, Applique]

Duran, Connie.  Quilted Projects for a Country Christmas.  Sterling, 2004.  128 pages.   Book #3016.  (Contains instructions for 30 Christmas themed projects.)  [Tags:  Christmas, Seasonal, Beyond Quilts]

Eady, Barbara Freeman, Ed.  Inspirations, Visions and Traditions in Fiber Arts.  African American Quilt and Doll Guild, 2014.  107 pages.  Book #1924.  (This book introduces the quilt and doll makers of Warrensville Heights, Ohio, and their creations.  The focus of many quilts is the members’ “vision of African American culture and soul.”)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Regional, African American]

Eckmeier, Karen.  Layered Waves:  A Fresh New Way to Quilt.  The Quilted Lizard, 2009.  97 pages.  Book #1896.  (The author instructs readers in creating “accidental landscapes” by freeform cutting, stitching and layering fabrics “in 6 easy steps.  Instructions for 17 quilts and other projects are included.)  [Tags:  Waves, Curves, Layering, Beyond Quilts]

Edie, Marge.  Bargello Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 1994.  95 pages.  Book #1682.  (Instructions for designing and sewing bargello quilts, with instructions for 8 projects.)  [Tags:  Bargello Quilts, Design]

Edie, Marge.  A New Slant on Bargello Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 1998.  96 pages.  Book #1254.  (Most of this book is in black and white but it contains numerous designs for bargello quilts made with 45 degree strips.  Color photos and instructions for 8 “slanted” bargello quilts are included.)  [Tags:  Bargello Quilts, Design]

Editors of Leisure Arts.  Christmas Gifts of Good Taste.  Leisure Arts, 2000.  160 pages.  Book #3023.  (Collection of 200+ recipes and crafts.  Useful to quilters for its Christmas motif patterns.) [Tags:  Seasonal, Christmas, Beyond Quilts]

Eisenman, Deanne.  Scrap Quilts Go Country.  That Patchwork Place, 2011.  79 pages.  Book #3113.  (The 9 quilts in this book feature muted primary colors mixed with brown and are especially suitable for precuts.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts, Precuts]

Eklow, Robbi Joy.  Free Expression:  The Art and Confessions of a Contemporary Quilter.  Quilting Arts, 2005.  116 pages.  Book #1583.  (In this book the author explains her quilting techniques in fusible webbing, raw edge applique, and free motion quilting.  The 5 chapters follow the process from fabric selection to creating quilt labels.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Design, Applique]

England, Cynthia.  Picture Piecing:  Creating Dramatic Pictorial Quilts.  England Design, 2002.  132 pages.  Book #1433.  (In 7 chapters, the author describes her attempts “to create realistic pictures in cloth.”  Techniques covered include going from photos to quilts, sewing faces, and sectioning.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Photos, Design]  **Note:  Pages are loose.  Book needs repair.

England, Kaye, and Mary Elizabeth Johnson.  Quilt Inspirations from Africa:  A Caravan of Ideas, Patterns, Motifs, and Techniques.  Quilt Digest Press, 2000.  177 pages.  Book #0807.  (Part 1 of the book introduces readers to Africa, its art and culture.  Part 2 gives directions for 16 African inspired quilts.)  [Tags:  Regional, Africa]

Etherington, Mary, and Connie Tesene.  Country Threads Goes to Charm School.  That Patchwork Place, 2010.  79 pages.  Book #3243.  (The 19 projects in this book are based on simple block patterns suitable for use with charm squares.  Most are miniature quilts, table runners, or wall hangings.)  [Precuts, Charm Squares, Beginner, Miniature Quilts]

Evans, Leslee.  Make Your Bed:  Quilted Bed Runners, Pillows, and More to Suit Your Style.  That Patchwork Place, 2011.  96 pages.  Book #1908.  (Each of the 9 themed chapters in this book gives directions for coordinating bed runners, pillows, and more.)  [Tags:  Home, Beyond Quilts]

Fabulous Feedsack Quilts.  32 pages.  Chitra, 1999.  Book #0704.  (This book contains instructions for 14 traditional quilts featuring feedsack fabrics.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Feedsacks]

Fabulous Quilts from Favorite Patterns.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  96 pages.  Book #3114.  (The 15 quilts featured here come from Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

Fanning, Robbie and Tony.  The Complete Book of Machine Quilting.  Chilton, 1994.  2e.  272 pages.  Book #1888.  (This comprehensive book gives hundreds of tips on quilting, from understanding the sewing machine to tool selection, along with dozens of examples of projects.  A 35 page “Mini Encyclopedia” discusses basic terminology.  Although slightly dated, there is a wealth of useful information here.)  [Tags:  Quilting, Beyond Quilts, Beginner]

Fassett, Kaffe, and Liza Prior Lucy.  Glorious Patchwork.  Potter, 1997.  160 pages.  Book #3055.  (An early book showing Fassett’s fabric choices and designs, with instructions for 25 quilts in 5 styles.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

Fassett, Kaffe, and Liza Prior Lucy.  Kaffe Fassett’s Museum Quilts.  Taunton, 2005.  160 pages.  Book #3136.  (Here Fassett gives instructions for 23 colorful quilts inspired by the collection at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.)  [Historical Influences]

Fassett, Kaffe.  Kaffe Fassett’s Quilt Romance.  Taunton, 2009.  144 pages.  Book #3150.  (This book gives instructions for 20 colorful quilts designed by Fassett and others.)

Fazely, Lucy.  Watercolor by Number.  House of White Birches, 2002.  14 pages.  Book #3238.  (A small book with only 3 projects, but it has a big aim—“to combine the beauty of watercolor quilts with traditional quilting patterns.”)  [Watercolor Quilts]

Ferrier, Beth.  Hand Applique by Machine.  Applewood Farm, 2002.  96 pages.  Book #0129.  (Extensive instructions on applique methods, with numerous tips for success.  The book ends with six small quilting projects using previously discussed methods.)  Tags:  Applique, Flowers]

Fiedler, Nancy, Ed.  Creative Sewing Techniques by Machine.  AQS, 2010.  79 pages.  Book #3077.  (The author states that the sewing machine “may be the most underused tool in the creative process.”  She explores 11 machine techniques using special feet, stitches, and embellishments in 14 projects.)  [Tags:  Embellishment]

Fielke, Sarah.  Quilting from Little Things.  Krause, 2011.  213 pages (patterns not included).    2 copies.   Books #3035 and 3039.  (The author encourages readers to try new techniques and expand their quilt making skills.  Ten techniques are explored, first with 12” blocks, then with full sized quilts.  General quilting instructions and a glossary of quilting terms are included.)  [Tags:  Miniature Quilts, Design, Beginner]

Fielke, Sarah.  Stitch Your Story:  Six Complete Alphabets to Quilt in Your Own Words.  Lucky Spool, 2019.  127 pages + patterns.  Book #3171.

Finch, Jake.  Fast Fun & Easy Book Cover Art.  C&T Pub., 2007.  48 pages.  Book #1748.  (Basic patterns with variations for quilted book covers.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts, Book Covers]

Finklestein, Sheila.  Magic Quilted Mandalas:  Circle Medallions Made Easy.  Krause, 1999.  128 pages.  Book #1683.  (This book explores “the uses of the 9” Circle Wedge Ruler to take the math mystery out of circle medallions.”  In 7 chapters the author discusses fabric choice, design and techniques for making mandala quilts.)  [Tags:  Mandalas, Design]

Flanagan, Scott A.  Charming Jelly Roll Quilts.  Annie’s:  2021.  48 pages.  Book #3231.  (This book gives instructions for 8 quilts made from 2.5” strips.  As a bonus, instructions for 8 mini-quilts using 5” squares are included.)  [Precuts, jelly roll, miniature quilts, quick and easy, beginner]

Fleming, Vicky.  Hawaiian Applique.  AQS, 2003.  95 pages.  Book #3153.  (This introduction to Hawaiian Quilting gives the history of Hawaiian quilting, general instructions, and patterns and directions for making Hawaiian applique wall quilts and pillows.)

Fletcher, Lois Krushina.  The Quilter’s Home:  Spring.  Martingale.  2005.  96 pages.  Book #1852.  (Contains directions for 12 Spring-themed blocks and 9 coordinating accessories.)  [Tags: Seasonal, Beyond Quilts]

Food for Thought.   SAQA, 2015.  71 pages. Book #3144.  (A gallery of 34 food themed art quilts created by members of Studio Art Quilts Association.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Gallery, Food]

Fons, Marianne, and Elizabeth Porter.  Color Bright Quilts for Kids.  Leisure Arts, 2002. 48 pages.  Book #1947.  (This book features eight kids’ quilts (bright colors) with instructions for making each.  Most projects look to be of the intermediate level.)

Fons, Marianne, and Liz Porter.  Quilter’s Complete Guide.  Rev. Ed.  Leisure Arts:  2000.  272 pages.  Book #3101.  (This book is divided into two sections, identified as “first steps” and “beyond basic.”  Numerous short lessons in quilting techniques are spread throughout.)

Fons, Marianne, and Liz Porter.  Scrap Explosion Quilts.  Leisure Arts, 2014.  144 pages.  Book #3047.  (This book contains ideas for 25 projects using scraps.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts]

Fons, Mary Katherine.  Make + Love Quilts:  Scrap Quilts for the 21st Century.  Stash Books, 2014.  128 pages.  (The first third of this book gives general quilt making instructions and tips for working with scraps.  This is followed by directions for 12 scrap quilt projects.)

Ford, Joan.  Cut the Scraps:  7 Steps to Quilting Your Way through Your Stash.  Taunton, 2011.  202 pages.  Book #1934.  (The author advocates “scrap therapy” and offers 7 steps to tackling the problem of accumulating leftover scraps, plus 20 projects for using scraps.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts]

Ford, Joan.  The Versatile Nine Patch.  Taunton, 2017.  220 pages.  Book #3225.  (This colorful book begins with 41 pages of general instructions on making and using the Nine Patch Block, followed by instructions for 15 projects.  At the end of the book are two appendices with quiltmaking basics, and a glossary.) [Patchwork]

Forster, Carolyn.  Utility Quilting:  Simple Solutions for Quick Hand Quilting.  Landauer, 2011.  128 pages.  Book #1940.  (This book illustrates simple hand quilting stitches and offers 11 projects for using them.)  [Tags:  Hand Quilting, Beyond Quilts]

The Foundation Piecer.  Autumn, 2001.  6.3.  Periodical.  64 pages.  Book #3067.  (Instructions for 9 paper-pieced quilts.)

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Friedlander, Carolyn.  Savor Each Stitch:  Studio Quilting with Mindful Design.  Lucky Spool, 2014.  144 pages.  Book #1912.  (This is a book by an artist about the art of quilt making.  There are seven chapters, one each on the subjects of line, contrast, scale, color, emphasis, volume and texture, with one or more projects focusing on each concept.)  [Tags:  Design]

Fritz, Laura Lee.  250 Continuous Line Quilting Designs for Hand, Machine & Long-Arm Quilters.  C&T Pub., 2001.  80 pages.  Book #0333.  (After a brief introduction, this book gives patterns for numerous quilting designs in seven categories.)  [Tags:  Quilting, Animals, Flowers, Patterns]

Frydl, Kumiko.  Miniature Quilts.  Search Press, 2019.  80 pages + patterns.  Book #3213.  (This book contains directions and patterns for 15 miniature quilts, using paper piecing.  While quilts requiring various levels of expertise are represented, the emphasis is on advanced patterns.)  [Miniature Quilts, Paper Piecing]

Gadd, Kerry.  Beyond Log Cabin.  That Patchwork Place, 1999.  80 pages.  Book #3110.  (Here the author shows how to create and arrange distorted log cabin blocks to create 9 innovative quilts.)  [Tags:  Log Cabin, Design, Patchwork, Foundation Piecing]

Gallery of American Quilts, Book 4.  AQS, 1995.  127 pages.  Book #0607.  (This book is a gallery of small photos of more than 850 quilts sold by members of AQS in 1992-93, with prices.  Useful as a price guide for both antique and modern quilts.)  [Tags:  United States, Gallery, Quilt Collecting]

Garber, Gail.  Flying Colors:  Design Quilts with Freeform Shapes & Flying Geese.  C&T Pub., 2010.  79 pages + patterns.  Book #1943.  (This comprehensive study of the flying geese block offers guidance on tools, designing with free-form shapes, color, and foundation piecing.  A gallery is included as well as instructions and patterns for 5 projects.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Flying Geese, Design]

Garretson, Beth.  No-Sweat Flannel Quilts:  Fast and Fun Designs.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  64 pages.  Book #1706.  (After general directions on sewing with flannel and making quilts, this book offers instructions for 10 flannel quilts.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Flannel]

Gaudynski, Diane.  Guide to Machine Quilting.  AQS, 2002.  143 pages.  Book #3096.  (This book discusses the steps to successful machine quilting, devoting special attention to quilting with a walking foot and free motion quilting.)  [Tags:  Machine Quilting]

Gaudet, Barri Sue.  Quilt a Gift:  25 Heart-felt Projects from Quick to Intricate.  David & Charles, 2009.  128 pages.  Book #1869.  (This book has 8 chapters, with instructions in each for 3 projects, from gift tags for birthdays to wedding cushions, to Christmas tree decorations.  Each chapter is themed for a holiday or special occasion.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts, Gifts]

Gilleland, Diane.  All Points Patchwork:  English Paper Piecing Beyond the Hexagon.  Storey, 2015.   222 pages.  Book #1955.  (After a discussion of basic techniques, this book is organized by paper pieced shapes.)

Glass, Alison.  Applique:  The Essential Guide to Modern Applique.  Lucky Spool, 2014.  144 pages.  Book #1928.  (A good beginner’s guide to hand applique, with 14 projects.)  [Applique, Modern]

Goertzen, Vanessa.  Charm School:  18 Quilts from 5” Squares.  Stashbooks, 2017.  127 pages.  Book #3245.  (This well-organized book leads quilters through five skill sets of increasing difficulty, beginning with keeping quilt blocks squared, on to cutting the squares into rectangular and triangular shapes for complexity, and ending with suggestions for adding creativity with purposefully “wonky” elements.  All projects begin with 5” squares.)  [Precuts, Charm Squares, Chandelier]

Goldsmith, Becky, and Linda Jenkins.  Covered with Love.  C&T, 2006.  63 pages + patterns.  Book #3078.  (The 10 projects in this book are intended for children from 2-8 years old.  The authors use a method they call “casual applique,” in which they pin cloth to the quilt without using fusible webbing, then stitch the edges.)  [Tags:  Children]

Goldsmith, Becky, and Linda Jenkins.  Curl-Up Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2004.  80 pages.  Book #1991.  (An introduction to sewing with flannel, with patterns and instructions for 9 projects.)  [Fabric, Flannel, Beyond Quilts]

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Goldsmith, Becky, and Linda Jenkins.  Stars in the Garden:  Fresh Flowers in Applique.   That Patchwork Place.  1998. 48 pages, plus patterns.  Book #0122.  (Step by step instructions and patterns for 12 floral block designs.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Applique]

Good, Merle.  Reuben and the Quilt.  Good Books, 1999.   32 pages.  Book #0210.  (This is a story book about an Amish family who decides to create a quilt to raise money for an operation that their neighbor needs.  Many adventures ensue!)

Gordon, Maggi McCormick.  1000 Great Quilt Blocks.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  512 pages.  Book #1973.  (A compact compendium of patchwork blocks in 11 categories.  Black and white drawings of each block are followed by a simple chart showing size, shape, and number needed to make block.)  [Tags:  Beginner, Patchwork]

Gordon, Maggi McCormick.  The Ultimate Quilting Book.  Collins & Brown, 1999.  448 pages.  Book #3100. 

Grace, Chrissie.  Sew to Swap:  Quilting Projects to Exchange Online & by Mail.  Krause, 2011.  144 pages.  Book #3253.  (An explanation of group quilting, filled with ideas on exchanging blocks so that quilts can be made collaboratively.)  [Group Quilts]

Grama, Geta.  Shadow Trapunto Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2012.  87 pages + patterns on CD.  Book #3098.  (The author teaches a trapunto technique using batting and organza to create complex designs in white on the quilt surface.)  [Tags:  Trapunto]

Granick, Eve Wheatcroft.  The Amish Quilt.  Good Books, 1989.  192 pages.  Book #3133.  (This book offers an illustrated history of Amish culture and quilt making in the 19th and 20th centuries.)  [Gallery, History and Reference]

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Greenstein, Blanche and Woodard, Thomas K., Crib Quilts and Other Small Wonders.  Bonanza Books, 1988.  136 pages.  Book #0201.  (This is a history of crib quilts from America, Western Europe, and Japan.  There are patterns and instructions for making quilts based on some in the book.)  [Tags:  Crib Quilts, Regional, History]

Groves, Barbara, and Mary Jacobson.  3 Times the Charm!  Leisure Arts, 2011.  40 pages.  Book #1855.  (This book uses 7 easy designs to create 21 different looks.)  [Precuts, Charm Squares]

Groves, Barbara, and Mary Jacobson.  3 Times the Charm:  Book 2.  Leisure Arts, 2013.  40 pages.  Book #1920.  (Instructions for 7 “easy little quilts featuring charm squares in 3 color variations.”)  [Tags:  Precuts, Charm Squares]

Hall, Carolyn Vosburg.  Pictorial Quilts:  Stitch an Art Quilt by Hand or Machine.  150 pages.  Book #0613.  (In 9 chapters the author guides readers in the design, tools and techniques of making an art quilt.  Mostly in black and white.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Photos]

Hall, Jane, and Dixie Haywood.  Perfect Pineapples.  C&T Pub., 1989.  72 pages.  Book #3125.  (An older book but still the classic instructional text for making pieced pineapple quilts.)  [Patchwork]

Halvorsen, Nancy.  Christmas Favorites.  Art to Heart, 2012.  12 pages + patterns.  Book #3027.  (Loose leaf pages in notebook of 10 Christmas themed blocks, with instructions and patterns.)  [Tags:  Christmas]

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Hamrick, Max.  Organic Fiber Dyeing.  AQS, 2013.  95 pages.  Book #3148.  (This book gives an introduction to fiber dyeing in Eighteenth Century Virginia and instructions for using organic materials to dye fibers.)

Hanson, Joan.  Sensational Settings:  Over 80 Ways to Arrange Your Quilt Blocks.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  2e.  80 pages.  Book #1611.  (Here are numerous photos and descriptions of different block arrangements and a chapter on designing your own quilt.)  [Tags:  Settings, Design]

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Hargrave, Harriet, and Carrie Hargrave.  Quilter’s Academy:  Vol. 2—Sophomore Year.   C&T Pub., 2010.  112 pages.  Book #1948.  (The second of 6 volumes, this book discusses upgrading workspaces and adding tools, as well as exploring sashing and border ideas.  Includes 11 projects.)

Hargrave, Harriet, and Carrie Hargrave.  Quilter’s Academy:  Vol. 3—Junior Year.  C&T Pub., 2011.  128 pages.  Book #1949.  (The third of 6 volumes, this book features several ways of working with triangles.  Includes 16 projects.)

Hargrave, Harriet, and Carrie Hargrave.  Quilter’s Academy:  Vol. 4—Senior Year.  C&T Pub., 2012.  128 pages.  Book #1950.  (The fourth of 6 volumes, this book focuses on set-in piecing and complicated blocks.  Includes 16 projects.)

Hargrave, Harriet, and Carrie Hargrave.  Quilter’s Academy:  Vol. 5, Master’s Year.  C&T Pub., 2015.  143 pages.  Book #1951.  (The fifth of 6 volumes, this book challenges quilters to create a medallion quilt.)

Harvey, Sue.  Quilting Flowers of the States.  House of White Birches, 2003.  147 pages.  Book #3062.  (Patterns and instructions for rendering the official state flowers into patchwork and applique.)  [Tags:  Flowers, United States]

Harvey, Sue, and Sandy Boobar.  Dynamic Quilt Designs Made Simple.  Leisure Arts, 2013.  64 pages.  Book #3163.  (This book contains instructions for “6 easy quilts with diamonds, squares and rectangles” made to look visually complex.)

Haslam, Marion.  Quilts in Bloom.  Creative Publishing, 2004.  160 pages.  Book #3094.  (This book explores the use of floral designs in quilt making, with chapters on patchwork, applique, quilting, and embellishing.  Emphasis is on inspiration and technique rather than instructions for creating specific quilts.)  [Tags:  Flowers]

Hassel, Carla J.  Creating Pa nDau Applique:  A New Approach to an Ancient Art Form.  120 pages.  Book #1608.  (In 5 sections, this book introduces the Hmong of Southeast Asia, their most popular quilting motifs, and gives notes on achieving the Pa nDau effect.  Most illustrations are in black and white.)  [Tags:  Regional, Southeast Asia, Applique]

Hatcher, Irma Gail.  Conway Album (I’m Not From Baltimore) Quilt.  ASN, 1992.  49 pages.  Book #0106.  (Patterns and Techniques for applique and for making a Baltimore Album quilt.)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers, Baltimore Album]

Hawley, M’Liss Rae.  Fast Fat Quarter Baby Quilts.  C&T Publishing, 2009.   88 pages.   Book #1837 (15 projects made from fat quarters.  There are also variations on some designs shown. These mostly appear to be good beginner projects.)

Hawley, M’Liss Rae.  Mariner’s Medallion Using Foundation Paper Piecing.  That Patchwork Place, 1999.  56 pages.  Book #3155.  (Step-by-step instructions for several variations of a Mariner’s Medallion quilt, mostly in black and white.)

Hawley, M’Liss Rae.  M’Liss Rae Hawley’s Scrappy Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2008.  95 pages.  Book #3123.  (After some advice on color and fabric, the author gives instructions for 13 scrap quilts.)

Hawley, M’liss Rae.  More Fat Quarter Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2001.  79 pages.  Book #1823.  (This book is in 4 sections:  general directions, instructions for 8 projects, a gallery of quilts, and information of finishing the quilt.)  [Precuts, Fat Quarters]

Helmkamp, Amy Whalen.  Simple Chenille Quilts:  Block by Block.  That Patchwork Place, 2006.  96 pages.  Book #1704.  (This book shows how to make traditional patchwork blocks using two techniques—rag quilting and faux chenille.  An extended introduction to technique and instructions for 10 projects are included.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Chenille, Rag Quilts]

Hentsch, Carl.  Stars ‘N Strips Forever.  AQS, 2013.  79 pages.  Book #3080.  (This book gives instructions for 12 quilts in 3 sizes, using strips to make stars.)

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Hicks, Kyra E.  How to Self-Publish Your Own Quilt Catalog.  Black Threads Press, 2012.  20 pages.  Book #1838.  (This book offers an 18 step plan for self publication.)  [Tags:  Reference]

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Hill, Wendy.  Two-for-One Foundation Piecing:  Reversible Quilts and More.  C&T Pub., 2001.  98 pages.  Book #1117.  (An introduction to reversible quilts and garments, with 7 projects followed by a gallery.)  [Tags:  Foundation Piecing, Reversible Quilts, Beyond Quilts]

Hines, Anna Grossnickle.  Pieces: A Year in Poems and Quilts.  Greenwillow, 2001.  32 pages.  Book #0211.  (This is a book of poetry and quilt pictures.  There are no instructions for quilts in this book.)

Hiney, Mary Jo.  Beautiful Foundation-Pieced Quilt Blocks.  Sterling, 1999.  128 pages.  Book #3130.  (General instructions for foundation piecing followed by 13 projects.)

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Holtzman, Barbara.  Quilts in My Cubicle.  AQS, 2008.  63 pages.  Book #1878.  (This book focuses on quilting for those with little time, and offers instructions for a small quilting project for each month.)  [Tags:  Paper Piecing, Seasonal, Quick and Easy]

Hooworth, Judy, and Margaret Rolfe.  Spectacular Scraps:  A Simple Approach to Stunning Quilts.  Martingale, 2001.  80 pages.  Books #1257 and 1263, 2 copies.  (The authors advocate the “spectacular scrap” approach to making easy, colorful quilts, each using half square triangles in two color families.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts, Color]

Hopkins, Judy.  Around the Block Again.  That Patchwork Place, 2000.  144 pages.  Book #1737.  (This book provides instructions for multiple sizes of 200 patchwork block patterns.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

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Hornung, Clarence P.  Geometrix:  161 Patterns and Motifs for Artists and Designers.  Dover, 1991.  115 pages.  Book #3054.  (A book of black and white designs, particularly useful for striped and ombre fabrics.)  [Tags:  Images, Design]

Hudock, Gretchen K.  Quick Quilts Using Quick Bias.  That Patchwork Place, 2002.  79 pages.  Book #1544.  (This book shows quilter’s how to use Quick Bias, a pre-folded, fusible product that simplifies curved embellishments and stained glass quilts.  Instructions for 10 quilts are included.)  [Tags:  Quick Bias]

Huff, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, and Carole Ann King.  Alabama Quilts:  Wilderness through World War II, 1682-1950.  UP of MS, 2020.  225 pages.  Book #3212.  (This folio-sized reference book gives a history of quilting in Alabama through 1950, in 7 chapters.)  [Reference and History]

Hunter, Bonnie K.  Adventures with Leaders & Enders:  Make More Quilts in Less Time!  Kansas City Star, 2009.  95 pages.  Books #1862.  (The premise of this book is that if quilters keep precut fabrics, such as 2” squares, beside the sewing machine to use as “leaders and enders” for the quilts they are currently sewing, they will have partially pieced additional quilts as a byproduct.  After explaining her method, the author gives instructions for 14 quilts.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Scrap Quilts]

Haslam, Marion.  Quilts in Bloom.  Creative Publishing, 2004.  160 pages.  Book #3094.  (This book explores the use of floral designs in quilt making, with chapters on patchwork, applique, quilting, and embellishing.  Emphasis is on inspiration and technique rather than instructions for creating specific quilts.)  [Tags:  Flowers]

Hussain, Donna.  Interlacing Borders:  More Than 100 Intricate Designs Made Easy.   Martingale, 1998.  63 pages.  Book #0403.  (This book gives instructions for making and appliqueing bias tubes in intricate border patterns.)  [Tags:  Borders]

Hussey, Samantha.  The Complete Bag Making Masterclass.  David and Charles, 2020.  144 pages + patterns.  Book #3204.  (A “comprehensive guide to modern bag making techniques,” with separate chapters for 9 bag making techniques and 8 projects.  Some are quilted, some not.)

Jenkins, Linda, and Becky Goldsmith.  The Applique Sampler.  C&T Pub., 2002.  64 pages.  Book # 0132.  (Dated and mostly black and white, but offers useful, very specific lessons in hand applique, using the “needleturn” method.)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers]

Jenkins, Linda, and Becky Goldsmith.  A Slice of Christmas from Piece O’ Cake Designs.  Published by the authors, 2003.  64 pages.  Book #1555.  (Directions and patterns for 4 Christmas themed quilts and three additional projects.)  [Tags:  Seasonal, Christmas, Beyond Quilts]

Jensen, Lynette.  Beginner’s Luck.  Thimbleberries, 2002.  119 pages.  Book #1723.  (There are instructions for 20 quilts and smaller projects here, along with basic instructions and tips.)  [Tags:  Beginner, Patchwork]

Jensen, Lynette.  Oh Sew Cozy Flannel Quilts.  Pub. Solutions, 2004.  128 pages.  Book #1705.  (This book is project centered, with instructions for 19 quilts and matching bedding accessories and a brief guide to quilt construction.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Flannel]

Jensen, Lynette.  Thimbleberries’ Beautiful Blocks for Beautiful Quilts.  Landauer, 2012.  (Instructions for 26 patchwork blocks and 18 projects.)

Johansen, Linda.  Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls:  5 Reversible Shapes to Use and Display.  C&T Pub., 2003.  48 pages.  Book #1540.  (Basic information on how to make bowls and instructions for bowls using 5 shapes.)  [Beyond Quilts, Bowls]

Johanson, Amelia, Ed.  Sooo Big! Baby Quilts.  Landauer, 2021.  160 pages.  Book#3211.  (This book has directions for 33 colorful, modern quilts.  Half are “baby” quilts and half are “floor” quilts for young children.  Quilts are by various top quilters and templates are included.)  [Children]

Johnson, Mary Elizabeth.  Star Quilts.  Clarkson Potter, 1992.  176 pages.  Book #1232.  (An examination of different types of star patterns in quilting history, this book also offers patterns for 30+ stars.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Stars, History, Reference]

Johnson, Tony. The Quilt Story.  Scholastic, 1985.  30 pages.  Book #1653.  (This is a story book about a little girl whose mother makes her quilt.  It tells of all the ways she used the quilt as well as how her mother repaired it.  Gives a very cozy feeling about quilts.)

Johnson-Srebro, Nancy.  Block Magic.  C&T Pub., 2001.  112 pages.  Book #3072.  (This book shows how to make 52 different blocks from squares and triangles and suggests ways to combine them into quilts.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Squares, Triangles]

Kaempfer, Barbara T.  Log Cabin with a Twist.  AQS, 1995.  111 pages.  Books #1213 and 3057, 2 copies.  (This book multiplies the designs possible with the log cabin block by combining squares, triangles, and other shapes and rotating the piecing lines.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Log Cabin, Design]

Kaprow, Erica.  Wild Wool & Colorful Cotton Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2019.  31 pages + pull-out patterns.  Book #3228.  (Three projects in cotton and wool using house and bird imagery.)  [Applique, houses, wool]

Kavaya, Karol, and Vicki Skemp.  Community Quilts:  How to Organize, Design & Make a Group Quilt.  Lark Books, 2001.  136 pages.  Book #1648.  (This book tells the story of a group of quilters from North Carolina, and features a gallery of quilts made by the group over a period of 20 years.  The book gives instructions on 21 steps toward organizing a group quilt and patterns for 3 quilts.)  [Tags:  Group Quilts, Gallery]

Kaylakie, Marcia.  Texas Quilts and Quilters:  A Lone Star Legacy.  Texas Tech, 2007.  244 pages, folio sized, hardback.  Book #3257.  (An illustrated history of quilting in Texas from 1860-2005.)  [Regional, History, Texas]

Keys, Dalen.  Just a Quilt?  Fruitbearer, 2008.  34 pages.  Book #1680.  (This is a story book about all the imaginary things that a little boy’s quilt is to him.)

Kim, Rami.  Folded Fabric Elegance.  AQS, 2007.  93 pages.  Book #1620.  (This book adapts the art of Korean paper folding to fabric for the creation of wall hangings, home décor, and clothing.)  [Tags:  Folded Fabric, Regional, Beyond Quilts]

Kimball, Jeana.  Loving Stitches:  A Guide to Fine Hand Quilting.  That Patchwork Place, 1992.  52 pages.  Book #0311.  (A beginner’s guide to hand quilting, mostly in black and white.)  [Tags:  Hand Quilting, Beginner]

Kime, Janet.  The Border Workbook:  Easy Speed-Pieced and Foundation-Pieced Borders.  That Patchwork Place, 2006.  96 pages.  Book #1588.  (After general instructions on borders, this book shows how to make 27 distinctive borders.)  [Tags:  Borders]

Kime, Janet.  It’s Raining Cats & Dogs:  32 paper-Pieced Quilt Projects.  That Patchwork Place, 1998.  112 pages.  Book #1102.  (The first part of this book takes readers through the steps in making quilts.  Directions and patterns for 32 beginner to intermediate level projects follow.)  [Tags:  Animals, Cats, Dogs, Paper Piecing]

Kingslake, Clare.  Folk Quilt Applique.   David & Charles, 2011.  128 pages.  Book #1937.  (This book contains patterns and directions for 9 small quilts and other projects.)  [Tags:  Applique, Folk Art, Christmas, Beyond Quilts]

Kingwell, Jen.  Quilt Lovely:  15 Vibrant Projects Using Piecing and Applique.  Fons & Porter, 2015.  128 pages.  Book #1929.  (This book contains patterns and instructions for 9 quilts and 6 pillow covers.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Applique]

Kirk, Nancy.  Quilt Restoration Workshop.  Soft Science, 2003.  4 DVD’s.  Book #1528.  (The 4 discs in this set, each about 90 minutes long, cover quilt restoration, dating fabrics, aging fabrics, cleaning quilts, and displaying them.)  [Tags:   Quilt Restoration, History, DVD]

Kirsch, Chris.  Replique Quilts:  Applique Designs from Favorite Photos.  Martingale, 2001.  80 pages.  Book #1727.  (Techniques in moving from photo to quilt, detailed instructions on 6 projects, and photo gallery.) [Tags:  Art Quilts, Photos, Gallery]

Kirsch, Chris Lynn. Snuggle and Learn Quilts for Kids.  Martingale, 2008.   80 pages.  Book #1726.  (This book includes instructions for several project designed to help children learn.  Projects include a quilt that teaches colors, a placemat for learning how to set the table, a sensory quilt–thick/thin, rough/smooth, etc.– and a counting quilt.)

Knoechel, Judy.  Stockings & Small Quilts.  Quilt in a Day.  1998.  40 pages.  Book #1809. (Directions for 5 quilts and matching Christmas stockings.) [Tags: Christmas, Beyond Quilts, Small Quilts, Strips]

Knox, Gerald M., Ed.  American Patchwork & Quilting.  Meredith, 1985.  320 pages.  Book #1721.  (This comprehensive book of patchwork as it was practiced in the United States in the late 1900’s delves into such diverse topics as types of shapes and blocks, mastering curves and applique, and decorating the home with patchwork.  Patterns and instructions for numerous projects are included.)  [Tags:  United States, Patchwork, Beyond Quilts]

Knox, Gerald M., Ed.  Better Homes and Gardens Country Bazaar Crafts.  Meredith, 1986.  80 pages.  Book #1639.  (Inspirations and patterns for numerous folk art projects, some quilted.)  [Beyond Quilts, Country, Folk Art]

Kooler, Donna.  Quilting for the First Time.  Sterling, 2004.  112 pages.  Book #3263.  (The three sections of this book are presented as the answers to a series of questions.)  [Beginner]

Koolish, Lynn.  Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing.  C&T Pub., 2008.  63 pages.  Book #1665.  (A good introduction to fabric dyeing, well illustrated and applicable to different types of fabrics.)  [Tags:  Fabric Dyeing]

Koolish, Lynn, Ed.  Tuck Me In:  18 Cute & Cuddly Quilts for Kids.  C&T Pub., 2005.  80 pages.  Book #3134. 

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Krentz, Jan.  Lone Star Quilts & Beyond.  C&T Pub., 2001.  112 pages.  Book #1264.  (This comprehensive study of the lone star pattern gives guidance on design, fabric selection and construction, plus foundation pieced patterns and instructions for 6 projects.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Lone Star, Design, Foundation Piecing]

Krentz, Jan.  Quick Star Quilts & Beyond.  C&T Pub., 2009.  111 pages.  Book #1772.  (This book attempts to simplify quilting with stars.  Many of the 20 quilt patterns have just one block.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Patchwork, Stars]

Krush, Pearl Louise.  Easy Quilting with Denim.  House of White Birches, 2004.  64 pages.  Book #1813.  (Most of the 27 projects in this book are items of clothing or accessories, made using new or recycled denim.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Denim, Beyond Quilts]

Krush, Pearl Louise.  Garden Party Stitchery.  House of White Birches, 2012.  48 pages.  Book #1960.  (This book has patterns and instructions for floral-themed redwork.)  [Tags:  Color, Redwork, Flowers, Embroidery]

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Labanaris, Faye.  Quilts with a View:  A Fabric Adventure.  AQS, 1998.  79 pages.  Book #1539.  (This book explores a “fabric based” approach to quilting in which a carefully selected piece of material is surrounded by a more elaborate, appliqued frame or “window.”)  [Tags:  Landscapes, Fabric, Gallery] 

LaBauve, Julia, and Tammy Silvers.  Small Quilts, Big Events.  AQS, 2009.  63 pages.  Book #1696.  (This book contains instructions for 12 small quilts incorporating personal messages with appliqued letters.)  [Tags:  Home and Family, Alphabetic Letters]

Laporte, Gul.  Quilts from Europe:  Projects and Inspiration.  C&T Pub., 2000.  112 pages.  Book #0804.  (Readers are here introduced to 14 quilters from 7 European countries.  After a short biography of each quilter, there follows a gallery of her quilts, then a quilt project with directions.)  [Tags:  Regional, Europe, Gallery, Art Quilts]

Large, Jeanne, and Shelley Wicks.  ‘Tis the Season:  Quilts and Other Comforts. Martingale, 2010.  80 pages.  Book #1717.  (Gives directions for 10 Christmas themed projects.)  [Tags: Seasonal, Christmas, Beyond Quilts]

Large, Jeanne, and Shelley Wicks.  Urban Country Quilts:  15 Projects for the Home.  That Patchwork Place, 2011.  79 pages.  Book #1886.  (The authors of this book state a preference for simplicity and earth-toned fabrics.  After some information on fabric selection and basic quilt making techniques, instructions are given for 18 quilts and other projects.)  [Tags:  Home, Beyond Quilts, Quick and Easy]

Laquidara, Judy L.  Nine-Patch Extravaganza.  AQS, 2007.  95 pages.  Book #3124.  (Patterns and instructions for 12 quilts based on the nine-patch block.)  [Patchwork]

Lasco, Linda Baxter, Ed.  Orange Peel:  New Quilts from an Old Favorite.  AQS:  2011.  95 pages.  Book #3081.  (A collection of 18 winners and finalists in the AQS 2012 Orange Peel contest.  Each quilt pictured, with the maker’s comments on the quilt and instructions for recreating it.)

Laury, Jean Ray. 14,287 Pieces of Fabric and Other Poems.  C&T Pub., 1994.   48 pages.  Book #1006.  (This a rhyming poetry book for children about quilts and quilt making.) 

Laury, Jean Ray.  The Photo Transfer Handbook.  C&T Pub., 1999.  80 pages.  Book #1415. (This book has 7 chapters with tips for turning photos into quilts.  Technology is out of date.) [Tags:  Art Quilts, Photos]

Lawler, Mickey.  Skydyes:  A Visual Guide to Fabric Painting.  C&T Pub., 1999.  111 pages.  Book #1413.  (A guide to painting fabric, with an emphasis on the sky at  different times of day.  The author is a fabric designer.)  [Tags:  Fabric Painting]

Lawrence, Vicky.  Garden Nouveau Quilts.  AQS, 2009.  79 pages.  Book #1675.  (This book centers on the production of the author’s “Nouveau Quilt,” and the floral designs it contains.  Instructions are given for each block and there are suggestions for additional projects using the same designs.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Applique]

Lawther, Gail.  The Complete Quilting Course.  Chilton, 1992. 176 pages.  Book #3093.  (This 10-chapter book gives instructions for patchwork and applique, plus a variety of projects not included in most introductory books—including shadow, tied, trapunto, corded, and sashiko quilting.)  [Tags:  Beginner, Special Techniques]

Learn to Do Redwork.  ASN, 1999.  65 pages.  Book #1408.  (After a brief history of and introduction to redwork techniques, this book contains animal, floral, and character designs and 5 projects.)  [Tags:  Color, Embroidery]

Ledgerwood, Alexandra.  Improvising Tradition:  18 Quilted Projects Using Strips, Slices, and Strata.  Interweave, 2014.  136 pages.  Book #1922.  (The projects here ask readers to create quilt patterns bit by bit rather than beginning with an overall design.) 

Lehman, Libby.  Threadplay:  Mastering Machine Embroidery Techniques.  That Patchwork Place, 1997.  96 pages.  Book #1434.  (A comprehensive guide to machine embroidery as embellishment for quilts, this book is filled with helpful techniques for every stage of the quilt making process.)  [Tags:  Machine Embroidery, Embellishment]

Leone, Diana.  Crazy with Cotton:  Piecing Together Memories & Themes.  C&T Pub., 1996.  94 pages.  Book #1656.  (This book shows how to make a crazy quilt block surrounding a fabric motif.)  [Tags:  Crazy Quilting, Cheater Fabrics]

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Logan, Diann.  Designs in Patchwork:  30 Bright New Quilts for Machine Piecing.  Oxmoor House, 1987.  143 pages.  Book #1206.  (Instructions for 30 quilts, with small-scale patterns.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

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Loughman, Gloria.  Radiant Landscapes.  C & T, 2013.  127 pages.  Book #3242.  (Subtitled “Transform Tiled Colors & Textures into Dramatic Quilts,” this thoughtful and informative book takes quilters from color selection to design to quilt construction to finishing techniques, ending with instructions for four quilt projects.) [Color, Design, Landscape, Fabric Dyeing]

Love of Quilting.  May/June 2018.  23:135.  (Includes 5 techniques and instructions for “12 Playful Summer Quilts.”)

Lush, Sandie.  Welsh Quilting Design.  Sandie Lush Designs, 2018.  165 pages.  Book #3145.  (This book not only provides an introduction to traditional Welsh quilting motifs, but is also a resource for the whole cloth quilter.  Instructions for hand quilting and motif patterns are included.)  [Tags:  Whole cloth quilts, Hand Quilting, Wales, Regional]

Magaret, Patricia Maixner, and Donna Ingram Slusser.  Shadow Quilts:  Easy-to-Design Multiple Image Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2000.  112 pages.  Book #1251.  (This book focuses on quilts with shifting perspective, quilts which show one pattern close up and another at a distance.  A great deal of attention is given to design, color, and the creation of special effects.  Instructions for 9 projects are included.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Design]

Magaret, Pat Maixner, and Donna Ingram Slusser.  Watercolor Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 1993.  111 pages + pattern.  Book #1416.  (This book takes readers step by step to the creation of quilts in the style of Impressionist paintings.  There is useful advice on fabric selection and organization, brief instructions for 6 projects, an extensive gallery, and a dozen pages of general instructions on quilt making.)  [Tags:  Color, Design]

Mahoney, Nancy.  Pairing Up:  2-Block Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  95 pages.  Book #1791.  (The title is misleading here, as the book is not about quilts with two blocks, but rather about quilts with both a primary and secondary design.  Instructions for 12 quilts are included.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

Majidimehr, Lynn Ann.  Flower Show Quilts:  Stunning Applique on a Patchwork Canvas.  That Patchwork Place, 2010.  95 pages. Book #3018. (The author demonstrates how to create 10 realistic applique flowers and set them into a patchwork background.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Applique]

Makhan, Rosemary.  Biblical Blocks:  Inspired Designs for Quilters.  Martingale.  2e.  2001.  80 pages.  Book #1252.  (Gives directions for 21 blocks inspired by biblical stories.)  [Tags: Biblical, Historical Influences] 

Makhan, Rosemary.  Floral Abundance:  Applique Designs Inspired by William Morris.  That Patchwork Place, 2000.  80 pages.  Book #0125.  (The first 23 pages of this book offer general instructions on applique.  The remainder contains detailed instructions and patterns for 5 projects.)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers, Historical Influences]

Malkowski, Cheryl.  Doodle Quilting:  Over 120 Continuous-Line Machine-Quilting Designs.  C&T Pub., 2012.  Book #1864.  (This book is for those who have been afraid to quilt intricate designs.  The author claims that anyone with “the artistic abilities of a young child” can implement these designs successfully and add interest to their quilts.)  [Tags:  Machine Quilting]

Malone, Maggie.  Treasury of Applique Quilt Patterns.  Sterling, 1996.  144 pages.  Book #3120.  (This book gives instructions for basic and advanced applique techniques, followed by a gallery of appliqued quilts and more than 70 applique patterns.)

Maloney, Tricia Lynn.  Orphan Block Quilts.  Krause, 2010.  127 pages.  Book #3083.  (This book offers suggestions for using “Antique, Vintage, Collectible and Leftover Quilt Blocks.”  Section 1 tells how to find, clean and repair orphan blocks, while section 2 gives instructions for 14 modern projects using blocks dating from 1880-1955.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences]

Marston, Gwen.  Fabric Picture Books.  AQS, 2002.  47 pages.  Book #3084.  (This book contains many ideas for constructing 8” to 12” books out of fabric and offers general instructions.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts, Children]

Marston, Gwen.  Liberated Quiltmaking.  AQS, 1996.  191 pages.  Book #0957.  (The author, inspired by “utility” quilts made for use rather than show, emphasizes process rather than working from a pattern, and points out that many rules for quilt making are arbitrary and limit creativity.  Her book is divided into 20 “processes” for making one of a kind quilts.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Design]

Martin, Judy.  Stellar Quilts.  Crosley-Griffith, 2010.  127 pages.  Book #3109.  (A book about star quilts using tape and templates to master unusual shapes.  The book is well illustrated with both photos and diagrams to aid quilt makers.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Stars]

Martin, Judy and Marsha McCloskey.  Pieced Borders:  The Complete Resource.  Crosley-Griffith, 1994.  160 pages.  Book #0404.  (This book gives images and instructions for dozens of stock and custom quilt borders and 12 complete quilts.)  [Tags:  Borders]

Martin, Nancy J.  Copy Art for Quilters.  That Patchwork Place, 1988.  Book #1502

(This book is a clip art based book designed for copying artwork to be used in quilting.) 

Martin, Nancy J.  Folded Fabric Fun.  Martingale.  1997.  32 pages.  Book #1754.  (Brief directions for dozens of Christmas decorations and gifts.) [Tags:  Christmas.  Tags: Christmas, Beyond Quilts]

Martin, Nancy J., Comp.  Threads from the ‘30s:  Quilts Using Reproduction Fabrics.  That Patchwork Place, 2000.  112 pages.  Book #3046.  (After a brief overview of fabrics and motifs from 1930s quilts, instructions are given for 11 projects by 11 different quilt makers.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, Reproduction Fabrics]

Martin, Nancy J, and Marsha McCloskey.  Pieces of the Past.  That Patchwork Place, 1986.  152 pages.  Book #1689.  (This book has three parts.  The first part gives an illustrated history of patterns, colors and fabrics of United States quilts.  The second—and shortest—part concerns “Contemporary quilts in the traditional style.” The last half of the book contains patterns and instructions for many of the traditional quilts shown earlier.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, Traditional to Modern, History]

Martin, Terry.  Quilting with Precuts and Shortcuts.  That Patchwork Place, 2010.  63 pages.  Book #1714.  (This author advocates using precuts to make quilts that are quick and easy, but also interesting.  She offers several tips and shortcuts for the beginning quilter and 12 quilt projects using strips, simple shapes, and easy applique.)  [Tags:  Precuts, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Mashuta, Mary.  Confetti Quilts:  A No-Fuss Approach to Color, Fabric & Design.  C&T Pub., 2003.  112 pages.  Book #0347.  (This book examines the intersection of color and design, showing color wheels beside dozens of quilt designs.  Instructions for 6 quilts are included.)  [Tags:  Color, Design]

Mashuta, Mary.  Cotton Candy Quilts:  Using Feed Sacks, Vintage & Reproduction Fabrics.  C&T Pub., 2001.  112 pages.  Book #0707.  (This book expresses the author’s interest in quilting fabrics of the 1930s-1970s, and shows ways to mix vintage fabrics with modern reproduction fabrics.  There are 8 chapters, with discussions of squares, curves, and leftovers, plus directions for 7 quilts.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Historical Influences]

Maurer, Diane Vogel, and Paul Maurer.  Marbling:  A Complete Guide to Creating Beautiful Patterned Papers and Fabrics.  Friedman Fairfax, 1994.  120 pages.  Book #1407.  (A comprehensive guide to marbling paper and fabric, this beautifully illustrated book takes readers from a history of marbling, to how to create many different effects, to how to construct marbling tools.)  [Tags:  Fabric Dyeing, Marbling]

Mazloomi, Carolyn L.  Quilting African American Women’s History:  Our Challenges, Creativity, and Champions.  National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, 2008.  176 pages.  Book #1661.  (An exhibition catalog containing color photos of 101 quilts by 53 women and 3 men.  The book opens with a history of African American quilting, and a profile of each contributor is included.)  [Tags:  History, African-American, Gallery]

Mazloomi, Carolyn L.  Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium:  Quilting the World’s Conscience.  Schiffer, 2019.  196 pages.  Book #3150.  (A gallery of quilts made by various artists and inspired by articles in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  Each full page photo is accompanied by the quilt maker’s commentary.)

McCloskey, Marsha, and Sharon Evans Yenter.  Blended Quilts from in the Beginning:  16 Quilts Inspired by the 1800’s.  Sea-Hill Press, 2002.  132 pages.  Book #1429.  (An introduction to sewing with large print floral chintz.  The book begins with a brief history of the use of fine chintz fabrics in quilting and continues with instructions for 16 quilts.  The quilts are “blended” in that small, medium and large print fabrics are incorporated.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Chintz, Historical Influences]

McCloskey, Marsha.  Marsha McCloskey’s Quick Classic Quilts.  Oxmoor House, 1996.  160 pages.  Book #1224.  (The idea behind this book is that late 20th century quilting tools and techniques make quilting much faster than it was for earlier generations.  The 26 quilt patterns here are arranged from easiest to most challenging.)  [Tags:  Beginner, Patchwork]

McCormick, Carolyn Cullinan.  Carolyn’s Paper-Pieced Garden:  Beloved Historic Patterns for Miniature and Full-sized Quilts.  Kansas City Star, 2003.  144 pages.  Book #1561.  (Directions for making 20 abstract flower motifs.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Paper Piecing, Seasonal, Christmas]

McCormick, Michael, Ed.  Quiltfolk.  Issue 01.  2017.  161 pages.  Book #3167.  (This is a reprint of the first issue of this periodical, and features quilt makers from Oregon.)  [Regional]

McDowell, Ruth B.  Art and Inspirations.  C&T Pub., 1996.  144 pages.  Book #0601.  (This book traces the author’s journey in quilt making, with an extensive gallery of her creations alongside brief tips on technique.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Design, Gallery]

McDowell, Ruth B., Pieced Flowers.  C&T Pub., 2000.  112 pages.  Book #1222.  (This book gives images and instructions for creating 12 realistic flower blocks.  Step by step directions break down piecing into curved, straight and inset seams.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Paper Piecing]

McDowell, Ruth B.  Pieced Vegetables.  C&T Pub., 2002.  128 pages.  Book #3229.  (After 14 pages of general instructions, this book gives patterns and instructions for creating 20 different pieced vegetable shapes—from artichokes to tomatoes—often with variations for straight lines and curves.)  [Piecing, Vegetables]

McElroy, Roxanne.  That Perfect Stitch:  The Secrets of Fine Hand Quilting.  Quilt Digest, 1998.  138 pages.  Book #0343.  (A comprehensive book, not just about hand quilting.  The author discusses such details as thread and needle selection, using a thimble, quilting frames, and care of the hand quilted quilt.  Photographs illustrate hand stitching.)  [Tags:  Hand Quilting]

McMeeking, Norah.  Bella Bella Quilts:  Stunning Designs from Italian Mosaics.  C&T Pub., 2005.  65 pages plus full sized patterns.  Book #1577.  (After 19 pages of general directions, readers are offered detailed instructions and patterns for 7 quilts inspired by Italian mosaic designs.)  [Tags:  Regional, Italy]

McNeil, Kathy.  Innovative Quilt Border Designs.  Create Space, 2016.  40 pages.  Book #1997.  (Tips for outstanding borders, with an eye to quilt contest entries.)  [Tags:  Borders, Competition]

Meier, Rebekah.  Fabric Art Collage:  40+ Mixed Media Techniques.  C&T Pub., 2009.  95 pages.  Book #1739.  (This book shows dozens of mixed media projects, each with instructions and each illustrating a different technique.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Design, Beyond Quilts, Collage]

Michael, Ursula.  Rainy Day Applique: Quick and Easy Fusible Quilts.  Krause, 2007.  128 pages + CD with printable patterns.  Book #3085.  (This book contains 26 whimsical projects to make in a day or less.)  [Tags:  Beginner, Quick and Easy, Applique]

Michell, Marti.  Machine Quilting in Sections.  From Marti Michell, 2004.  72 pages.  Book #1681.  (The author purposely does not discuss patterns for machine quilting.  Rather, she focuses on the ease of quilting smaller sections of a quilt, then joining the sections together to make a larger quilt.  The book includes 12 “case studies” using different configurations.)  [Machine Quilting]

Miller, Jane Hardy.  French Braid Obsession.  C&T Pub., 2009.  63 pages.  Book #1840.  (The author defines “French braids” as “two-sided log cabins.”  Her book has 4 chapters—basics, fabric selection, braid construction, and French braid borders.  There are instructions for 4 projects.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, French Braid]

Miller, Jane Hardy, and Arlene Netten.  French Braid Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2006.   79 pages.  Book #3138.  (This book gives basic instructions for making French Braid quilts and directions for “14 Quick Quilts with Dramatic Results.”)

Miller, Jane Hardy.  French Braid Transformation:  12 Spectacular Strip-Pieced Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2011.  79 pages.  Book #1884.  (The quilts in this book are made from strips cut bargello-style or arranged in columns rather than blocks.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Bargello, Strips]

Miller, Margaret J.  Smashing Sets:  Exciting Ways to Arrange Quilt Blocks.  C&T Pub., 2000.  96 pages.  Book #1610.  (The author of this book presents innovative ways to arrange blocks in a quilt, in designs that go beyond vertical and horizontal lines.  Numerous photos and 15 project diagrams are included.)  [Tags:  Settings, Design]

Milligan, Lynda, and Nancy Smith.  Home for the Holidays.  Possibilities, 2004.  60 pages.  Book #1535.  (The directions for 12 Christmas themed quilts and other projects are briefly given here, with each page of directions fronted by a photo of the completed project.  Also included is an extensive selection of patterns.)  [Tags:  Seasonal, Christmas, Home, Beyond Quilts]

Milligan, Lynda, and Nancy Smith.  Positively Pineapple:  Quilts for the Pineapple Rule . . . and More!  Possibilities, 2005.  55 pages.  Book #1569.  (This book advocates the use of a product, the Pineapple Rule, to more easily and accurately make pineapple blocks.  Directions for 13 projects are included, for skill levels from beginner to advanced.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Pineapple]

Milligan, Lynda, and Nancy Smith.  Super Simple Squares:  Creative Uses for 6-1/2” Squares.  Possibilities, 2002.  48 pages.  Book #1885.  (Brief directions for 16 quilts using squares.)  [Tags:  Precuts, Quick and Easy, Beginner, Squares]

Minnesota Charms 3.  Hingeley Road, 2008.  28 pages.  Book #1722.  (This book, published by a quilt shop, gives brief directions for 12 quilts using charms and strips.)  [Tags:  Precuts, Strips, Charms]

Mitchell, Marti.  Scrap Patchwork & Quilting.  Meredith, 1992.  144 pages.  Book #1241.  (This book contains many tips for the beginning scrap quilter, along with patterns and instructions for 32 quilts and other projects.  Information on how to “age” quilts is included.)

Montano, Judith Baker.  The Crazy Quilt Handbook.  2e.  C&T Pub., 2001.  80 pages.  Book #1435.  (This comprehensive book gives a history of crazy quilting, explains the process from design to embellishment, and offers 12 small project instructions.  An illustrated directory of embroidery stitches is included.)  [Tags:  Crazy Quilting, History, Embroidery, Beyond Quilts]

Moore, Libby.  Thread Folk.  Blue Star Press, 2019.  145 pages.  Book #3197.  (Upgrade embroidery embellishments on your quilts and clothing using stitches, suggestions and patterns found in this book.)  [Embellishments, Embroidery, Beyond Quilts]

Moran, Freddy, and Gwen Marston.  Collaborative Quilting:  Talking it Over.  Sterling, 2006.  256 pages.  Book #1856.  (This book tells the story of two quilters who admired each other’s quilts so much they began making quilts together.  Here is an extensive gallery of their work and much information about their methods of creation.  Chapter 5, “The Parts Department,” shows how traditional blocks can be varied to create a more exciting quilt.)  [Tags:  Collaborative Quilting, Design]

More Jelly Roll Quilts.  Annie’s:  2016.  48 pages.  Book #3232.  (Directions for 8 quilt projects using 2-1/2” strips)  [Precuts, Jelly Rolls, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Mori, Joyce.  Quilting Designs from Native American Pottery.  AQS:  2013.  79 pages.  Book #3141.  (This book contains motifs for applique derived from Native American pottery, with nations listed where known.)  [Regional]

Morris, Patricia J. & Jeannette T. Muir.  Heirloom Quilts from Old Tops.  Krause, 2001.  128 pages.  Book #1422.  (The authors show numerous examples of old quilt tops salvaged by turning them into modern quilts.  There are 15 contemporary projects and several chapters address common problems of dealing with older fabrics and designs.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Historical Influences]

Morris, Patricia J.  The Judge’s Task:  How Award-Winning Quilts Are Selected.  AQS, 1993.  125 pages.  Book #1513.  (This book reveals the standards in design and workmanship that judges in quilt shows share.)  [Tags:  Reference, Show Quilts]

Morris, Patricia J.  Perfecting the Quilting Stitch:  The Ins & Outs.  AQS, 2001.  79 pages.  Book #0335.  (A guide to hand quilting, full of tips and encouragement for those who’ve made quilt tops but are intimidated by the quilting process.  The book includes 11 practice exercises using different patterns.)  [Tags:  Hand Quilting]

Mostek, Pamela.  Scatter Garden Quilts:  10 Designs That Flower in Fabric.  That Patchwork Place, 2005.  95 pages.  Book #3266.  (This book uses the author’s interest in floral fabric to provide instructions for 10 quilts, using fancy cuts and scraps.)  [Fabric, Flowers]

Mouton, Mary Kay.  Flip-Flop Paper Piecing:  Revolutionary Single-Foundation Technique.  C&T Pub., 2009.  95 pages.  Book #1672.  (The technique described here combines traditional foundation piecing on paper with some sewing on the fabric side of the block.  Patterns and instructions for numerous block styles are given in 16 chapters.)  [Foundation Piecing]

Mullen, Jan.  Reverse Applique With No Brakez.  C&T Pub., 2003.  80 pages.  Book #0131.  (Instructions for reverse applique, with 6 projects in in “primitive,” folk art style.)  [Tags:  Applique, Children, Animals]

Mumm, Debbie.  12 Days of Christmas.  Mumm’s the Word, 2000. 140 pages.  Book #1749.  (Contains directions for 36 Christmas themed projects, with motifs from “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts, Seasonal, Christmas]

Mumm, Debbie.  Debbie Mumm Celebrates the Holidays at Home.  Debbie Mumm:  N.P.  2002.  80 pages.  Book #1742.  (Mumm gives directions for 24 holiday decoration projects.)  [Tags: Christmas, Beyond Quilts]

Mumm, Debbie.  Frosty Folks.  Mumm’s the Word, 1997.  20 pages.  Book #1735.  (A collection of directions for 9 snowman themed projects.)  Tags:  Seasonal, Christmas, Beyond Quilts]

Mumm, Debbie.  More Quick Country Quilting.  Rodale, 1994.  256 pages.  Book #0914.  (This book invites readers to “Add that special handmade touch of country to your home,” and gives instructions for 60 “fast and fun” projects.)  [Tags:  Home, Christmas, Baby Quilts]

Mumm, Debbie.  Santa’s Scrapbook.   Mumm’s the Word, 2001.  112 pages.  Book #1743.  (This book contains directions for 25 quilts and other seasonal creations.)  [Tags:  Christmas, Seasonal, Beyond Quilts]

Murphy, Ellen.  American Homestead Christmas:  21 Felt & Fabric Projects for Homemade Holidays.  C&T Pub., 2015.  80 pages.  Book #1968.  (Directions for one quilt and 20 other Christmas themed ornaments, using felt.)  [Tags:  Christmas, Seasonal, Beyond Quilts, Felt]

Murphy, Patty.  Piecing Makeover:  Simple Tricks to Fine-Tune Your Patchwork.  C&T Pub., 2016.  143 pages.  Book #1981.  (This book is set up in a problem/solution format to help quilters more accurately construct 21 popular blocks.  Photos of “What you don’t want” are set beside photos of “How your block should look,” with numerous tips for patchwork improvement.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

Murty, Nancy Lee.  Sisterhood:  A Quilting Tradition.  C&T Pub., 2001.  71 pages.  Book #1916.  (The author of this book offers “11 heartwarming projects to piece & applique,” and reflects upon the quilters in her family as she names each quilt.)  [Tags:  Family]

Muska, Michele.  Quilting the New Classics.  Sixth&Spring Books, 2014.  160 pages.  Book #1913.  (Instructions for 20 quilting projects, half made with traditional blocks, and half modern interpretations of the traditional patterns.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

Nadelstern, Paula.  Kaleidoscopes & Quilts.  C&T Pub., 1996.  144 pages.  Book #1986.  (Perhaps the definitive book on making kaleidoscope quilts, this book contains detailed instructions, with diagrams and photos, showing design and piecing techniques specific to kaleidoscope quilts.)  [Tags:  Kaleidoscope Quilts, Gallery, Design]

Nadelstern, Paula.  Puzzle Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2005.  96 pages.  Book #1576.  (This book shows how to select fabric with complex prints, then cut and resemble them into elaborate blocks.  The author discusses design and color and offers 6 sample blocks.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Design]

Nadelstern, Paula.  Snowflakes & Quilts.  C&T Pub.  2001.  112 pages.  Book #1248.  (As well as giving good information on how to piece shapes, this book focuses on the use of four different snowflake shapes in quilts.) [Tags: Seasonal, Snowflake, Shapes.]

Naylor, Philippa.  Applique Mastery.  Dragon Threads, 2014.  128 pages, with patterns in attached envelope. Book #2014.  (This book is divided into two parts.  The first 58 pages discuss applique techniques.  The remainder of the book directs readers in making Naylor’s “Bird by Bird” quilt, breaking the process down into 12 parts, with a month allotted to each.)  [Tags:  Applique, Birds]

Nelsen, Susan, and Loraine Manwaring.  Curves Ahead!  All American Crafts, 2011.  80 pages.  Book #3086.  (The authors share tips “to drive away all your fears of sewing curves.”  Their technique for the 10 included quilts uses freeform curves and tape.)  [Tags:  Curves]

Nelson, Cyril I., and Carter Houck.  The Quilt Engagement Calendar Treasury.  Dutton, 1982.  272 pages.  Book #0298.  (A gallery of historic quilts taken from the 1975-1982 Quilt Engagement Calendars.  Patterns for 21 of the quilts are given.)  [Tags:  History, Gallery]

Nerud, Thea.  One-of-a-Kind Quilt Labels:  Unique Ideas for a Special Finishing Touch.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  80 pages.  Book #1621 and #1532 (2 copies).  (A comprehensive guide to making quilt labels.)  [Tags:  Labels]

Newbill, Carol L.  Great American Quilts, 1998.  Oxmore House, 1997.  144 pages.  Book #1716.  (Instructions for 26 quilts by quilters from 15 states, including Alabama.  Themed section on color in quilts.)  [Tags:  United States]

Noel, Sherri.  Text It!  Quilts and Pillows with Something to Say.  That Patchwork Place, 2019.  64 pages + patterns.  Book #3148.  (This book contains instructions on making several kinds of appliqued letters, 7 full-sized alphabets, and 10 projects.) 

Nordstrand, Martha A.  Beautiful Containers for Applique.  N.D.  (Loose pages of pattern masters for vases, flowers, and goldfish).  [Tags:  Flowers, Applique, Patterns]

Nordstrand, Martha A.  Flower Favorites:  A Collection of All-Time Favorite Flower Designs.  2007.  (Loose pages of pattern masters for 11 appliqued flowers.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Applique, Patterns]

Nordstrand, Martha A.  From the Veranda:  Memories of a Southern Garden.  1999.  (Loose pages of pattern masters for 8 appliqued flowers.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Applique, Patterns]

Nordstrand, Martha A.  West Alabama Quilt Guild.  2008 (Loose pages of pattern masters for a vase of camillas.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Applique, Patterns]

Norton, Alissa, Ed.  One Quilt One Moment:  Quilts That Change Lives.  Premier Consumer, 2000.  114 pages.  Book #3018.  (Each quilt featured in this book is submitted by a different quilt maker, based on the answer to the question, “Which quilt have you seen that has made you feel something?”  Background on each of the quilts is included.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Photos, Gallery]

O’Brien, Sandra L., Ed.  Great American Quilts 1988.  Oxmore House, 1988.  143 pages.  Book #1994.  (Instructions for 26 quilts, including our own Hallie O’Kelley’s “Tulip Garden Quilt.”  Scrap quilts are featured.)  [Tags:  United States]

O’Brien, Sandra L., Ed.  Great American Quilts 1989.  Oxmore House, 1989.  144 pages.  Book #3041.  (The first section of this book features sampler quilts.  There are instructions for 29 quilts.)  [Tags:  United States]

Ogden, Sharon Cerny.  Irish Chain Quilts:  Single, Double and Triple.  Dover, 1992.  32 pages.  Book #1209.  (Black and white book, with patterns.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Irish Chain]

O’Kelley, Hallie H.  Screen Printing for Quilters.  Black Belt Press, 1995.  81 pages.  Books #3146 and 3201, 2 copies.  (Instructions for screen printing fabrics for quilts, written by WAQG’s most famous member!  Instructions and patterns for 12 projects are included.)  [Tags:  Screen Printing]

Olson, Claudia.  Two-Block Applique Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  128 pages.  Book #3157.  (Each of the 10 quilts in this book feature two patchwork block patterns combined with applique.)

Opseth, Rita C., Ed.  Sewing with an Overlock.  Cy Decross, 1989.  128 pages.  Book #3240.  (This book is specific to use of an overlock sewing or machines with an overlock ability.  Chapters include general information, garment construction and special effects.)  [Overlock Machine, Beyond Quilting]

Orlofsky, Patsy and Myron.  Quilts in America.  Abbeville Press, 1974, rpr. 1992.  368 pages.  Book #3246.  (A comprehensive history of quilting in the United States by a quilt collecting couple.)

Ornelas, Annette.  Peeled-Back Patchwork:  Curves Without Piecing.  AQS, 2004.  111 pages.  Book #1548.  (Here the author introduces her method of “incorporating folded shapes into the seams and turning the folds back on themselves to reveal curved designs.”  She includes 12 projects.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Curves]  Note:  This book needs repair!

Oshins, Lisa Turner.  Quilt Collections:  A Directory for the United States and Canada.  Acropolis, 1987.  255 pages.  Book #1508.  (This book describes the quilt holdings in each state.  Contact information for each location is included.)  [Tags:  History, Reference, Regional]

Ouchi, Hajime.  Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art:  746 Copyright-Free Designs for Artists and Craftsmen.  Dover, 1977.  Book #3059.  170 pages.  (Designs with “circles, dots, squares, ellipses, curves, lines, angles, complete alphabets and numbers.”)  [Tags:  Images, Optical Illusions]

Owens, L. Amanda, Ed.  Big Book of Scrap Quilts.  Oxmoor House, 2005.  320 pages.  Book #3149.  (Patterns and instructions for 76 scrap quilts followed by a 20 page guide to quilt making.)

Pacific Northwest Quiltfest:  For the Love of Fabric.  DVD.  2005.  Number (A documentary-style video showing quilts from the 2004 Pacific Northwest Quiltfest.  In addition to showcasing quilts from the Pacific Northwest, an exhibition of quilts from New Zealand is shown.)  [Tags:  Regional, Northwest, New Zealand, DVD]

Papadakis, Brenda Manges.  Dear Hannah:  In the Style of Jane A. Stickle.  AQS, 2003.  (A sequel to the author’s Dear Jane book, here the author combines letters to her granddaughter Hannah with quilt blocks replicating those from antique quilts.  There are instructions and patterns for 144 small blocks.)  [Historical Influences, Home and Family]

Papadakis, Brenda Manges.  Dear Jane:  The Two Hundred Twenty-Five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt.  EZ Quilting, 1996.  161 pages.  Book #1570.  (This book was inspired by the author’s study of a complex sampler quilt made by a 19th Century Vermonter.  It contains line drawings of each of the blocks and a diagram of block placement.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences]

Patera, Charlotte.  Mola Techniques for Today’s Quilters.  AQS, 1995.  111 pages.  Book #0313.  (An introduction to the Kuna Indians of Panama and their style of applique is given here, along with patterns for traditional motifs.)  [Tags:  Regional, Panama, Applique]

Pattison, Emma, Ed.  Simple Stitches Quilting:  18 Projects for the New Quilter.  Lark Crafts, 2011.  128 pages.  Book #1764.  (The project instructions are given after 10 pages of basic instructions.  Most projects are easy to make quilts.)  [Tags:  Beginner]

Pederson, Sharon.  Reversible Quilts:  Two at a Time.  That Patchwork Place, 2002.  95 pages.  Book #1543.  (The author demonstrates how to make a reversible quilt, one block at a time.  Included are 10 projects.)  [Tags:  Reversible Quilts]

Pederson, Sharon.  The Rose of Sharon Block Book.  That Patchwork Place, 2010.  95 pages.  Book #3138.  (This book gives instructions for 83 winning blocks in an online challenge for making Rose of Sharon quilts.)

Pellman, Rachel and Kenneth.  A Treasury of Amish Quilts.  1998.  Rev. Ed.  128 pages.  Book #3136.  (This book discusses the characteristics of Amish quilts and offers an extensive gallery of Amish quilts, mostly from the 1910’s-1930’s.)  [Regional, History and Reference, Gallery]

Penders, Mary Coyne.  Color and Cloth.  Quilt Digest Press, 1995.  143 pages.  Book #0303.  (This book introduces readers to the major attributes of color and fabric—hue, value, scale, visual contrast, and so forth.  Each concept is accompanied by useful exercises for helping quilters analyze and select fabrics.)  [Tags:  Color, Fabric, Design]

Perkes, Gina.  Mastering the Art of Longarm Quilting.  C&T, 2012.  127 pages.  Book #3032.  (This book gives step-by-step instructions to take longarm quilters from “novice to expert.”  Includes advice on designing quilting patterns and 40 original designs.)  [Longarm Quilting, Design]

Perry, Gai.  Color from the Heart:  Seven Great Ways to Make Quilts with Colors You Love.  C&T Pub., 1999.  112 pages.  Book #0304.  (After an introduction to color theory, the author offers 7 lessons in combining colors in quilts.  Each lesson is illustrated by a gallery of quilts.)  [Tags:  Color, Design]

Perry, Gai.  Impressionist Palette:  Quilt Color & Design.  C&T Pub., 1997.  128 pages.  Book #1550.  (This book combines color theory, Impressionism, and landscapes.  General instructions for 6 projects are included.  The quilts in this book are based on careful selection of small squares to create landscapes.)  [Tags:  Color, Design, Landscapes]

Peters, Paulette.  Curved Piecing.  That Patchwork Place, 1999.  79 pages.  Book #1402.  (This book covers basic techniques for piecing curves and designing a pattern with curves.  Included in the 8 projects are classic curved quilts such as Drunkard’s Path and Wedding Ring.)  [Tags:  Curves, Patchwork]

Pfau, Sue.  Easy Quilts from Precut Fabrics.  That Patchwork Place, 2018.  48 pages.  Book #3174.  (This book gives instructions for 10 easy quilts made from layer cakes, jelly rolls and fat quarters.)  [Precuts, Beginner, Quick and Easy]

Phillips, Cheryl.  Circle A Round:  Making Circles Fun!  Phillips Fiber Art, 2004.  40 pages.  Book #1587.  (This book advocates using rulers to make “frames” for circular pieces.)  [Tags:  Curves, Circles]

Phillips, Cheryl.  Quilts Without Corners.  Phillips Fiber Art, 2000.  48 pages.  Book #1684.  (All the quilts in this book are round.  Most are made with bargello wedges.  A few Native American designs are included.)  [Tags:  Bargello, Native American]

Piecemakers, Picking Up the Pieces.  EZ, 1992.  128 pages.  Book #1635.  (A black and white book with instructions for 18 quilts and other projects.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

Pilgrim, Paul D., and Gerald E. Roy.  Quilts:  Old & New:  A Similar View.  AQS, 1993.  39 pages.  Book #1510.  (A catalog of a 1993 quilt exhibit, featuring 32 quilts, half older quilts and half newer versions of the older quilts.)  [Tags:  Gallery, History]

Pink, Tula, and Angela Waters.  Quilt with Tula and Angela:  A Start-to-Finish Guide to Piecing and Quilting Using Color and Shape.  Fons & Porter, 2016.  192 pages.  Book #3030.  (Each of the 11 chapters of this book pairs a color with a shape.  The book contains 17 quilt designs and 42 quilt design motifs, as well as tips on choosing fabrics.)

Popa, Julie. A Fresh Look at Seasonal Quilts.  Martingale.  2006.  96 pages.  Book #1589.  (Popa gives directions here for four or five quilts or other projects for each season of the year.  Patterns included.)  [Tag: Seasonal, Beyond Quilts]

Porcella, Yvonne.  Six Color World.  C&T Pub., 1997.  144 pages.  Book #0933.  (This book covers a variety of topics relating to color and fabric dyeing, and offers instructions for 4 quilts and 10 items of clothing.)  [Tags:  Color, Fabric Dyeing, Beyond Quilts]

Porter, Liz, and Marianne Fons.  American Country Scrap Quilts.  Rodale, 1995.  244 pages.  Book #1598.  (This book gives instructions for 31 projects, with an emphasis on traditional patterns.)  [United States, Scrap Quilts]

Porter, Liz, and Marianne Fons.  Quick Quilts from the Heart.  Oxmoor House, 1994.  176 pages.  Books #0922 and 3066.  (This book has instructions for dozens of quilts in 4 categories:  quilts for loved ones, group quilts, quilts for babies and children, and seasonal projects.)  [Tags:  Home and Family, Crib Quilts, Children, Seasonal]

Porter, Christine.  Tessellation Quilts:  Sensational Designs from Interlocking Patterns.  David & Charles, 2006.  121 pages.  Book #1654.  (After a brief introduction to tessellation, instructions for 9 projects are given, followed by a gallery.)  [Tags:  Tessellation]

Portfolio 22:  The Art Quilt Sourcebook.  SAQA, 2015.  235 pages.  Book #1962A.  (A gallery of 230 art quilts from the United States and 17 other countries.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Gallery]

Poster, Donna.  Block Beauty Quilts.  AQS, 2009.  95 pages.  Book #3087.  (Each of the 5 chapters of this book gives basics and variations for one pattern, presented in order from easiest to most challenging.)

Poster, Donna.  Stars Galore and Even More:  Speed-Cut Quilt Designs Using Hexagons and Octagons.  Chilton, 1995.  182 pages.  Book #3147.  (This older, mostly black and white book contains a wealth of information on designing and creating quilts with hexagons and octagons.)

Potter, Linda.  Quilt & Embellish in One Step!  C&T Pub., 2004.  96 pages.  Book #1545.  (The author shares here her methods of embellishing and hand quilting at the same time.  She guides readers through the decorative stitches she uses and provides 4 quilting projects and a gallery.)  [Tags:  Hand Quilting, Embellishment]

Pullen, Martha, Ed.  Applique:  Martha’s Favorites.  Martha Pullen, 1991.  96 pages + patterns.  Book #3233.  (This mostly black and white book has 38 easily copied designs for applique on quilts, tea towels and children’s clothing—a wide variety of images from ballet shoes to playful animals to nursery rhyme characters to seasonal images.  Also included are clothing patterns for aprons, a girl’s jumper, a boy’s suit, and alphabet applique designs.)  [Beyond Quilts, Children, Applique, Alphabet]

Quilting Arts Magazine.  Spring 2005. 114 pages.  Book #QA1.  (Contains articles on embellishment, no-wax batik, quilted clothing, and more.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Beyond Quilts, Gallery, Periodical]

Quilting:  Patchwork and Applique.  DK, 2014.  320 pages.  Book #3091.  (A comprehensive guide for the beginning quilter, in four parts.  There are instructions for “Getting started,” followed by extensive information on patchwork blocks, then instructions for different methods of applique, and finally a section of “Things to make.”  [Tags:  Beginner]

Quilting by Machine.  Cy DeCosse, 1990.  128 pages.  Book #1959.  (Detailed and still useful guide to machine quilting.)

QuiltSkills:  Workshops from the Quilters’ Guild Australia.  That Patchwork Place, 1997.  96 pages.  Book #0806.  (The 11 workshops in this book each tackle a different quilting technique.)  [Tags:  Regional, Australia]

Ramsey, Bets, and Gail Andrews Trechsel.  Southern Quilts:  A New View.  EPM, 1991.  96 pages.  Book #0615.  (A catalog from an exhibition of Southern quilts, this book has three sections.  The first in an illustrated discussion of traditional quilts in the South, the second shows modern departures from these traditions, and the third profiles the artists who made the quilts.)  [Tags:  Regional, Southern, History]

Randle, Barbara.  Barbara Randle’s Crazy Quilting with Attitude.  Krause, 2003.  128 pages.  Book #1531.  (The first five chapters of this book show how to crazy quilt and suggest fabrics and embellishments.  The remaining 9 chapters give instructions for small projects, mostly pillows and handbags.)  [Tags:  Crazy Quilting, Beyond Quilting]

Randle, Barbara.  Barbara Randle’s More Crazy Quilting with Attitude.  KP Books, 2005.  128 pages.  Book #1941.  (The author briefly describes 3 methods for crazy quilting, discusses embellishments, and gives instructions for dozens of projects, from handbags to clothing to home décor.)  [Tags:  Home Décor, Beyond Quilting, Clothing, Crazy Quilting]

Rasmussen, Anne-Pia Godske.  Flower Power Patchwork.  Search:  2011.  120 pages.  Book #1848.  (This book offers numerous small projects—apron, pincushion, placemat, etc.  Patterns for a few simple shapes are included.  Originally published in Denmark.)  [Beyond Quilts, Beginner]

Rauen, Sheila Haynes. Sassy Cats Purr-felt Craft Projects.  Martingale & Company, 2000.  112 pages.  Book #1779.  (This book is more craft book than quilt book.  Techniques include silk painting, appliqué for felt and cotton, free motion embroidery and quilting, painting wood, and painting glass.  All the projects are, of course, cat themed!)

Reis, Sherry.  Basic Quiltmaking Techniques for Eight-Pointed Stars.  That Patchwork Place, 1999.  95 pages.  Book #3027.  (The author promises to teach quilters “how to stitch near-perfect stars, with flat centers and points that meet.”  Several techniques for piecing and 7 projects are included.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Stars]

Reis, Sherry.  Basic Quiltmaking Techniques for Divided Circles.  That Patchwork Place, 1998.  79 pages.  Book #0328.  (The techniques in this book are for patchwork circles that have been divided into wedges.  Design tips are included, along with 5 projects for various types of divided circles.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Circles, Dresden Plate]

Relei, Carolyn.  Marine Animals Stained Glass Pattern Book.  Dover, 1992.  60 pages.  Book #1580.  (Patterns for numerous fish, birds, and other sea animals.  No directions.)  [Tags:  Birds, Fish, Animals]

Renaud, Karin.  Quilts from the Heart:  Quick Projects for Generous Giving.  That Patchwork Place, 2006.  96 pages.  Book #1734.  (The inspiration for this book is the rapid production of quilts to donate to charities.  Instructions for 20 quilts are included.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Patchwork]

Renaud, Karin.  Quilts from the Heart II.  That Patchwork Place, 2009.  95 pages.  Book #1703.  (After a section on quilt making basics, the author gives instructions for 18 quilts.  The emphasis here is on making quilts to reflect things happening in the quilt-maker’s life.)  [Tags:  Home and Family]

Reynolds, Andi Milam, Ed.  Purses, Bags & Totes:  Moya’s Workshop.  AQS, 2012.  79 pages + CD.  Book #3187.  (Instructions for 10 bags of various sizes, with patterns on CD.)  [Beyond Quilts]

Reynolds, Bethany S.  Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts.  AQS, 1998.  111 pages.  Book #1217.  (This book tells how to make kaleidoscope type quilts by stacking fabric before cutting.  The focus is on quilts made from diamond and triangle shapes.)  [Tags:  Kaleidoscope Quilts; Stack-n-Whack Quilts]

Reynolds, Bethany S.  Stack-n-Whackier Quilts.  AQS, 2001.  135 pages.  Book #1253.  (This book explains the “stack-n-whack” method of cutting, gives design ideas, and contains instructions for 12 quilts.)  [Tags:  Stack-n-Whack Quilts]

Rhodes, Peggy G., and Julia C. Wood.  Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts.  AQS, 2013.  79 pages.  Book #1870.  (The “quick and easy” part of this book is a method of creating hexagons from circles.  The 12 projects range from beginner to advanced.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Hexagons]

Richards, Rhonda, Ed.  Great American Quilts, Book Eleven.  Oxmoor House, 2003.  144 pages.  Book #1794.  (This book has 5 sections, the first a tribute to 1930’s quilts.  Photos and instructions are given for 25 quilts by quilters from 20 states.)  [Tags:  United States]

Richards, Rhonda, Ed.  Memory Quilts in the Making.  Oxmoor House, 1999.  160 pages.  Book #3039.  (This book has instructions for dozens of projects, grouped by technique.  There are signature quilts, photo transfer quilts, memorabilia quilts, and more.)  [Tags:  Family, Memory Quilts, Signature Quilts]

Richards, Rhonda, Ed.  Quick Cozy Flannel Quilts.  Oxmoor, 1999.  64 pages.  Book #1738.  (The book is divided into two topics—tips and techniques for working with flannel and directions for making 14 quilts.  [Tags:  Fabric, Flannel, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Ricucci, Tonya.  Word Play Quilts:  Easy Techniques from the Unruly Quilter.  That Patchwork Place, 2010.  64 pages.  Book #1898.  (This book shows how to make letters and numbers from strips without using a ruler.  Three projects are included.)  [Tags:  Applique]

Roberts, Barbara.  Decoupage Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 1995.  48 pages.  Book #0107.  (An introduction to decoupage quilts, with instructions and patterns for 7 small projects.)  [Tags:  Applique]

Roberts, Barbara. Quilts for Girls and Boys.  Martingale, 2000. 79 pages.  Book #0206.  (This book has 10 projects that are designed for children.  There are hand quilting, freezer paper, and fusible appliqué techniques.  These projects can be adapted for boys and girls.  Also gives ideas on personalizing the quilts with hair color, skin tone, etc.)

Robson, Shelley Lynne.  Seeing Stars:  16 Quilted Projects.  That Patchwork Place, 2005.  96 pages.  2 copies.  Books #1771 and 3044.  (This book is conceived as a block-of-the-month project, with several lessons teaching how to make different star blocks.  There are bonus projects along the way, and all the blocks put together make a quilt featuring stars.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Stars]

Rogers, Janet, Ed.  Visions:  Quilt Art.  C&T Pub., 1996.  88 pages.  Book #0616.  (A gallery of selected quilts from the 1996 San Diego Visions quilt show.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Galleries]

Rolfe, Margaret.  Go Wild with Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 1993.  96 pages.  Book #3071.  (This book shows how to foundation piece 14 North American birds and animals turn the blocks into quilts.)  [Tags:  Piecing, Animals, Regional]

Rolfe, Margaret.  Quilt a Koala:  Australian Animals and Birds in Patchwork.  That Patchwork Place, 2000.  Book #3045.  (Instructions for quilts incorporating 18 different Australian animals.)  [Tags:  Australia, Regional, Animals, Patchwork]

Rolfe, Margaret, and Jenny Bowker.  The Magic of Quiltmaking:  A Beginner’s Guide.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  160 pages.  Book #1825.  (This full-color guide for the beginning quilt maker follows the process from tool selection to design and includes instructions for 10 quilts, mostly patchwork.)  [Tags:  Beginner]

Root, Elizabeth.  Hawaiian Quilting:  Instructions and Full-Size Patterns for 20 Blocks.   Dover, 1989.  48 pages.  Book #0110.(With only 4 pages of instructions, the main draw of this book is the selection of patterns for Hawaiian quilts.)  [Tags:  Regional, Hawaii]

Root, Elizabeth.  Menehune Quilts . . . the Hawaiian Way.  N.P.:  Erdhi Pub., 2001.  108 pages.  Book #1431.  (Here Root presents 20 original designs for Hawaii quilts, with tips on construction.  Each design is illustrated with a small pattern and color photo.)  [Tags:  Regional, Hawaii]

Rose, Scarlett.  Celtic Style Floral Applique:  Designs Using Interlaced Scrollwork.  AQS, 1994.  127 pages.  Book #0105.  (In 9 chapters Rose explains the process for making a Celtic Style quilt.  Six quilt projects are given, with drawings showing placement of appliques and full sized patterns.)  [Tags:  Regional, Ireland, Celtic, Applique, Flowers]

Rossmann, Aie.  Affairs of the Heart:  Applique Masterpieces.  AQS, 2004.  95 pages.  Book #1546.  (This book shows how to make 36 different blocks, all with a heart motif.  These blocks are then united into a sampler quilt.)  [Tags:  Applique, Hearts]

Rotz, Sharon V.  Serge & Merge Quilts.  Krause, 2009.  128 pages + 35 minute DVD.  Book #1876.  (The author explains how to use a serger to make quilts with 4 methods and 14 projects.)  [Tags:  Machine Quilting, Serger, DVD]

Rymer, Lyle, and Lynn Koolish.  More Photo Fun:  Exciting New Ideas for Printing on Fabric for Quilts & Crafts.  C&T Pub., 2005.  64 pages.  Book #1554.  (This book, produced by Hewlett-Packard, gives ideas for photo special effects in fabric printing.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Photos, Beyond Quilts]

Rymer, Cyndy Lyle.  Quilts for Guys:  15 Fun Projects for your Favorite Fella.  C&T Pub., 2001.  82 pages.  Book # (The quilt projects in this book have themes, images and colors meant to appeal to men.)  [Tags:  Family, Men]

Sabel, Bonnie, and Louis-Philippe O’Donnell.  Positively Postcards:  Quilted Keepsakes to Save or Send.  That Patchwork Place, 2007.  96 pages.  Book #1871. (The author suggests that decorative “postcards”—miniature quilts measuring 4”x6” are a perfect way to take a break from making a large quilt and use up interesting bits of fabric and thread.  An extensive gallery is included.)  [Art Quilts, Miniature Quilts}

Safford, Carleton L., and Robert Bishop.  America’s Quilts and Coverlets.  Bonanza, 1985.  314 pages.  Book #3161.  (This historical survey of American quilts from the 1800’s through the early 1970’s discusses quilts in 15 categories and contains more than 500 photographs, mostly black and white.)  [United States, History]

Sanabria-Friederich, Patricia.  Mosaic Tile Quilts.  Landaur, 2013.  64 pages.  Book #3158.  (The 9 quilting projects here are inspired by historic mosaic tile floors in Costa Rica.)  [Regional, Historical Influences]

Sashiko:  Traditional Japanese Quilt Designs.  Nihon Vogue, 1989.  42 pages.  Book #1963.  (A book of designs for whole cloth quilting and embroidery using traditional Japanese motifs.)  [Tags:  Regional, Japan, Quilting, Design]

Sassaman, Jane A.  The Quilted Garden.  C&T Pub., 2000.  128 pages.  Book #1872.  (This book traces the creative life of the author, and features photos of her studio, inspirations from plants in nature, and a gallery of her quilts.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Flowers, Design]

Schaefer, Kim.  Flower Festival:  50 Applique Blocks to Grow Your Garden.  C&T Pub., 2009.  87 pages.  Book #1782.  (This book gives photos and instructions for 50 floral and insect themed blocks, and suggests 9 quilt projects for the blocks.)  [Applique, Flowers]

Schamber, Sharon, and Cristy Fincher.  Piece by Piece Machine Applique.  AQS, 2007.  95 pages.  Book #1655.  (This book has three sections.  First, the authors discuss various types of machine applique and offer tips.  Second, detailed instructions and patterns are given for making Schamber’s quilt, “Scarlet Serenade.”  Finally, there is a gallery of appliqued quilts.)  [Tags:  Applique]

Schmidt, Holly L.  336 Ten-Minute Quilt Blocks.  Sterling, 1999.  128 pages.  Book #1800.  (Techniques explored in this book include easy versions of foundation piecing, fusible applique, and embellishment.  The author warns that the 10 minute blocks described here are not meant for quilts that will be handled often or laundered.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Schmitz, Kathy.  Simple Pleasures in Redwork.  Leisure Arts, 2011.  52 pages + patterns.  Book #1961.  (This book gives instructions for 10 small projects and includes illustrations for embroidery stitches.)  [Tags:  Color, Embroidery, Beyond Quilts]

Schneider, Sally, Ed.  Sensational Sets & Borders.  Rodale, 1998.  128 pages.  Book #1597.  (The author describes 7 types of block arrangement, and advises readers on “painless” and “perfectly mitered” borders.)  [Tags:  Settings, Borders, Beginner]

Schwartz, Liz, and Stephen Seifert.  Birds of a Feather:  A Gathering of Geese.  Zippy Designs, 1999.  16 pages.  Book #1106.  (Instructions for three quilts featuring geese and the flying geese block.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Flying Geese]

Schwartz, Liz, and Stephen Seifert.  The Foundation Piecer.  Vol. 1.  Zippy Designs, 2000.  144 pages.  Book #3056.  (Contains basic instructions for foundation piecing and instructions for 29 projects.)  [Tags:  Foundation Piecing]

Schwartz, Liz, and Stephen Seifert.  Paper Piecing the Seasons:  Foundation Piecing from Easy to Expert.  Martingale, 1998.  112 pages.  Book #1104.  (After 15 pages of basic directions, this book contains 12 quilt and wall-hanging projects, three for each season of the year.)  [Tags:  Seasonal, Foundation Piecing]

Schwartz, Liz, and Stephen Seifert.  Stained Glass Quilts.  ZDP Media, 2004.  61 pages.  Book #1558.  (This book shows how to make quilts resembling stained glass using foundation piecing.  Instructions for 36 blocks are given, along with advice on fabric selection and the foundation piecing technique.)  [Tags:  Stained Glass Quilts, Foundation Piecing]

Scott, Elizabeth.  The ABC’s of Words on Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2007.  78 pages.  Book #3088.  (This book gives instructions for applique and embroidery lettering, with patterns for 6 alphabet styles and directions for 8 projects using letters.)  [Tags:  Alphabetic Letters]

Scouler, Larraine.  Quilting Back to Front:  Fun & Easy No-Mark Techniques.  C&T Pub., 2001.  64 pages.  Book #1553.  (This book expands on an easy and novel technique for quilting—using the design on the fabric backing as the quilting pattern.  No need for markings or patterns with this technique.  Fabric selection is important, and the author has a good discussion of this.)

Scrap Lap Quilts.  Leisure Arts, 1997.  128 pages.  Book #1801.  (This book offers instructions and patterns for 18 lap quilts, using scraps.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts]

Sebrow, Sharon.  Kaleidoscope the Smart Way.  AQS, 2009.  95 pages.  Book #1851.  (The author of this book aims to make the kaleidoscope quilt, and its intersecting points, easier to make.  The book includes a kaleidoscope “smart plate” and instructions for 13 quilts.)  [Tags:  Kaleidoscope Quilts]

Seely, Ann, and Joyce Stewart.  Color Magic for Quilters.  Rodale, 1997.  256 pages.  Book #3121.  (This book gives tips on what colors go together and fabric selection.  Instructions for 13 colorful quilts are included.)

Serrao, John and Poakalani.  Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns & Designs.  Vol. One.  Mutual Pub., 1999.  54 pages.  Book #3049.  (Contains 15 block patterns for 18” cushions.  What sets this black and white book apart are the diagrams showing how to fold, cut and quilt designs.)  [Tags:  Hawaiian, Regional, Beyond Quilts]

Seward, Linda.  The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting.  Sixth&spring, 2014.  256 pages.  Book #1894.  (This book includes sections on surface design, patchwork, applique, quilting, embellishing and finishing.  Each of the eight chapters contains detailed instructions on technique and numerous illustrations.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts]

Sew Quick Scrap Quilts.  Leisure Arts, 1997.  95 pages.  Book #3156.  (Instructions for 14 scrap quilts.)

Shackelford, Anita, and Jennifer Perdue.  Teens & Tweens:  Quilting Fun with Family and Friends.  AQS, 2009.  103 pages.  Book #3142.  (A book for multi-generational projects, here are 17 easy projects for accessories, clothing, home décor, and quilts and much good advice for getting children ages 4-17 involved in sewing.)

Sham, Lohani, and Barbara Macay, Eds.  Australian Spirit:  Designer Projects to Quilt, Fuse and Sew.  M&S Textiles, 2010.  116 pages.  Book #3031.  (This book gives instructions for 9 projects by Australian quilt makers and an extensive gallery of quilts.  Patterns for common Australian animals, 2 pages illustrating traditional Aborigine motifs, and 10 pages of Australian fabrics are included.)  [Tags:  Australia, Regional]

Shay, Joan.  Petal by Petal:  Appli-bond Flowers.  AQS, 1998.  63 pages.  Book #0126.  (This book shows how to create 12 types of appliqued flowers by bonding two pieces of fabric together.)  [Applique]

Shifrin, Laurie J.  Batiks and Beyond:  Quilts from Fabulous Fabrics.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  111 pages.  Book #1803.  (There are brief discussions of choosing and mixing batiks, and of basic quilt making, but the bulk of this book is devoted to instructions for making 11 quilts with batik fabric.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Batik, Patchwork]

Shirley, Shannon Gingrich.  Celebrate the Day with Quilts:  An Art Quilt Challenge.  Schiffer, 2014.  127 pages.  Book #1899.  (This book shows the results of a challenge in which 72 quilters made small quilts in celebration of a holiday or special day on the calendar.)  [Tags:  Art Quilt, Seasonal]

Shore, Debbie.  Tote Bags.  Search Press, 2018.  96 pages + templates.  Book #3203.  (This “Build a Bag Book” contains patterns and templates for 15 projects, with variations.)

Shrader, Valerie Van Arsdale, Ed.  Twelve by Twelve:  The International Art Quilt Challenge.  Lark Crafts, 2011.  176 pages.  Book #1783.  (This book shows the results of a challenge to 12 quilters to construct 12×12” art quilts representing 12 themes.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Gallery]

Sienkiewicz, Elly.  Applique 12 Borders & Medallions!  C&T Pub., 1994.  80 pages.  Book #0102.  (This book is mostly made up of full sized patterns.)  [Tags:  Applique]

Sienkiewicz, Elly.  Applique 12 Easy Ways!  C&T Pub., 1991.  80 pages.  Book #0127.  (This book is dated but gives good information for the beginning applique quilter.  Instructions for 10 methods of applique with 29 quilted projects.  Book is mostly black and white and patterns are small.)  [Tags:  Applique, Beyond Quilts]

Sienkiewicz, Elly.  Dimensional Applique.  C&T Pub., 1993.  176 pages.  Book #0123.  (A pattern companion to Volume II of Baltimore Beauties and Beyond.  The book is divided into 10 “lessons” in 3-dimensional applique, followed by 39 patterns.  While black-and-white and rather uninviting in appearance, the book gives useful instructions for making dimensional applique.)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers]

Simmons, Judy.  Creative Marbling on Fabric:  A Guide to Making One-of-a-Kind Fabrics.  Fiber Studio, 1999.  96 pages.  Book #1401.  (The author details the tools and process of marbling fabric, offers 7 variations and gives instructions for 7 projects.)  [Tags:  Fabric Dyeing, Marbling, Beyond Quilts]

Simms, Ami.  Classic Quilts:  Patchwork Designs from Ancient Rome.  Mallery Press, 1991.  144 pages.  Book #1778.  (This book has dozens of photos of tile and mosaic designs from Ancient Rome, followed by diagrams and patterns showing how to translate the tiles into quilts.)  [Tags:  Regional, Italy, Historical Influences]

Simms, Ami.  Creating Scrapbook Quilts.  Mallery Press, 1993.  54 pages.  Book #1978.  (The technology in this book is out of date, and there are few to no instructions for the pictured quilts.)  [Tags:  Family, Photo to Quilt]

Sinema, Laurene.  Applique!  Applique!  Applique!  Gualala, CA:  Quilt Digest Press, 1992.  224 pages.  Book #1679.  (This comprehensive book describes the basics of applique, followed by discussions of various applique stitches, and finishing with numerous examples of types of applique, and ways to finish the appliqued quilt.  A “Heart Sampler” quilt demonstrates 9 different ways to applique, and there are separate chapters detailing many of these.)  [Tags:  Applique, Folk Art]

Sisneros, Judy.  9-Patch Pizzazz:  Fast, Fun & Finished in a Day.  C&T Pub., 2006.  48 pages.  Book #1575.  (This book encourages readers to use large-scale prints in 9-patch designs.  Design guidelines and 6 projects are included.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, 9-Patch, Fast, Beginner]

Sitar, Edyta.  Hop To It!  Appliqued Blocks & Projects.  Landauer, 2009.  128 pages.  Book #3160.  (This book shows how to make 12 appliqued blocks with floral motifs and suggests 8 projects using the blocks.)

Sloan, Pat.  Crooked Cabin Quilts.  Leisure Arts, 2005.  44 pages.  Book #1757.  (An introduction to asymmetrical log cabins, this book takes readers step by step through the process.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Log Cabin, Beginner]

Sloppy, Evelyn.  40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2005.  160 pages.  Book #1592.  (The author gives instructions for 40 of her favorite traditional quilt designs.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

Smith, Barbara, and Shelley Hawkins, Eds.  Monkey Wrench:  New Quilts from an Old Favorite.  AQS, 2004.  95 pages.  Book #3142.  (Winners and finalists in the Museum of the American Quilter’s Association 2004 contest.)

Smith, Kerry I., Ed.  Dressed by the Best:  Wearable Art Projects by 10 Well-Known Designers.  That Patchwork Place, 1997.  95 pages + patterns.  Book #0504.  (Directions for 10 wardrobe items:  Jackets, vests, etc.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts, Clothing]

Smith, Leanne, and Carla Scott. Lady Bug & Friends Quilts.  Quilted Frog, 2011.  Pages.  Book #1917 + CD with pattern pieces.  (These quilts use the easy outline appliqué technique.  Projects include pillows, wall hangings, and small quilts.)

Smith, Lura Schwarz, and Kerby C. Smith.  Secrets of Digital Quilting—From Camera to Quilt.  C&T Pub., 2010.  95 pages.  Book #1906.  (Detailed here are 25 techniques and 8 projects on how to use photos in quilts.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Photos] 

Smith, Nancy, and Lynda Milligan.  Divide & Conquer!  Quilt it Your Way.  Possibilities, 2000.  88 pages.  Book #1417.  (This book instructs readers in 4 methods for dividing large quilts into smaller parts for easier quilting.  Included are 18 projects, with patterns.)  [Tags:  Quilting]

Smith, Nancy, and Lynda Milligan.  Simple to Sensational Batiks.  Possibilities, 2008.  47 pages.  Book #1702.  (This book has directions for making 14 colorful quilts from batik fabrics, for skill levels from beginner to intermediate to challenging.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Batik, Beginner]

Smith, Nancy, and Lynda Milligan.  Super Simple Strips.  Possibilities, 2005.  48 pages.  Book #1604.  (This book gives brief directions for making 18 quilts from strips.)  [Tags:  Precuts, Strips, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Snowfolk Friends.  k.p. kids & Co, 1998.  38 pages.  Book #0930.  (Patterns and directions for 27 snowman themed projects.  The book is in three parts.  Pages 1-16 are devoted to “quilted creations.”)  [Tags:  Seasonal, Christmas, Beyond Quilts]

Snyder, Karen.  Big-Print Quilts.  Krause, 2008.  111 pages.  Book #3145.  (This book gives instructions for “15 projects using large-scale fabrics.”)

Soebbing, Stephanie.  Fat Quarter Workshop:  12 Skill-Building Quilt Patterns.  Landauer, 2020.  96 pages.  Book #3199.  (After 21 pages of general information for the beginning quilter, the author offer a dozen quilt projects.)  [Quick and Easy, Precuts]

Solomon, Anita Grossman.  Make it Simpler Paper Piecing.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  128 pages.  Book #1875.  (This book describes a pinless “fold and sew” method for paper piecing, along with patterns and instructions for 33 different blocks.)  [Tags:  Paper Piecing]

Solomon, Anita Grossman.  Perfect Blocks in Minutes the Make It Simpler Way.  C&T Pub., 2004.  96 pages.  Book #1572.  (This book demonstrates a technique for making foundation pieced blocks.  Included are patterns for 60 traditional blocks.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Patchwork, Foundation Piecing]

Soltys, Karen Costello, Ed.  Warm Up to Wool:  Projects to Hook and Stitch.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  96 pages.  Book #1562.  (This book contains instructions for 7+ projects, from hooked rugs to lampshades.  Each of the 7 primary projects can be made as either a hook rug or a small quilt.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Wool, Beyond Quilts]

Soltys, Karen Costello, Ed.  Wedding Ring.  Rodale, 1995.  122 pages.  Book #3064.  (This book contains instructions for 12 wedding ring quilts of various sizes, followed by basics of both the wedding ring block and quilt making.)  [Tags:  Wedding Ring, Patchwork]

Speth, Pat.  More Nickel Quilts:  20 New Designs from 5-Inch Squares.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  112 pages.  Books #3127.  (Here are 22 pages of general instructions on making quilts from charm squares, followed by illustrated directions for 20 quilting projects.)  [Precuts, Scrap Quilts, Charms]

Speth, Pat, and Charlene Thode.  Nickel Quilts:  Great Designs from 5-Inch Scraps.  That Patchwork Place, 2002.  112 pages.  Book #1614.  (The authors advocate that quilters collect 5” charm squares from scraps, trading, or buying in sets and combine them to create quilts.  The first 26 pages are devoted to general instructions for quilting.  The 20 quilt patterns that follow are fully illustrated and categorized by “Beginner” or “Intermediate” skill level.)  [Tags:  Precuts, Scrap Quilts, Charms]

Springer, Dianne.  Scrap-O-Lator Quilts & More.  AQS, 2012.  79 pages.  1965.  (This book is divided into two parts, the first giving instructions for 7 colorful quilts, the second containing unusual projects for scraps that involve no sewing.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts]

Squire, Helen.  75 Quilting Patterns.  AQS, N.D.  63 pages.  Book #3202.

Squire, Helen.  Helen’s Copy & Use Quilting Patterns.  AQS, 2002.  143 pages.  Book #0337.  (Dozens of quilting patterns in 8 styles.)  [Tags:  Quilting, Patterns]

Stauffer, Jeanne, and Sandra L. Hatch, Eds.  365 Fun-to-Stitch Quilt Blocks.  House of White Birches, 2002.  224 pages.  Book #1642.  (Photos and instructions for blocks are interspersed with patterns and small projects.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Beginner]

Stauffer, Jeanne, and Sandra L. Hatch, Eds.  Beautiful Bargello:  How-to Instructions from Today’s Leading Bargello Designers.  White Birches, 2009.  48 pages.  Book #3235.  (The bargello quilts in this book are by 7 different quilt artists, and move from beginner to advanced projects.)  [Bargello]

Stauffer, Jeanne, and Sandra L. Hatch, Eds.  New Ways to Applique.  White Birches, 2003.  276 pages, Book #3251.  (It is hard to find “new” ways to applique, but the saving grace of this book is that it includes contributions from numerous quilters who use different applique methods and applications.  The 40 projects are divided into four sections, including children’s and Christmas themed quilts.)  [Children, Christmas, Seasonal]

Stauffer, Jeanne, Ed.  The Best of Scrap Quilting Made Easy.  House of White Birches, 1997.  House of White Birches, 2002.  96 pages.  Book #1790.  (This book offers 18 projects in 4 categories for quilts and other quilted items.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts, Beyond Quilts, Christmas, Seasonal]

Stauffer, Jeanne, Ed.  Creative Scraps:  Quilting with Bits and Pieces.  304 pages.  Book #1842.  (This book is remarkable for the number of quilting projects it offers, 67 in all, mostly quilts.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts, Crib Quilts, Christmas]

Stauffer, Jeanne, and Sandra L. Hatch, Eds.  Quilting for Busy Boomers.  House of White Birches, 2008.  176 pages.  Book #1841.  (This book covers a variety of topics and projects, the main theme being that quilting doesn’t have to be difficult.  Easy quilts for beginners, Christmas decorations, and home décor projects are included.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Beginner, Beyond Quilts]

Stauffer, Jeanne, and Sandra L. Hatch, Eds.  Weekend Scrap Quilting.  House of White Birches, 2004.  176 pages.  Book #1761.  (A book of 36 projects for scraps.  The editors claim that the quilt face for each of these can be completed in 20 hours.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts, Crib Quilts, Animals]

Strick, Candace Eisner.  The Quilter’s Quick Reference Guide.  That Patchwork Place, 2004.  144 pages.  Book #1567.  (This spiral-bound book is a reference to some of the most common quilting topics, in 13 chapters.)  [Tags:  Beginner, Reference]

Stuart, Trish.  Quilt Art:  Curves Made Easy.  Twisted Threads, 2003.  16 pages.  Book #1601.  (Most of this book consists of a full sized pattern.  There are a few pages on sewing with curves and fabric painting, plus directions for two quilts.)  [Tags:  Curves, Fabric Painting]  Note:  Loose pages.  Needs repair.

Stuart, Trish.  Quilt Art:  More Quilts to Color.  Self Published, 2003.  56 pages.  Book #1600.  (Most of this book is in black and white, with small diagrams followed by full size patterns.  However, the central section describes—in color—how to color fabrics with crayons and ink.)  [Tags:  Fabric Dyeing]

Sudo, Kumiko.  Circles of the East:  Quilt Designs from Ancient Japanese Family Crests.  Quilt Digest, 1997.  129 pages.  Book #0801.  (The first 25 pages of this book explain the subject matter.  Following are 30 quilt designs derived from ancient family crests, plus patterns.)  [Tags:  Regional, Japan, Historical Influences]

Sudo, Kumiko.  East Quilts West.  Quilt Digest, 1992.  199 pages.  Book #3159.  (This book gives photographs, diagrams and brief instructions for 52 blocks, with complete instructions for 8 quilts.

Sudo, Kumiko.  Fabled Flowers:  Innovative Quilt Patterns Inspired by Japanese Sashiko and Origami Traditions.  Quilt Digest, 1997.  139 pages.  Book #0803.  (This book includes designs and directions for 30 quilt blocks using Japanese inspired folded fabrics and decorative quilting.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Applique, Regional, Japan]

Sudo, Kumiko.  Fantasies & Flowers:  Origami in Fabric for Quilters.  Quilt Digest, 2000.  135 pages.  Book #0805.  (In this book, the author combines the arts of flower arrangement and quilting, using folded fabric to create 3D abstract flowers.  A guide to creating 30 different plants and flowers is given, along with full assembly instructions for six quilts.)  [Tags:  Flowers, Regional, Japan, Applique]

Sudo, Kumiko.  Kake-Jiku:  Images of Japan in Applique, Fabric Origami, and Sashiko.  Elmhurst, IL:  Breckling, 2006.  160 pages.  Book #1584.  (After an introductory section the book is divided into images reflecting the seasons of the year, with three or four quilt patterns given for each season.)  [Tags:  Regional, Seasonal, Applique, Japan]

Swain, Gabrielle.  Applique in Bloom.  That Patchwork Place, 1994.  96 pages.  Book #3144.  (This older, mostly black and white book contains a lot of information helpful in creating floral applique bouquets and borders and includes full-sized patterns.)

Swain, Gabrielle.  From a Quilter’s Garden:  A Fresh Crop of Applique Designs.  That Patchwork Place, 1996.  115 pages.  Book #0109.  (This book gives general directions for constructing an appliqued quilt, followed by more than 2 dozen photos and block making instructions for various images of fruits and vegetables.)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers, Plants]

Taylor, Emily.  Collage Quilter:  Essentials for Success with Collage Quilts.  2nd ed.  Collage Quilter, 2021.  101 pages.  Book #3256.  (Introduction to color theory and supplies for the collage quilter, plus instructions and patterns for four projects using two different collage methods.)  [Collage]

Tendall, Mary, and Connie Tesene.  We Made It Through the Winter.  Country Threads.  1995.  72 pages.  Book #0945.   (21 winter themed quilts and other projects in 4 chapters.)  [Tags:  Seasonal, Beyond Quilts]

Terry, Sally.  Pathways from Quilt Top to Quilted.  AQS, 2011.  111 pages.  Book # 1784.  (In 10 sections, this book provides a wealth of tips and information to help readers successfully quilt their quilt tops.  The first topic is “Avoid Trouble from the Start,” and from there the author discusses using stencils and templates, leaders, borders, specialty work and much more.)  [Tags:  Quilting]

The Great American Quilt Revival.  Bonesteelfilms, DVD, 2005.  (This public TV documentary film shows quilter Georgia Bonesteel interviewing a dozen prominent quilters, telling “the story of how quilts came to be recognized as works of art and how the craft of quilting has exploded into popular culture.”  The program itself is 1 hour long, and 45 minutes of deleted scenes and other additional footage are included.)

Thompson, Patsy.  Fast and Free!  Vol. 0.5.  Heartbeat Quilting, 2008.  DVD.  #1925. (This is a beginner’s guide to free-motion quilting.  Running time is 129 minutes.)  [Tags:  Quilting, DVD]

Thompson, Patsy.  Free Motion Fun with Feathers!  Vol. 1.  Heartbeat Quilting, 2006.  DVD. #1926. (A machine quilter’s guide to feather motifs.  Running time 126 minutes.)  [Tags:  Machine Quilting, Feathers]

Thompson, Patsy.  Free Motion Fun with Vines and Leaves!  Vol. 1.  Heartbeat Quilting, 2007.  DVD.  #1927. (A guide to creating vine and leaf motifs with free motion quilting.  Runs 123 minutes.)

Tims, Ricky.  Convergence Quilts:  Mysterious, Magical, Easy and Fun.  C&T Pub., 2003.  80 pages.  Book #1582.  (A profile of the author and his work, a gallery of his quilts, and 4 projects with patterns and instructions.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Gallery]

Tims, Ricky.  Ricky Timms Presents Grand Finale.  Autumn Rock, 2005.  DVD.  122+ minutes.  #1618.  (This DVD presents “fine machine quilting and finishing techniques.”)  [Tags:  Machine Quilting, Binding, DVD]

(The author demonstrates free-form piecing, taking quilters “back in time where rulers, templates and quarter-inch seams are still in the future.  Directions for 1 wall quilt are included.)  [Tags:  Free-form Piecing, DVD]

Time Saving Quilts with 2-1/2” Strips.  Annie’s:  2020.  48 pages.  Book #3230.  (Instructions for 9 easy quilts made with precut strips.  [Precuts, Jelly Rolls, Quick and Easy, Beginner]

Tomaszewski, Cynthia.  Garden Party:  Applique Quilts That Bloom.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  128 pages.  Book #3154.  (After 30 pages of basic quilt making instructions, this book offers instructions for 12 floral applique quilts.)

Torrence, Lorraine.  Design Essentials:  The Quilter’s Guide.   Martingale, 1998.  96 pages.  Book #0306.  (This book gives information on designing an original quilt.  Included is a chapter on “problem quilts.”)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Design, Gallery]

Townswick, Jane.  Artful Applique II.  That Patchwork Place, 2009.  112 pages.  Book #3265.  (This book shows how to make 12 projects corresponding to 12 different flowers, using Townswick’s “Scraplique” method of applique.  Patterns and a gallery of quilts are included.)  [Applique, Flowers]

Townswick, Jane.  Color-Based Applique.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  127 pages.  Book #0130.  (This author uses color blending to make floral appliques of many different shades.  She gives instructions for quilt blocks of 12 floral varieties.)  [Tags:  Applique, Flowers, Color]

Townswick, Jane, Ed.  Easy Machine Quilting.  Rodale, 1998.  248 pages.  Book #3099.  (This book is presented in the form of 12 “lessons” in machine quilting, given by 9 expert machine quilters.  A dozen projects are included.)  [Tags:  Machine Quilting, Beginner]

Trestain, Eileen Jahnke.  Dating Fabrics:  A Color Guide 1800-1960.  AQS, 1998.  207 pages.  Book #1520.  (This is a useful reference book for quilt collectors and for those who want to use historically accurate reproduction fabrics.  There is an introduction to each historical period, beginning with the pre-1830s, followed by extensive photos of fabric swatches found during each period.)  [Tags:  Fabric, History, Color]

Triangle Tricks:  One Easy Unit, Dozens of Gorgeous Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2003.  79 pages.  (The 10 projects in this book are all based on “Mary’s Triangle,” a combination Flying Goose and Shaded Four Patch.)

Turner, Jayne.  Little Traditional Quilts.  Chitra, 2000.  32 pages.  Book #3126.   (Patterns and instructions for 18 miniature quilts.)

Vagts, Carolyn S.  Learn to Make Quilting Mug Rugs.  Annie’s Quilting, 1993.  48 pages + patterns.  Book #1993.  (This book gives instructions and patterns for 30 appliques with 8 backgrounds.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts]

Vagts, Carolyn S.  Learn to Quilt with Panels:  Turn Any Fabric Panel into a Unique Quilt.  Annie’s Quilting, 2014.  80 pages.  Book #1901.  (The author shows how to design and make quilts using panels and cheater cloth.)  [Tags:  Panels, Cheater Fabric, Design]

Vagts, Carolyn S., Ed.  The Scrap Sensation.  Quilter’s World, Fall, 2012.  Periodical.  114 pages.  Book #3015.  (This publication of Quilter’s World magazine contains instructions for “25+ scrap-friendly projects.”)  [Scrap Quilts, Periodical]

Vosters, Wendy.  Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 2007.  80 pages.  Book #1746. (Instructions for 17 miniature quilts.)  [Paper Piecing, Miniature Quilts, Christmas]

Wagner, Debra.  All Quilt Blocks Are Not Square.  Chilton, 1995.  166 pages.  Book #3128.  (This book gives tips and instructions for pieced hexagons, triangles, curves and whole cloth blocks and quilts.)

Waldman, Joan Sjuts.  Flower Patterns to Applique, Paint, and Embroider.  AQS, 2000.  111 pages.  Book #3141.  (Patterns and instructions for detailing flowers with paint and machine embroidery.)

Walker, Felicity.  Rag Quilting for Beginners.  Creative Commons, 2015.  46 pages.  Book #3176.  (Steps in making rag quilts plus instructions for 3 projects.)

Walner, Hari.  Exploring Machine Trapunto.  C&T Pub., 1999.  112 pages.  Book #1403.  (A comprehensive introduction to the “stuffed technique” of trapunto, for both hand and machine quilting.   First, the basics of trapunto are explained.  Second, the reader is given 7 “ideas” for trapunto projects.  Finally, there is an extensive gallery followed by a selection of patterns.)  [Quilting, Trapunto]

Walters, Angela.  Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters:  Choose & Use Quilting Designs for Modern Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2012.  119 pages.  Book #1857.  (This book focuses on quilting modern quilts and is in three parts:  Getting Started, The Designs, and Using the Designs in Modern Quilts.)  [Machine Quilting, Modern Quilts]

Walters, Angela.  Shape by Shape:  Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters.  C&T Pub., 2014.  128 pages.  Book #1893.  (This book shows readers how to quilt on blocks, in negative space, and on borders.  Dozens of quilting designs are shown, with step by step instructions for achieving them.

Sloan, Pat.  Tour Ireland with Pat Sloan.  Leisure Arts, 2007.  128 pages.  Book #1858.  (The premise of this book is that Sloan took a group of quilters to Ireland, then made quilts inspired by their visit.  The book is in two parts, first an account of the trip itself, then photos of and instructions for making 12 quilting projects inspired by the trip.)  [Tags:  Regional, Ireland]

Waldvogel, Merikay, Rosaline Webster Perry, and Marian Ann J. Montgomery.  The Quilters Hall of Fame:  42 Masters Who Have Shaped Our Art.  Voyageur, 2011.  208 pages.  Book #3258.  (This book honors 42 master quilters with brief biographies and photos of the quilters and several of their quilts.)  [History]

Warren, Elizabeth V.  Red & White Quilts:  Infinite Variety.  Skira Rizzoli, 2015.  352 pages.  Book #1930.  (A catalog of nearly 800 red and white quilts from the “Infinite Variety” exhibition in New York, all owned by a Long Island collector.)  [Tags:  Color, Gallery]

Warren, Judi.  Fabric Postcards.  AQS, 1994.  119 pages.  Book #0802.  (A book inspired by antique postcards and their translation into fabric.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Photos, Gallery]

Wasilowski, Laura.  Fusing Fun!  Fast Fearless Art Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2005.  80 pages.  Book #1568.  (A primer on fused art quilts with 7 projects, each illustrative of a different technique.)  [Tags:  Art quilts]

Wat, Rebecca.  Fantastic Fabric Folding.  C&T Pub., 2000.  96 pages.  Book #1964.  (In a variation of origami, this book shows how to fold fabric into flowers and pinwheels and incorporate folded fabrics into quilts.)  [Tags:  Folded Fabric, Flowers]

Weidman, Mary Lou.  Quilted Memories:  Celebrations of Life.  C&T Pub., 2001.  96 pages.  Book #1579.  (The author encourages readers to create “story quilts,” and provides instructions for 9 projects.)  [Tags:  Family, Memory Quilts]

Weiland, Barbara, Ed.  Oh!  Christmas Trees.  That Patchwork Place.  1994.  160 pages.  Book #1301.  (Directions for numerous stitched Christmas ornaments and accessories, categorized into five thematic types, such as “Victorian,” and “Americana.”)  [Tags: Beyond Quilts, Christmas]

Weiland, Barbara, Ed.  Quilted for Christmas:  Book III.   That Patchwork Place.  1996.  128 pages.  Book #1773.  (This book gives directions for 15 Christmas themed projects, each submitted by a different quilter.  Full-sized patterns included.)  [Tags: Christmas]

Weiss, Rita, Ed.  Log Cabin Quilt Show.  ASN, 1993.  60 pages.  Book #3170.  (This book gives instructions for 8 prize-winning log cabin wall hangings.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Log Cabin]

Wells, Valori.  Radiant New York Beauties:  14 Paper-Pieced Quilt Projects.  C&T Pub., 2003.  96 pages.  Book #1119.  (This book contains 14 quilting projects, from simple to complex, with “mini lessons” throughout.  Also included are photos giving inspiration from forms in nature, and suggested quilting motifs.)  [Tags:  Patchwork, Paper Piecing, New York Beauties]

Wessel, Diana Swim.  Inspiration Odyssey:  A Journey of Self-Expression in Quilts.  That Patchwork Place, 1996.  95 pages.  Book #0611.  (This book offers help with every stage of art quilt design and creation, from fabric selection to problem solving.  A “Design Library” of line drawings, quilting patterns and color palettes is included.)  [Tags:  Art quilts, Design, Gallery]

Wheeler, Beth.  Next Steps in Altered Photo Artistry.  C&T Pub., 2009.  79 pages+CD.  Book #3149.  (Using Photoshop and computer effects to transform images for fabric.)

White, Betz.  Sewing Green:  25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials.  Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2009.  143 pages + patterns.  Book #3089.  (Tips on choosing and preparing recycled materials are followed by instructions for projects.  The projects are clothing and accessories intended to avoid waste in textiles and other materials.)  [Tags:  Fabric, Beyond Quilts]

Wiener, Leni Levenson.  Photo-Inspired Art Quilts:  From Composition to Finished Piece.  Krause, 2009.  125 pages + DVD.  Book #3033.  (Every page in the first 5 chapters of this book makes a point about art quilting, design, or the process of creating a fabric collage.   Chapter 6 offers 10 examples of photos or paintings made into quilts, along with a photo of the quilt based on that photo.  A 33 minute DVD is included.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Design, DVD]

Wiener, Leni Levenson.  Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook:  Secrets to Capturing Your Photos in Fabric.  C&T Pub., 2014.  127 pages.  Book #1905.  (The book has three parts.  First is a selection guide for colors and fabrics.  Next is the process for making a quilt from a photo.  Third is a section of “Tips and Tricks” for working with landscapes, animals, and people.  The book concludes with directions for an “Afghan Girl Project.”)  [Tags:  Art Quilts, Landscapes, Animals, Photos]

Wilder, Donna.  Quilted Safari:  A Menagerie of Patchwork and Applique.  FPC Media, 1997.  40 pages.  Book #1811.  (Contains patterns, suggested fabric choices and brief instructions for the construction of 12 animal applique shapes.  Four small animal themed projects are included.)  [Tags:  Applique, Animals]

Wilens, Patricia.  America’s Heritage Quilts.  Meredith, 1991.  320 pages.  Book #1972.  (This book “celebrates the significance of quiltmaking throughout American history with 70 projects for quiltmakers of all skill levels.”  Quilts from 1800-1991 are shown.)  [Tags:  United States, History]

Wilens, Patricia.  Ed.  Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns.  Oxmoor House, 2001.  368 pages.  Book #1946.  (This book contains photos, patterns and instructions for 101 classic quilts, both patchwork and applique.) [Tags:  Patchwork, Applique, History]

Wilens, Patricia.  Merry Christmas Quilts.  Oxmoor House.  1995.  48 pages.  Book #1763.  (Directions for 10 seasonal projects.) [Tags: Christmas]

Wilens, Patricia, Ed.  Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts.  Leisure Arts, 1995. 160 pages.  Book #1799.  (A collection of instructions for 32 quilts and quilted projects, followed by a step-by-step introduction to making a quilt.)  [Tags:  Scrap Quilts]

Wilens, Patricia, Ed.  Relax and Quilt.  Oxmoor House, 1998.  144 pages.  Book #0928.  (This book focuses on the stress-reducing practice of quilting.  Quick and easy quilt instructions are given, as well as 20 pages of general instructions for the beginner.)  [Tags:  Beginner, Quick and Easy]

Wilens, Patricia, Ed.  Scrap Quilts:  Fast and Fun.  Oxmoor, 1997.  160 pages.  Book #3143.  (Similar to Wilens’ Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts, but with different quilt designs and more detailed instructions.)

Wilkinson, Rosemary, Ed.  The Weekend Quilter:  25+ Fabulous Quilts to Make in a Weekend.  Landauer, 2019.  192 pages.  Book #3198.  (This book includes twenty pages of “Quick Quilt Techniques” and projects in four categories.  [Quick and Easy]

Williams, Beth Ann.  Celtic Quilts:  A New Look for Ancient Designs.  That Patchwork Place, 2000.  96 pages.  Book #1819.  (The first third of this book presents thorough instructions for making Celtic inspired quilts.  The remainder of the book gives directions for 12 quilting projects.)  [Tags:  Regional, Celtic, Irish]

Williamson, Jeanne.  The Uncommon Quilter:  Small Art Quilts Created with Paper, Plastic, Fiber, and Surface Design.  Random House, 2007.  159 pages.  Book #1645.  (This book is organized by materials—plastic, paper, fiber, and surface design, with 12-15 projects per section.)  [Tags:  Art Quilts]

Wiseman, Nancie M.  Start with a Sweatshirt, Sew a Stylish Jacket.  That Patchwork Place, 2008.  32 pages.  Book #3239.  (Instructions for 5 jacket projects.)  [Beyond Quilts]

Wolfe, Victoria Findlay.  Double Wedding Ring Quilts:  Traditions Made Modern.  Stash Books, 2015.  111 pages.  Book #3168.  (Here are 13 projects using modern variations of the wedding ring quilt.)

Wolfrom, Joen.  Adventures in Design.  C&T Pub., 2011.  143 pages.  Book #3173.  (This beautifully illustrated book discusses the elements of design and provides tips on creating original quilts.)  [Art Quilts, Design]

Wolfrom, Joen.  Color Play:  Easy Steps to Imaginative Color in Quilts.  C&T Pub., 2000.  144 pages.  Book #1877.  (After an introduction to color theory, this book is organized by devoting a chapter to each major color.  The final chapter shows how color can create illusions.)  [Tags:  Color, Design]

Wolfrom, Joen.  Make Any Block Any Size.  C&T Pub., 1999.  144 pages.  Book #1214.  (This book breaks blocks down into components for reducing and enlarging and gives drawing instructions and designing tips.)  [Tags:  Patchwork]

Wolfrom, Joen.  Patchwork Persuasion.  C&T Pub., 1997.  144 pages.  Book #3131.  (This book begins with traditional blocks and enhances them in numerous ways to make unique quilts.  The emphasis is on ways to make common patterns more interesting.)

Woodard, Thos. K., and Blanche Greenstein.  Classic American Quilts.  Dutton, 1984.  56 pages.  Book #0905.  (This 16×11.7” book features 30 diverse American quilts.  Weighs 2.8 pounds!)  [Tags:  United States, Gallery, Folio]

Woodard, Thos. K., and Blanche Greenstein.  Crib Quilts and Other Small Wonders.  Bonanza, 1988.  136 pages.  Book #0201.  (This book, while it offers instructions for 13 classic crib quilts, is primarily a history of the crib quilt in the United States.)  [Tags:  Crib Quilts, History, Gallery]

Woods, Carolyn.  Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter:  An Illustrated Guide to the Space of Your Dreams.  C&T Pub., 2011.  111 pages.  Book #1919.  (This 7 chapter book contains numerous ideas for banning clutter from the sewing studio, organizing fabric and supplies, studio design, and more.)  [Tags:  Reference, Organization]

Wright, Linda Beltzell.  Ed.  Scrap Quilts from the Depression.  Oxmoor House, 2002.  48 pages.  Book #1808.  (After a brief introduction to quilt making, instructions for 11 depression-era quilts are given.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, the Depression, Scrap Quilts]

Zieman, Nancy.  10-20-30 Minutes to Quilt.  Oxmoor House, 2000.  144 pages.  Book #3009.  (This book gives a wealth of quick project ideas in 9 chapters.  Also included are chapters on quilting supplies and how to finish the quilt.)  [Tags:  Quick and Easy, Beginner, Beyond Quilts]

Zieman, Nancy.  Applique Know-How Workbook.  Nancy’s Notions, 2009.  22 pages.  Book #1863.  (This is a spiral notebook with removable, laminated directions on succeeding at 18 applique techniques using one basic pattern.  Comes with DVD.)  [Tags:  Applique, DVD]

Zieman, Nancy.  Fantastic Fabric Bowls.  Nancy’s Notions, 2005.  DVD.  #1530.  (Instructions are given for a basic bowl, with 10 variations.)  [Tags:  Beyond Quilts, Bowls, DVD]

Zieman, Nancy.  Quilt with Confidence.  Krause, 2008.  143 pages.  Book #1935.  (In 7 chapters, this book takes beginning quilters through the steps in making a quilt from fabric selecting to labeling the finished quilt.  Included are 8 simple projects.)  [Tags:  Beginner]

Zimmerman, Darlene.  Granny Quilt Décor.  Krause, 2004.  127 pages.  Book #1802.  (After an introduction to quilts of the 1930’s, this book offers quilts and other projects to be used in 5 areas of the house.)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, Beyond Quilts, 1930’s]

Zimmerman, Darlene.  Granny Quilts.  Krause, 2002.  128 pages.  Book #1822.  (This book opens with a discussion of “What makes a 1930’s quilt?” and follows with patterns and instructions for adaptations of 19 quilts from the 1930’s)  [Tags:  Historical Influences, 1930’s]


4 thoughts on “WAQG Library

  1. Patricia, I would like to have a coffee table book on the history of quilting. Not selecting colors or patterns or how to make a quilt. Can you recommend a book that is currently in print that I could order?


    1. There are too many excellent books to mention! Are you interested in Texas, for example? A book that was just donated to our library is Marcia Kaylakie’s “Texas Quilts and Quilters.” It’s a hardback folio-sized 240 page book, very colorful and attractive, an award winner of the Writers’ League of Texas and traces quilts made from 1860-2005.


      1. Not really, not Texas and not folio size. Something more along the lines of early quilting in the U.S. for utilitarian purposes, not for decoration or display. Like those old heavy cotton filled quilts that were mismatched and hand sewn.


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